Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1695

Chapter 1695

When this statement was made, the crowd at the scene was all in an uproar.

A man turned his head to look at Wan Yongfeng: “Family head, this …… is your daughter!”

Wan Yongfeng’s face remained unchanged as he said coldly, word for word, “Kill without pardon!”

The crowd looked at each other, even Seventh Uncle and the others were dumbfounded.

Was this Wan Yongfeng really crazy?

Killing even his own daughter?

However, Wan Yongfeng was holding the family head’s order, so the crowd could not resist, let alone question it.

The crowd could only turn their heads to look at Duke Wan, and one of them said in a low voice, “Shengnan, hurry up and get out of the way!”

“Your father is holding the Family Head Order, we can’t disobey the order!”

Duke Wan’s face was pale, and instead of backing away, he turned his head and shouted, “Brother Lin, help!”

The crowd couldn’t help but stare, what was going on here?

Just then, a voice suddenly came from the cupboard at the back, “Alright, I’m coming!”

As the words fell, a figure quickly rushed out from inside the cupboard and reached Wan Yongfeng in the blink of an eye.

Before the crowd could figure out what was going on, this person directly stabbed three silver needles at the top of Wan Yongfeng’s head.

At this moment, Wan Zifeng finally saw clearly the appearance of the person coming, his face changed and he exclaimed, “Lin Mo!

The person who had struck was none other than Lin Mo!

The crowd was stunned, what was going on here?

Lin Mo smiled lightly, “Wan Zifeng, we meet again!”

Wan Zifeng was furious: “You still dare to come to our Wan family?”

“Today, I’ll let you die without a burial place!”

“Kill him!”

Wan Zifeng roared in anger, while controlling Wan Yongfeng, wanting to kill Lin Mo.

However, this time the situation suddenly changed.

It was as if Wan Yongfeng had lost control, no matter how much he urged the Shadowless Compulsion compulsion, Wan Yongfeng did not move at all.

“There’s no need to waste your strength!”

“The Shadowless Compulsion in his body has been sealed by me, you can’t control him anymore!”

Lin Mo let out a laugh.

Wan Zifeng’s face suddenly changed and he said in a trembling voice, “What did you …… you say?”

The crowd at the scene was also stunned, and Seventh Uncle said sharply, “What …… what Shadowless Compulsion!?”

Lin Mo: “Don’t you guys think it’s strange?”

“Is it normal for Wan Yongfeng to have a sudden change in temperament and kill even his own daughter?”

The crowd looked at each other, and Seventh Uncle said excitedly, “I’ve long felt that it’s not normal!”

“What is going on here?”

Lin Mo: “Because, Wan Zifeng has put a Shadowless Compulsion on him!”

“Shadowless Compulsion, also known as Puppet Compulsion.”

“Once you are struck by the compulsion, you will lose your sanity and be controlled by the person who put the compulsion on you.”

“Whether it’s behaviour or speech, they will all be controlled by the person who cast the compulsion.”

The crowd looked at each other, no one had thought that there was such a magical compulsion.

Seventh Uncle pointed at Wan Zifeng: “Wan Zifeng, how dare you!”

“How dare you put a compulsion on the family head, you deserve to die!”

Wan Zifeng’s face became extremely embarrassed and said with a strained neck, “He …… he’s talking nonsense ……”

“I have never put a compulsion on the family head ……”

“He’s talking out of his ass!”

Lin Mo sneered, “Is that so?”

“Then what is this?”

As he spoke, Lin Mo suddenly nodded at Wan Yongfeng’s forehead.

Only to see that the place Lin Mo had nodded at, there was suddenly something raised, as if there was a living thing inside.

Lin Mo grabbed that bulge, took out the dagger he had with him, and directly cut off all this bloody flesh.

A piece of blood gushed out, and in Lin Mo’s hand, there was an additional flesh worm that was still writhing.

Lin Mo used a silver needle to stab this flesh worm on the ground, and then looked at Wan Zifeng: “The molecular mother of the Shadowless Compulsion.”

“This is the daughter compulsion, and the person holding the mother compulsion will be able to control the daughter compulsion.”

“Wan Zifeng, do you dare to say that you don’t have the mother compulsion on you?”

“Dare you let us search your body?”

Hearing this, Wan Zifeng directly collapsed to the ground.

The mother compulsion was, indeed, on his body!