Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1694

Chapter 1694

When this order came out, there was an uproar.

Seventh Uncle was one of the few remaining elders of the Wan Family, the personal brother of the old man of the Wan Family, and had a very high status in the Wan Family.

Wan Yongfeng had actually ordered him to be killed, which was something unprecedented.

Wan Gongzi was also anxious: “Dad, what’s wrong with you?”

“You …… how can you talk like that?”

Another person from the Wan family also said anxiously, “Family head, you can’t take sides with Wan Zifeng!”

“You are the Wan family’s family head, and you act on behalf of the entire Wan family.”

“How can you …… you act so recklessly?”

Others also persuaded one after another.

Seventh Uncle also said angrily, “Wan Yongfeng, how dare you speak like that?”

“How are you qualified to be the head of my Wan family when you are so indiscriminate between right and wrong?”

Wan Yongfeng: “Old pipsqueak, revealing your wolf’s ambition now, are you?”

“You just want to take my place as the head of this family, you think I don’t know that?”

“Men, kill him for me!”

The crowd around looked at each other, and no one acted.

Wan Yongfeng’s face remained unchanged as he suddenly pulled out a token from his pocket and shouted, “Kill him!”

“This is an order!”

Seeing this token, the faces of the Wan Family all changed, and Seventh Uncle’s face instantly turned pale.

This was the supreme Family Master’s Order of the Wan Family, representing the highest authority of the Wan Family.

Any order given by taking out the token was the Family Head’s Order.

The Family Head’s Order transcended everything, even the Wan Family’s Elder could not stop it, and all Wan Family members must obey the order.

Previously, when Wan Yongfeng gave the order, the people could object and refuse.

However, when he took out the family head’s order, the crowd could no longer oppose it.

The crowd looked at each other, and some of them, already started to look at Seventh Uncle.

Seventh Uncle’s forehead was covered with sweat and he said urgently, “Yongfeng, what …… are you doing?”

“I am your seventh uncle, how …… can you do things like this?”

“How can you convince the public when you do things like this? Everyone says so, right?”

Only a few people on the scene responded, others, however, did not say a word.

The family head order out, the crowd can only carry out the order ah!

Seeing the crowd gathered around, Seventh Uncle’s face was even more pale.

Here, there were many Wan Family guests, and these people were all extremely strong.

If they all came around, it would be difficult for them to escape today!

Seventh Uncle’s heart was panicked to the extreme, he suddenly realized that he was, this time, throwing himself into the net.

At the back, Wan Zifeng was secretly delighted.

He had already used the Shadowless Compulsion to control Wan Yongfeng, and the words that Wan Yongfeng said were actually all said by him under his control.

Wan Yongfeng had now lost his consciousness and what he did and said was all at his command.

And this time, the Wan Family Conference was also convened by him encouraging Wan Yongfeng.

He wanted to take this opportunity to control Wan Yongfeng and get rid of Seventh Uncle’s group of people.

Seventh Uncle’s group was the strongest group of people in the Wan Family, and the group that had always coveted the position of family head.

Only by getting rid of this group of people could he ascend to the throne of the family head.

This time, the return of Duke Wan alive had indeed disrupted his plans.

However, the end result was still within control.

With the Shadowless Compulsion erupting and him controlling Wan Yongfeng, he was still able to control everything.

As the crowd around him advanced step by step, Seventh Uncle’s face turned pale as he hurriedly shouted, “Wan Yongfeng, are you trying to provoke the Wan Family into a great war?”

“In front of all the ancestors, do you want to be a sinner of the Wan Family?”

Wan Yongfeng did not say anything either, and the crowd around him still pressed on step by step.

The people on Seventh Uncle’s side were surrounded in the middle, and the range kept shrinking.

Seeing that the melee was about to start, Wan Gongzi hurriedly ran over and blocked in front of Seventh Uncle and the others.

“Dad, you can’t do this!”

Wan Gongzi said urgently.

The crowd paused for a moment, this was after all Wan Yongfeng’s own daughter.

Wan Yongfeng’s face stiffened as he said in one word, “Those who stand in the way, kill without pardon!”