Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1689

Chapter 1689

Wan Zifeng suddenly stuttered and stammered, “I …… don’t know.”

“Maybe …… it could be that this person has some kind of conspiracy, or …… maybe someone is deliberately trying to stir up conflict between our Wan family and Zhang Bailing… …”

Wan Yongfeng said in a cold voice: “What kind of person has nothing better to do than to stir up conflicts between our Wan family and Zhang Bailing?”

Wan Zifeng strained his neck, “Big brother, this …… how do I know this?”

“It must be one of our enemies, or one of Zhang Bailing’s enemies.”

“There are too many bad people in this world, who knows what these people really have in mind?”

Wan Yongfeng frowned as he looked at Wan Zifeng suspiciously.

Wan Zifeng’s heart was weak to the core, and he did not dare to look at Wan Yongfeng, he could only lower his head and feel the movement of the companions.

He knew that Wan Yongfeng already suspected him, and his only hope now was that the Shadowless Compulsion would break out so that he could take control of Wan Yongfeng.

Just then, Wan Gongzi walked out and said in a deep voice, “Second Uncle, I have a question for you, I wonder if you can answer it?”

Wan Zifeng: “What do you want to ask?”

Duke Wan gave him a look and said solemnly, “Brother Lin and I both left Yunan City, how did Bamboo Leaf Green find us?”

Hearing this, Wan Zifeng’s heart suddenly thudded.

Wan Yongfeng also looked fiercely at Wan Zifeng, this was indeed where the problem lay ah.

Wan Zifeng strained his neck, “How do I know?”

“Isn’t that a question you should ask Bamboo Leaf Green?”

Duke Wan said coldly, “Second Uncle, I have another question.”

“How did you find Bamboo Leaf Green?”

Hearing this, Bamboo Leaf Green also jerked his head up and looked at Wan Zifeng with cold eyes.

Wan Zifeng’s face became embarrassed, but still strained his neck: “I …… I was lucky that someone found her, so …… so I led people to find her… …”

Duke Wan sneered, “Is that so?”

“Second uncle, then you’re too lucky!”

Wan Zifeng was annoyed: “What do you …… mean?”

“Wan Shengnan, don’t forget, I’m your second uncle!”

“You’re just a woman, who are you to tell me what to do here?”

The crowd at the scene also nodded their heads, and that seventh uncle just now said in a cold voice, “Zi Feng is right.”

“Yongfeng, is this the daughter you have taught?”

“Talking like that in front of the elders, no big deal, what is the decency?”

Duke Wan’s face suddenly changed.

The Wan family had always given preference to boys over girls, and as a girl, she was not qualified to speak here at all.

Wan Yongfeng said coldly, “Seventh uncle, Shengnan has come back from the dead, there are some issues that need to be clarified, what is wrong with that?”

“Although Shengnan is a girl, she is still my daughter, Wan Yongfeng!”

“As long as I, Wan Yongfeng, am still the head of the Wan family, she is entitled to speak here!”

Seventh Uncle’s face was cold as he said in a deep voice, “Being qualified to speak does not mean she can be rude to her elders.”

“She’s a junior, how can she question her elders like that?”

Wan Yongfeng: “Seventh Uncle, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Shengnan’s words.”

“If this elder didn’t have a ghost in her heart, then this would not be a questioning, but an enquiry.”

Seventh Uncle frowned, “Yongfeng, what do you mean by that?”

“Zi Feng is your own brother, are you saying that he has a ghost in his heart?”

With these words, Seventh Uncle was already clearly stirring up trouble.

He appeared to be supporting Wan Zifeng, but in fact, he was deliberately provoking Wan Zifeng and Wan Yongfeng, wanting to make these two brothers contradict each other, and he was sitting in the middle to reap the benefits of fishing.

Wan Yongfeng did not refute Seventh Uncle, but looked directly at Wan Zifeng and said in a deep voice, “Zifeng, Shengnan’s location, she only told me.”

“And this location, I also only told you one person.”

“You tell me, Bamboo Leaf Green, how did you find them?”