Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1687

Chapter 1687


Stopped, Wan Yongfeng roared in anger, “Get out of my way, all of you!”

No one stepped aside.

Wan Yongfeng was even more furious, “What do you want?”

“I am the head of the Wan family, how dare you disobey my orders?”

Seventh Uncle said in a cold voice, “You are the Wan family head, so you have to take the greater good into account.”

“If you don’t think about the Wan Family, then you’re not qualified to be this family head!”

Wan Yongfeng’s face turned cold: “Seventh Uncle, what do you mean?”

“I became the head of the family because the old master had handpicked me with his royal mouth.”

“If you say so, you are questioning the old master’s decision?”

Seventh Uncle sneered, “If my elder brother were here, he would definitely not allow you to do such a brainless thing either.”

“Wan Yongfeng, I’ll tell you once more.”

“You are the head of the Wan Family, so when you do something, you have to take the bigger picture into consideration!”

“If you can’t think about the Wan family, then this Wan family head will have to choose another wise person!”

Hearing this, Wan Yongfeng directly tilted his head and laughed, “Old piker, you have finally revealed your wolf’s ambition.”

“Taking advantage of my father’s injury, you want to take away the Wan Family’s headship?”

“Hmph, just by you, you are worthy of it!”

Seventh Uncle sneered, “Wan Yongfeng, don’t put gold on your own face either.”

“Do you really think that we are all fools?”

“At this time, you have convened the Wan Family Assembly, what exactly is it for, everyone knows it by heart.”

“So, don’t play these tricks with us here!”

Wan Yongfeng said in a cold voice: “What kind of fancy tricks am I playing?”

Seventh Uncle sneered, “Still playing dumb?”

“Hmph, I still don’t know what’s in your mind?”

“You see that my elder brother is extremely injured and the medicine is hard to heal, so you are afraid that you will lose control of the Wan family. So, you want to find an excuse to eliminate all those who are a threat to you!”

“Is it necessary to hold a Wan Family Assembly for this incident?”

“You summoned all the candidates for the Wan Family’s head of family over and yelled something about killing Bamboo Yeqing, clearly wanting to take this opportunity to get rid of those who oppose you, so that you can completely control the Wan Family!”

“Hmph, I’m telling you, as long as I’m here, you won’t be able to do anything nonsensical!”

The crowd at the scene also spoke up in support, and all of them looked at Wan Yongfeng with righteous indignation.

Wan Yongfeng was also extremely annoyed, “I summoned you all back to discuss the matter of dealing with Zhang Bailing, I never thought of getting rid of you.”

“But I didn’t expect that you all had become so abject.”

“I tell you, today, I will kill Bamboo Leaf Green!”

“Moreover, the grudge between me and Zhang Bailing must also be settled!”

“If you support me, you are my Wan family.”

“If you don’t support me, you are my enemies!”

“I’ll see who dares to stand in my way!”

Wan Yongfeng charged out violently, knocking a man in front of him out of the way.

Seventh Uncle shouted angrily, “Unbridled!”

“Stop him!”

The Wan family rushed up and directly fought with Wan Yongfeng.

Seeing this, Wan Zifeng immediately shouted, “How dare you all, how dare you fight with the family head?”

“Men, take them down!”

A group of people also rushed out behind Wan Zifeng, and in this instant, the crowd at the scene was directly mixed up in a battle.

Seeing such a situation, the Duke of Wan in the cabinet finally understood Lin Mo’s words.

Wan Zifeng, indeed, was going to lend her father’s hand to get rid of all these candidates, ah.

Looking at the melee of people at the scene, Wan Gongzi couldn’t help but say, “Brother Lin, we …… are afraid that if we don’t go out, it will be too late.”

“Once someone from the Wan family is killed or injured, this matter, it will be impossible to undo.”

Lin Mo stared deadly at Wan Yongfeng and said in a low voice, “Wait a little longer.”

Duke Wan was surprised, “Wait for what?”

Lin Mo did not say anything, he was still staring at Wan Yongfeng with a deadly stare.

Suddenly, he noticed a slight bump on Wan Yongfeng’s forehead.

Lin Mo instantly smiled, “That’s it!”

“Good, let’s go out!”