Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1686

Chapter 1686

She looked at the scene, and several candidates for the Wan family head, were also here.

Moreover, looking at the expressions of these people, it was also clear that they did not support Wan Yongfeng killing Zhu Yeqing.

In other words, if Wan Yongfeng really wanted to kill Bamboo Yeqing, then the two sides would definitely have to clash.

At that time, it might really lead to a family tragedy!

Duke Wan hurriedly said, “Brother Lin, then …… then let’s go out and break him up quickly, right?”

Lin Mo, however, waved his hand, “There’s no rush first.”

“If you go out now, at most you will only stop this matter, you won’t be able to dismantle him at all.”

“Let’s observe it first.”

Duke Wan was filled with worry, this was her own family’s matter after all.

However, Lin Mo had said so, so she didn’t make a fuss.

At this moment, Wan Yongfeng had already walked up to Zhu Yeqing: “Zhu Yeqing, I ask you.”

“My daughter has no grudge or hatred towards you, why did you do this to her?”

Zhu Yeqing’s face was icy cold, “Do I, Zhu Yeqing, need a reason to kill?”

Next to him, Wan Zifeng laughed in his heart, just as they had guessed before, Zhu Yeqing, would not defend himself!

In this way, what Wan Zifeng had done, no one could really find out.

Wan Yongfeng was furious, “Bamboo Yeqing, don’t think that you can be lawless just because you have Zhang Bailing to back you up.”

“I tell you, today, I will use your blood to pay tribute to my daughter’s spirit in heaven!”

With those words, Wan Yongfeng directly grabbed a dagger and stabbed it directly towards Zhu Yeqing’s eyes.

Lin Mo clenched his hands and was about to open his mouth to drink and stop.

At that very moment, on the Wan family’s side, one person had already rushed out and directly stopped Wan Yongfeng.

“Big brother, calm down for a moment!”

This man exclaimed.

Wan Yongfeng was furious: “What are you talking about?”

“He killed my daughter, I want to kill her to take revenge, what’s wrong with that?”

“Even Seventh Uncle has just agreed that I should kill her, who are you to stop me?”

Seventh Uncle looked embarrassed, he was also very passive now, he didn’t even expect that Wan Yongfeng had really captured Zhu Yeqing back.

However, he knew very well that Zhu Yeqing could never die.

If Bamboo Yeqing died, then Zhang Bailing would definitely fight for his life, and by then, the Wan family might have to be wiped out as a result!

“Yongfeng, you are the head of the family, you should take the big picture into consideration!”

Seventh Uncle said in a deep voice.

Wan Yongfeng roared in anger, “Fuck the big picture!”

“You bunch of bastard bastards, you keep saying that the greater good is your priority.”

“What does that mean?”

“Does it mean that my daughter deserves to die?”

“I’m telling you, I’m going to avenge my daughter today.”

“Whoever dares to stand in my way is my enemy!”

Wan Yongfeng finished his sentence and directly threw the man away, striking out in anger once again.

Seventh Uncle frowned as he quickly stepped in to stop Wan Yongfeng and said in a deep voice, “Yongfeng, what is the use of you killing Zhu Yeqing?”

“People can’t come back from the dead, you can’t save Shengnan even if you kill Bamboo Leaf Green!”

“But, so many people from the Wan family are still there.”

“Do you know how much of a disaster you will bring to the Wan Family if you are bent on doing this?”

Without any nonsense, Wan Yongfeng directly shot out his hand and pushed Seventh Uncle away, saying in a cold voice, “I alone will do what I have to do, there is no need for the Wan family to bear the burden.”

“My daughter is dead, I am a father, looking at my enemies in front of me, and I can’t even avenge her, then what is the point of me living?”

Seventh Uncle’s face changed and he directly rebuked angrily, “Yongfeng, have you gone mad?”

“I will never allow you to do such a foolish thing!”

“Men, stop him for me!”

Those men behind Seventh Uncle immediately rushed up and blocked Zhu Yeqing behind, confronting Wan Yongfeng.

When Wan Zifeng saw such a situation, he couldn’t help but rejoice: this was exactly the result he wanted!