Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1685

Chapter 1685

Hearing the words of the crowd, Wan Yongfeng slowly nodded his head, “Thank you all for your support, uncles and brothers.”

“Since we have this word from everyone, then Yongfeng will finally be able to avenge Shengnan’s death!”

Everyone was astonished, not knowing what exactly Wan Yongfeng meant.

At this moment, however, Wan Yongfeng waved his hand directly, “Bring the men up!”

The crowd turned their heads, only to see two men dragging a woman in green clothes up.

The woman, who had quite a few bloodstains on her body and looked quite distressed, was clearly none other than Zhu Yeqing.

Seeing this scene, Lin Mo’s face changed violently, how could Bamboo Leaf Qing have fallen into the hands of the Wan family?

When the crowd at the scene saw Bamboo Leaf Green, they were all full of shock as well.

Especially Seventh Uncle, his face instantly turned cold.

Previously, he had supported Wan Yongfeng because he knew that it was not easy for Wan Yongfeng to kill Zhu Yeqing.

But he had never dreamed that Wan Yongfeng had captured Bamboo Yeqing.

This would be troublesome.

He had just supported Wan Yongfeng in killing Bamboo Yeqing, and now that Wan Yongfeng really wanted to do it, he couldn’t oppose it.

However, if Bamboo Yeqing really died here, then Zhang Bailing and the Wan Family would really be at odds with each other.

Given the current situation of the Wan family, the old man’s life and death were unpredictable, and if Zhang Bailing really came over strongly, the Wan family would really be in a bad way.

Although Southeast Province was Master Xue’s territory, if Zhang Bailing really gave everything he had to fight the Wan family, Master Xue might not necessarily take action.

Several thoughts instantly passed through Seventh Uncle’s mind, but he still could not think of an excuse to stop Wan Yongfeng.

The man next to him said in surprise, “Big brother, how did you …… you catch the bamboo leaf green?”

Wan Yongfeng sneered, “Speaking of which, it’s thanks to Zi Feng.”

“He was the one who personally brought the clan’s guests and captured Bamboo Leaf Green back.”

The crowd all looked at Wan Zifeng in surprise, while Wan Zifeng was full of complacency.

In the cabinet, Duke Wan couldn’t help but whisper, “What’s going on?”

“Didn’t you say that my second uncle had collaborated with Bamboo Leaf Green?”

“How is it that my second uncle has captured Bamboo Leaf Green back?”

“Brother Lin, did you misunderstand my second uncle?”

Lin Mo frowned tightly, he always felt that something was not right about this matter.

Thinking for a moment, his heart suddenly moved and he exclaimed in a low voice, “I know.”

Duke Wan was surprised: “What do you …… know?”

Lin Mo looked outside at Wan Zifeng and whispered, “This second uncle of yours, he’s really sinister!”

Duke Wan was even more surprised: “What’s wrong?”

Lin Mo: “He’s not working with Bamboo Leaf Green, the people he’s really working with should be Qian Yong’an and Compass Zun.”

“He used Qian Yong’an and Compulsion Zun’s mouth to tell Bamboo Leaf Green about our location.”

“Then, he will use Qian Yong’an and Compulsion Zun as the inside man to bring the family’s guest to find Zhu Yeqing and capture her back.”

“His real purpose is actually to use the matter of Bamboo Leaf Green to stir up conflicts between your father and the rest of the family.”

Duke Wan’s face changed, “Is this …… true?”

“But even if my father did have conflicts with the other members, what good would it do him?”

“With the family’s current situation, even if my father was ousted from the position of family head, he wouldn’t be able to become the head of the Wan family!”

“Above him, there are still several key members of the family, and they are the candidates for family head!”

Lin Mo shook his head and said softly, “What if he lends your father’s hand and kills all these candidates?”

Duke Wan first froze, then her face changed drastically, and she basically understood what was going on.

On the matter of whether or not to kill Bamboo Leaf Green, the rest of the Wan family, for sure, would disagree with her father.

The two sides could not argue, and if Wan Zifeng added fuel to the fire, it might really cause an internal family fight.