Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1684

Chapter 1684

The crowd at the scene nodded their heads, all expressing their disapproval of Wan Yongfeng’s proposal.

Wan Yongfeng’s face was swollen red, he had gathered the crowd this time to discuss the matter of dealing with Zhang Bailing.

As a result, all of them were now against it, which made him very embarra*sed.

In his heart, Wan Yongfeng knew very well that after Elder Wan’s injury, his control over the Wan family was far from what it used to be.

As long as he was around, the entire Wan family would be on the same page.

However, when the old man is seriously injured and dying, it is inevitable that these people in the Wan family will have different intentions.

Under such circumstances, he, the Wan family head, would not have as strong a call in the Wan family.

Before, the people below the Wan Family had been masculine and submissive to him.

And now, these people had even started to openly oppose his words, so it showed the attitude of the people ah.

However, Wan Yongfeng had also been prepared for this.

He took a deep breath and looked at the old man from earlier, “What Seventh Uncle said is correct.”

“As the head of the Wan Family, I do have to think about the greater good.”

“What I said just now was indeed ill-considered.”

“However, my Wan Family, after all, is one of the Ten Great Families of China.”

“When Shu Zhong Zhu Yeqing killed my daughter, he slapped my Wan Family’s face.”

“This debt, should I not kill Bamboo Yeqing to avenge my daughter and avenge our Wan Family’s hatred?”

Without waiting for Seventh Uncle to speak, a man said directly, “Big brother, as an elder, why do you have to settle so much with a junior?”

“Everyone knows that Zhuyeqing is Zhang Bailing’s most doted upon disciple and his handpicked heir.”

“If you kill Zhu Yeqing, then Zhang Bailing and my Wan family will be at odds.”

“Zhang Bailing is one of the six kings of the world, how much would it cost our family to mess with him?”

“As the head of the Wan family, how can you make a decision recklessly?”

Hearing this, Wan Yongfeng became furious and directly shot up, “According to you, with my daughter dead, our Wan family should sit here and do nothing?”

The man still wanted to argue, but Wan Zifeng also said in a cold voice, “Old Fifth, it’s not right for you to talk like that.”

“Our Wan Family, being one of the ten largest families in China, are we afraid of him, some Six Kings of the World?”

“Now one of Zhang Bailing’s disciples dares to ride over our Wan Family and make a fool of us, yet you guys act like shrinking turtles, not even daring to say a word!”

“If that’s the case, then why should the Wan Family still be one of the top ten families in China?”

“Why don’t we just withdraw from the Top Ten Families of China, so that we don’t have to stay here and make people laugh?”

The man still wanted to argue, but Seventh Uncle said directly, “I think that Zi Feng is right.”

“As one of the ten largest families in China, our Wan family naturally does not fear him, what with the six kings of the world.”

“We don’t fight Zhang Bailing head-on, but that doesn’t mean that any cats or dogs can act like a king over us.”

“If Bamboo Leaf Green killed Shengnan, let’s kill Bamboo Leaf Green to take revenge.”

“We have to let the world know that our Wan Family, too, is not something to be messed with!”

Hearing this, the man from before also stopped opposing.

Everyone else also nodded their heads, and in this matter, the crowd could not oppose.

The daughter of the Wan family’s head had been killed, if the Wan family did not take revenge, then the Wan family’s face would be disgraced ah.

Of course, in the crowd’s view, even if Wan Yongfeng wanted to settle the score with Bamboo Yeqing, it would not be that easy.

For one thing, Bamboo Leaf Green herself was so strong that ordinary people could not hurt her.

Secondly, Bamboo Leaf Green had always been in Shu Zhong.

If they wanted to settle scores with Bamboo Leaf Green, they would have to get past the Hundred Victory Sword King first.

If the Wan family stopped Wan Yongfeng from fighting the Hundred Victory Blade King, he would not be able to deal with Bamboo Yeqing.