Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1683

Chapter 1683

Under the leadership of Duke Wan, the two of them went all the way to the inner courtyard.

Here in the inner courtyard instead there was no one here now, according to the usual rules, but whenever something big happened, the ancestors had to be worshipped outside first.

Inside this inner courtyard, there were many antiques laid out, which were Elder Wan’s favourite things.

Duke Wan led Lin Mo to the corner, where an old wooden cabinet was placed.

The wooden cupboard was large and the inside was empty.

“This place was my favourite place to hide when I played hide-and-seek as a child.”

“In the whole inner courtyard, this is the only place where you can hide from people.”

“Big brother Lin, for a while, I’m going to ask you to hide in here for a while.”

Duke Wan said.

Lin Mo nodded, “It’s fine.”

Lin Mo went into the wooden cabinet first, followed by Duke Wan, who also followed.

Although the wooden cupboard was large, it was slightly cramped for two adults to hide in it.

Lin Mo and Wan Gongzi had to lean on each other in order to close the door of the wooden cupboard.

As he leaned on Lin Mo, Wan Gongzi’s body was a little soft for a while, and he was so flustered that he forgot what he was here to do.

Lin Mo sniffed the fragrance of Wan Gongzi’s body, and for a moment, he was also a little apathetic.

However, he quickly suppressed his mind and silently exercised the Creation Technique, allowing himself to hold onto his Yuan Yuan and keep his mind calm and not have any other thoughts.

After almost ten minutes, a voice came from outside, and it was the main members of the Wan Family coming in.

The Wan Family Assembly, although the members of the Wan Family had all come.

But in fact, those who could enter the inner courtyard and discuss things here were only a mere twenty or thirty people, and everyone else could only wait outside to convey the news.

There were several gaps in the top of the wooden cupboard, through which Lin Mo could clearly see what was happening outside.

Wan Zifeng was also among the crowd, as the family head Wan Yongfeng’s own brother, he still had an extremely high status in the Wan family.

When the crowd walked into the courtyard and sat down, Wan Yongfeng, who was seated in the main seat, stood up.

His face was sombre and his eyes were red, and he was in a very sad mood.

It was obvious that the death of his daughter had dealt him a great blow.

“Gentlemen ……”

Wan Yongfeng had just said two words when his voice choked up and he was unable to speak.

With his white hair and stooped body, at this moment, he was no longer the reigning Wan family head, but just a poor man who had lost his son in middle age.

Wan Zifeng hurriedly stood up, “Big brother, be merciful in your grief!”

Everyone else also rose and spoke to comfort Wan Yongfeng.

Looking at her father’s appearance, Wan Gongzi’s eyes were also red.

Ever since she was young, she had always felt that her father did not have much love for her.

But it was not until this moment that she realised that it was not that her father did not love her, it was just that he was not good at expressing it.

Wan Yongfeng waved his hand as he wiped away the tears at the corners of his eyes and said through clenched teeth, “Gentlemen, I’m sure you all know what happened.”

“The old thief, Zhang Bailing, hurt my father, killed my daughter and deceived my Wan family, hateful to the extreme.”

“This revenge is unforgivable!”

“If this revenge is not avenged, my family will never be able to rest in peace!”

“Today, I have gathered all of you here to discuss with you how to kill Zhang Bailing, to avenge the hatred and to wipe out the shame of the past!”

The crowd at the scene looked at each other, it was obvious that the crowd did not have much support for Wan Yongfeng’s words.

At this moment, an old man stood up and said softly, “O Yongfeng, I know that your daughter’s death is hard on your heart.”

“But, even if it’s hard for you, you are still the Wan family head.”

“No matter what decision you make, you have to consider it from the perspective of the Wan Family, not just make any random decision at the spur of the moment.”

“Hundred Victory Sword King Zhang Bailing, that’s one of the six kings of the world, the king of Shu.”

“If we want to kill him, how much would our Wan Family have to pay to do it!”