Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1682

‍ Chapter 1682

Duke Wan couldn’t help but stare, “How …… can we reveal it?”

Lin Mo said in a deep voice: “This man, Wan Zifeng, has great ambition and his methods are particularly ruthless.”

“You’re his own niece, and he dares to harm you, so what else is there that he can’t do?”

“Moreover, he’s joined forces with the Companions and Qian Yong’an, so he might have some other underhanded tricks up his sleeve.”

Duke Wan’s face changed slightly, “You mean that he …… will be detrimental to our family’s people?”

Lin Mo: “It is highly likely that he will turn against your father.”

Duke Wan was anxious: “What …… should we do about this?”

Lin Mo: “Don’t be anxious.”

“Since I’m here, those tactics of his won’t necessarily work.”

“Let’s wait and see what happens first!”

Duke Wan looked at Lin Mo, his face finally soothed a little.

For some reason, as long as Lin Mo was around, she felt safe, a sense of security that not even her father could give her.

It was only at this time that she truly felt that she was actually a soft woman!

All afternoon, Lin Mo and Duke Wan hid in their room.

News from Li Tiezui’s side of the family came in a steady stream.

And just after six o’clock in the afternoon, news suddenly came from Li Tiezui: the Wan Family Master had issued an order for everyone in the Wan Family to rush back to the Wan Family, to hold a Wan Family Assembly!

Hearing this news, Lin Mo immediately got up, “The Wan Family, something has really happened!”

“We must go to the Wan Family tonight too!”

Duke Wan: “What’s happened?”

Lin Mo waved his hand, “I’m not too sure what exactly has happened.”

“However, on your side of the Wan Family, under what circumstances would you call all the people of the Wan Family back?”

Duke Wan thought carefully and then shook his head, “Under normal circumstances, it would not be possible to summon everyone back.”

“Only when it is a matter of great importance to the life and death of the Wan Family will everyone be summoned back.”

Lin Mo: “What do you mean by a matter of great importance that concerns the life and death of the Wan Family?”

Duke Wan: “For example, when the Wan Family is in some great danger, or when the Wan Family needs to redefine the head of the family or something like that, or when some important person in the Wan Family, something happens ……”

When he said this, Duke Wan’s face also changed violently and said urgently, “It shouldn’t be my grandfather ……”

Lin Mo: “It shouldn’t be him.”

“Forget it, let’s not guess blindly here, let’s go to the Wan family and find out.”

Duke Wan immediately nodded his head and got up to head out.

“You’re just going back like this?”

Lin Mo stopped her.

Duke Wan: “Then how do you go back?”

Lin Mo: “Now everyone thinks you’re dead, if you go back like this, won’t you scare people to death?”

“You should at least disguise yourself so that people can’t recognise you.”

It dawned on Duke Wan and he nodded his head in a hurry.

Next, Lin Mo redressed up Duke Wan and cleaned up himself.

After that, the two rushed over to the Wan family’s side and took advantage of the chaos to quietly slip into the Wan family.

The Wan Family was an extremely large family, and on a normal day, the Wan Family Manor, alone, had nearly two thousand people living here.

And if everyone in the Wan family were to be gathered back, there would be almost five or six thousand people.

In such a situation, inside the Wan family compound, it was actually very chaotic.

Duke Wan was familiar with the terrain here, and as she led Lin Mo, she walked unhindered all the way inside the Wan family manor.

On the Wan family’s side, the security had all been withdrawn because too many people had returned.

After all, with 5,000 to 6,000 people from the Wan Family gathered, no one would dare to come to the Wan Family to cause trouble!

Moreover, for the Wan Family Assembly, those extremely powerful guest experts of the Wan Family had all come out, responsible for protecting those key members of the Wan Family.

Even if someone slipped in, they would at most be able to watch the fun and do nothing else.