Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1680

Chapter 1680

“All are pitiful people!”

After reading Zhang Jiuduan’s and Zhu Yeqing’s profiles, Lin Mo couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief.

Duke Wan sat next to her, her hands on her cheeks as she quietly watched Lin Mo.

If it was in the past, she would definitely have retorted a few words.

However, now, she only admired the compa*sionate character in Lin Mo.

It took two days, and the two finally arrived at the provincial capital of Southeast Province, Southeast City.

When they arrived here, Duke Wan’s mood was much better, after all, he was back in his own home.

“Brother Lin, my home is not far ahead.”

Duke Wan excitedly directed the direction, and in the past two days, she had changed her address to Lin Mo from Divine Doctor Lin to Big Brother Lin.

She had now returned to her original appearance, her normally arrogant and icy face was now full of smiles.

Her features were originally so exquisite that if she were a man, she would be the only beautiful man in this world.

If she were a woman, her beauty would be absolutely stunning, not even inferior to that of a poisonous spider.

Moreover, the most crucial thing was that she did not have the charm of a poisonous spider, but had a kind of imperious beauty.

Lin Mo drove around the corner and a huge manor appeared in front of him.

This manor covered an area of about a thousand acres, and it was all filled with luxurious single-family houses.

This was where everyone in the Wan family lived, as if it was a villa district.

Lin Mo couldn’t help but be shocked, this top ten families in China were truly extraordinary, far from being comparable to the top ten families in the provinces.

This manor alone was absolutely magnificent!

Lin Mo was about to drive over when he heard the sound of firecrackers coming from the manor.

He couldn’t help but stare and said in wonder, “Why is someone setting off firecrackers?”

For her part, Duke Wan’s eyes were wide with beauty as she looked at the distant manor and suddenly exclaimed, “Why …… is there a white cloth elegy?”

“Is it …… who has pa*sed away?”

Speaking of this, her heart suddenly jumped and she said urgently, “It can’t …… not be my grandfather ……”

Her voice was trembling, and her face turned miserably white in an instant.

Lin Mo frowned and said in a deep voice, “I don’t think so.”

“I temporarily suppressed his injuries last time, and with his condition, as long as nothing unexpected happens, he will definitely be fine for three months!”

Wan Gongzi said anxiously, “Then …… what is this situation?”

“Hurry up, let’s hurry over, I want to see what the situation is!”

However, at this moment, Lin Mo slammed on the brakes and parked the car to the side.

Wan Gongzi was anxious: “Brother Lin, what are you doing?”

“Let’s hurry up and get down there!”

“Someone in our family is away, I …… have to know who it is ……”

Lin Mo frowned and pondered for a moment, “I think, at this time, we can’t just go down!”

Wan Gongzi froze: “Why?”

Lin Mo gave her a look and said in a deep voice, “Guess, your family’s funeral service, will it be for you?”

Wan Gongzi: “Huh?”

Lin Mo: “We were in Su Province, and we were stopped by Bamboo Leaf Green, and our car was split in half by her.”

“To the average person, we both must have been in a bad way.”

“Guess, would your people in the Wan family think that we are both dead?”

Duke Wan looked bewildered, “How is this …… possible?”

“Bamboo Leaf Green knows that we’re not dead ……”

Lin Mo: “But, with Zhu Yeqing’s character, would she tell anyone about us not being dead?”

Duke Wan was at a loss for words, this person, Bamboo Yeqing, had always been cold to the extreme.

Very often, she didn’t even bother to say anything, let alone explain anything to others.

Duke Wan took a deep breath and said in a deep voice: “What you mean is ……”

Lin Mo: “I still suspect Wan Zifeng as a person.”

“I suggest that we don’t show ourselves in a hurry for now, let’s figure out what’s going on at your house first!”