Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1679

Chapter 1679

For two days, the two men ate and stayed in the car.

During these two days, the two of them had also become quite familiar with each other.

During the casual conversation along the way, Lin Mo also learned a lot about Wan Gongzi.

Wan Gongzi, formerly known as Wan Shengnan, was the name her mother had given her.

In the Wan family, a large family that favoured sons over daughters, to give birth to a daughter was to be unpopular.

Her mother was so angry that she gave her this name, wanting her to outshine the boys in the family, to show the family that girls were not inferior to boys.

Her mother had died young, and as a child, she had seen her mother suffer many humiliations in the family because she was a daughter.

The women who had given birth to boys would always mock her on purpose, saying that she had broken the fragrance of the Wan family gates.

Duke Wan had seen too many of these things, so it made her resent her daughterly body from a young age, hating that she too was a boy and could make her mother proud of her.

This was also the main reason why she had developed such a strange personality; she was particularly sensitive and so, would disguise herself with arrogance so that no one could get close to her.

Lin Mo did not expect that Duke Wan would have such a childhood.

He had previously only found this Duke Wan difficult to get along with, but now that he understood her past, he also felt a tinge of sympathy for her.

As the daughter of the family head, the pressure she had to endure was far from what ordinary people could imagine!

On the way, Lin Mo also received the information that Li Tiezui had passed on to him.

This information was about Zhang Jiu Duan and Bamboo Leaf Green.

Last time, Bamboo Leaf Green had let him go once, which made him very strange.

Bamboo Leaf Green’s character was not the kind of person who would give others a wide berth just because they let her go once.

With her killing nature, she would definitely kill the other party as soon as she seized the opportunity!

Yet, she had spared Lin Mo once, what was this all about?

And seeing the information that Li Tiezui had passed on, Lin Mo finally had a rough idea of what was going on with Bamboo Leaf Green.

Zhang Jiu Duan and Zhu Ye Qing were, in fact, a pair of poor people.

Their situation was somewhat similar to Zhang Ye’s poison spider, but there were also many differences.

Zhang Ye and Poison Spider, that was because they had been born into a poor family since they were young.

Zhang Jiu Duan and Zhu Ye Qing, on the other hand, came from wealthy families as children, and their father, a famous robed brother in Shu.

However, when they were small, their father was killed by an enemy and their mother ran away with a rich man, leaving the two of them to struggle for a living.

In those circumstances, Zhang Jiuduan took on the responsibility of raising his sister from a young age.

At the age of 12, he started fighting and robbing street thugs.

He often fought with his head bleeding, just to grab a mouthful of rice for Zhang Xiaohua to eat.

However, later, tragedy struck.

Once, when Zhang Jiuduan went out, Zhang Xiaohua was snatched by some human traffickers.

Zhang Jiu Duan, who was only fifteen years old at the time, resolutely chased after her.

It took him three years to walk half of China on his feet, and his feet were worn to the skin, before he finally rescued Zhang Xiaohua from those traffickers.

Then, at the age of eighteen, Zhang Jiuduan carried ten-year-old Zhang Xiaohua on his back and walked all the way back to Shuzhong.

Along the way, Zhang Jiu Duan learned a lot of skills.

When he returned to Shuzhong, he met Zhang Bailing, King of the Hundred Victory Swords, and was appreciated.

Zhang Xiaofa, on the other hand, had suffered countless hardships and grievances during her years of abduction, and had developed a ruthless and spiteful character.

The most she had done in all those years of being trafficked was to be threatened by those traffickers to go out and sell flowers to earn money.

Seeing this, Lin Mo finally understood why Zhu Yeqing had spared herself.

It wasn’t that she was grateful to Lin Mo for letting her off the hook; what really touched her was the little girl behind her who was selling flowers.

Or maybe she saw a reflection of herself in that little girl back then!