Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1678

Chapter 1678

A day later, Wan Zifeng rushed back to the Wan family, crying and bringing back the news that Duke Wan had been killed by Bamboo Leaf Green.

When everyone in the Wan Family heard the news, they were all in an uproar.

The Wan family head, Wan Yongfeng, even froze directly in place, and the teacup he was holding fell to the ground without realising it.

Wan Gongzi was his daughter, although normally, he did not smile at this daughter and even often complained that she was not a boy.

But, after all, this was his child.

Hearing the news of his daughter’s death, how could Wan Yongfeng bear it?

He stood up furiously and roared, “Zhu Yeqing, how dare you, do you really think that my Wan family is no longer viable?”

“Someone, go and invite the three great guest ministers of the family for me, I want them to capture Bamboo Yeqing back!”

No one in the Wan Family objected now, the fact that a member of the Wan Family had been killed by Bamboo Yeqing was a great shame to the Wan Family, and everyone in the Wan Family wanted to kill Bamboo Yeqing to take revenge!

It didn’t take long for the three great guest ministers of the Wan Family to set out to search for Bamboo Yeqing.

Wan Zifeng sat beside Wan Yongfeng, who was not worried.

This time, although he was the one who leaked out the whereabouts of Duke Wan, he had only told Qian Yong’an and Compa*s Zun.

Qian Yong’an and Compa*s Zun had told Bamboo Yeqing about this news, and moreover, these two had not told Bamboo Yeqing about the source of this news.

From the very beginning, Wan Zifeng had discussed with Qian Yong’an and Zun Zun, intending to use Bamboo Yeqing as a scapegoat.

Therefore, even if the Wan family’s people caught Bamboo Yeqing back, they would not be able to investigate Wan Zifeng’s head.

As long as the Wan family’s people couldn’t catch Qian Yong’an and Compa*s Zun, then it would be fine.

As for Qian Yong’an and Zun Zun, by the time Wan Zifeng returned, these two had also long since left the Southern Realm.

Next, before Wan Zifeng had completely taken control of the Wan Family, they would not return to the Southern Realm.

Looking at the angry look of the Wan Family, Wan Zifeng laughed in his heart, but his face always put on a grief-stricken look.

He stood beside Wan Yongfeng and gave himself two slaps as hard as he could, sobbing, “Big brother, it’s my uselessness, I failed to protect her.”

“You …… punish me, you punish me ……”

Wan Yongfeng gave him a look, sighed despondently and waved his hand, “Older brother, you shouldn’t blame yourself too much!”

“Bamboo Leaf Green is extremely strong, and it’s normal that you couldn’t stop her.”

“This matter, in fact, is my negligence.”

“I didn’t expect Zhang Bailing to send Zhang Jiu Duan and Bamboo Leaf Green into the Southern Realm, if I had known that, I should have sent more experts to protect you guys.”


Wan Yongfeng said, his eyes reddening once again, his heart was really hard to feel.

Wan Zifeng said a few words to himself beside him, and when he saw that Wan Yongfeng did not feel much resentment towards himself, he breathed a long sigh of relief.

Then Wan Zifeng ran to the side and pretended to pour water for Wan Yongfeng, and in fact, quietly put some of the Shadowless Compulsion eggs hidden in his sleeve in the water.

Wan Yongfeng did not doubt it and picked up the cup of tea and drank a few sips straight away.

Wan Zifeng watched all this from the side, his heart wild with joy.

“Three days!”

“In just three days, this Wan family will completely belong to me!”

Wan Zifeng hissed secretly in his heart.

At this time, on a remote highway, Lin Mo and Duke Wan had changed cars and were driving on the road.

Because they couldn’t get on the highway, it took the two of them most of the day to drive out of the range of Su Province.

And at this speed, if the two wanted to reach Southeast Province, they would have to spend at least two days.

As Wan Gongzi sat in the pa*senger seat, she quietly glanced at Lin Mo every now and then, and her heart was puffing.

She used to be a very efficient person, and if she wanted to go back to Southeast Province, she wanted to go back immediately.

However, for some reason, when she was with Lin Mo, she wished that the speed could be slower, just wishing that time could be fixed in this moment.