Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1677

Chapter 1677

Yunan City.

Inside an isolated teahouse.

Wan Zifeng was sitting with Qian Yong’an and Compass Zun.

Qian Yong’an was full of excitement, “The one surnamed Lin is definitely dead!”

“I received news that the car he was driving was all split in half with a single slash.”

“It must have been chopped by Bamboo Leaf Green!”

“Apart from Bamboo Leaf Green, who else could have such a skill?”

Wan Zifeng had a worried look on his face, “Even though I said that, I still feel apprehensive without finding the body.”

“Why don’t you guys go and ask Bamboo Leaf Green to see if these two people are dead or alive?”

Qian Yong’an glared at him, “Are you crazy?”

“Who dares to ask Bamboo Leaf Green when he’s doing something?”

“I’ll give you this, and don’t worry, you still don’t know what kind of person Bamboo Leaf Green is?”

“If she strikes, she will definitely not leave anyone alive.”

“Besides, that road is next to a river.”

“I reckon, ah, after these two were hacked to death, their bodies were thrown into the river, and they’re probably all feeding the fish now.”

The companions nodded along with him, “Yeah.”

“Didn’t you see that Bamboo Leaf Green even ran into town and went to kill all those human traffickers.”

“Her main mission in coming here was to kill Lin Mo.”

“If Lin Mo hadn’t died, how could she have gone to do something else?”

Hearing this, Wan Zifeng finally breathed a sigh of relief, “That’s good, then.”

Qian Yong’an moved closer to Wan Zifeng and whispered, “Second Master Wan, I’ll help you with Lin Mo’s matter.”

“Then my matter ……”

Wan Zifeng said in a deep voice, “No problem.”

“After I return, I will immediately help you bring down Xu Pharmaceutical.”

“At that time, the Recycle Pill, will still fall into your hands, and you will still be the lord of this Su Province!”

Qian Yongan could not help but be overjoyed, “Thank you so much, Second Master!”

A brilliant aura flashed in Wan Zifeng’s eyes as he looked at Compass Zun, “What about the one for me?”

Zun Zhuang sneered and handed a small box to Wan Zifeng.

Wan Zifeng opened the box and found that inside was a pile of white insect eggs.

“Inside here, are the eggs of a compulsion worm that I have been raising for thirteen years, called the Shadowless Compulsion.”

“This kind of compulsion, slow to take effect, takes two to three days for a person to be struck by it.”

“However, even if the other party is strong, they will not be able to resist this compulsion.”

“As long as I am given enough time, it is the six kings of the world, I can also make them fall under the compulsion.”

“The way things are now, your elder brother is still defenseless against you, and you are able to get close to him easily, so this is the best opportunity.”

“All you have to do is take it back and follow the method I’ve told you, and put the compulsion on your family head bit by bit.”

“In less than three days, he will definitely be under your control!”

“By then, the entire Wan family will be all yours!”

The compulsion daddy said triumphantly.

Wan Zifeng was overjoyed, “Really?”


“With this compulsion, I will be able to completely control the Wan Family.”

“Qian Yong’an, Compulsion Dignity, when I master the Wan Family, that little matter between you two won’t be a matter at all!”

“Don’t forget, my Wan Family, is an existence that can compete with the Six Kings of the World.”

Qian Yong’an and Compass Zun were also overjoyed, Qian Yong’an said excitedly, “Second Master, as long as you join hands with us, there is nothing we can’t do in this world.”

Wan Zifeng laughed, “That’s right!”

“Hmph, if the three of us join forces, even if it’s that what’s-his-name Master Xue Wu, I dare to arm-wrestle him.”

“Once I’ve settled my family’s affairs, I’ll personally kill my way to Guangyang City.”

“Hmph, Nanba Tian is considered lucky to have run off to the capital to die.”

“Otherwise, I’ll take care of him along with him.”

“I’ll let this world know that our Ten Great Families of China are no match for this kind of trash characters!”

Qian Yong’an and Compass Zun were both full of excitement, with the Wan Family as their backer, the two of them would be able to walk across the streets in the future.