Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1676

Chapter 1676

Lin Mo led Wan Gongzi into the deep mountains, and when she arrived near a village, Wan Gongzi immediately took out her mobile phone and tried to contact her family’s people.

However, Lin Mo directly stopped her, and even threw her phone away.

Duke Wan couldn’t help but stare, “What are you doing?”

Lin Mo: “Don’t you think that there’s something fishy about us being found by Bamboo Leaf Green this time?”

Duke Wan: “How is it fishy?”

Lin Mo: “The two of us hiding here, only you, me, and your Wan family know about it.”

“As a result, Bamboo Leaf Green found this place.”

Duke Wan’s face changed: “You …… you suspect my Wan family’s people?”

Lin Mo said softly, “You can’t harm others, but you can’t guard against them.”

If it was any other day, Duke Wan would have argued with Lin Mo directly.

Instead, this time, Duke Wan fell into deep contemplation. In her heart, her trust in Lin Mo had surpassed her trust in the Wan family.

“Our location, I’ve only spoken to my father.”

“My father, surely he won’t harm me!”

Duke Wan whispered.

Lin Mo: “Did your father personally lead a team to save you?”

Duke Wan shook his head, “That’s definitely not possible.”

“My grandfather is in a critical situation, he can’t leave the Wan Family.”

“He must have sent the family experts over, and then, to Yunan City, to meet up with my second uncle ……”

Speaking here, Duke Wan’s face snapped, “He …… wouldn’t have told my second uncle about my location, would he?”

Lin Mo took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, “Wan Zifeng?”

Duke Wan slowly nodded her head, and her face turned iron blue.

She knew her father’s character in what he did, even if he sent in the family experts, he would not tell these people the location.

He would only tell the location to people he trusted, so he must have told Wan Zifeng the location, that was his own brother after all, and then Wan Zifeng would bring people to save Duke Wan.

In other words, the only one who knew their location, apart from her father, was Wan Zifeng.

“This …… is not possible, this is not possible ……”

“That’s my second uncle, he’s watched me grow up, how could he …… he do something like that?”

Wan Gongzi shook her head repeatedly, she could hardly believe it.

Lin Mo, however, frowned, if Wan Zifeng knew their location, then this matter, it was basically clear.

It must have been Wan Zifeng who had leaked the location out.

Wan Zifeng was a person who was extremely conceited and arrogant.

This time at the launch event, he had lost all his face, so he must have blamed everything on Lin Mo, and he himself would have hated to kill Lin Mo.

Therefore, it was highly likely that he had leaked Lin Mo’s location and wanted to kill him by the hand of Zhu Yeqing.

Only, this person was too ruthless.

By Lin Mo’s side, there was still his own niece, and he actually didn’t even care about his own niece’s life or death?

Duke Wan’s face was dejected, she was very reluctant to believe these things.

After a moment of contemplation, Lin Mo said, “It’s still not certain if it was him who exposed the location.”

“But this person, he can’t be trusted anymore.”

“We can’t rely on the Wan family anymore, we have to find our own way back.”

Duke Wan: “How do we get back?”

“From here to our home, by car, it will take at least a whole day.”

“Whether we take a train or a plane, we’ll definitely be spotted immediately.”

Lin Mo waved his hand, “It’s alright, we can disguise ourselves and then drive to the southeastern province.”

After thinking about it, Duke Wan could only nod his head in agreement as this was the only way to go now.

Lin Mo took out his own tools and glued on some beard for Duke Wan, and his face was also reshaped to take on the appearance of a young man.

As for Lin Mo himself, he blackened his face a bit and glued on some beard, looking as if he was a rough and tumble man.

After that, the two of them found a van in the village and rushed along the road towards the southeastern province.