Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1675

Chapter 1675


Lin Mo and Duke Wan saw it for real.

The long bamboo leaf green blade slashed hard at the front of the vehicle, as if it was slashing at a piece of tofu, the front of the vehicle was directly split open.

The vehicle was still rushing forward when Bamboo Leaf Green’s long blade, slicing through the entire vehicle, split this vehicle into two halves!

Lin Mo and Duke Wan fell straight to the ground.

At this moment, both of their minds were dumbfounded.

Lin Mo knew that with Bamboo Yeqing’s strength, it would have been impossible to run her over with the car.

But he never dreamed that Zhu Yeqing could be so strong.

With a single slash, he had managed to split this car in half!

How powerful must this be?

This knife, how sharp did it have to be?

Only then did Lin Mo finally get a good look at this knife.

This long blade, less than three fingers wide, was like a sword.

The blade’s body was like ice and snow, and under the moonlit night, reflecting the moonlight, it emitted a cold aura.

It was such a somewhat thin-looking long knife that had split a car into two halves?

At that very moment, Bamboo Leaf Green walked up to Lin Mo and placed the long knife in his hand directly on Lin Mo’s neck.

The knife was so cold that Lin Mo only felt as if an ice cube was placed on his neck.

He finally understood why Bamboo Leaf Green had used Fire Mulberry wood as the blade box.

This blade was made of thousand-year-old cold iron.

The cold iron was incomparably hard, but it also carried its own coldness and chilling aura.

An ordinary person holding this kind of knife would easily be attacked by the cold Qi.

With the Fire Mulberry Wood, it would be able to withstand the coldness.

Seeing Lin Mo being pointed at with the knife, Duke Wan could not help but become anxious: “Bamboo Leaf Green, do you have any humanity left?”

“Divine Doctor Lin just spared your life, you …… you want to kill him now instead?”

“Are you being reasonable?”

Bamboo Ye Qing didn’t even look at Duke Wan, she just looked at Lin Mo coldly.

Lin Mo was a little shaken by her stare and couldn’t help but say, “Since I’ve fallen into your hands, I’m at your mercy if you want to kill me or not.”

“You don’t need to ask me either, since I promised to treat Master Wan, then I will definitely cure him!”

“Although I, Lin Mo, am not very capable, I am not the kind of person who is greedy for life and death.”

Bamboo Leaf Qing stared at Lin Mo for a while before suddenly putting his long sword into its sheath.

At this moment, both Lin Mo and Duke Wan froze.

Bamboo Leaf Green was not the kind of person who was merciful and soft-hearted.

How was it possible that she had stopped them and yet not killed them?

Bamboo Leaf Green stood with her hands folded and said in a cold voice, “Lin Mo, I will spare your life this time, but only this time.”

“Remember, the next time you fall into my hands, I will kill you just the same!”

With those words, Bamboo Leaf Green turned straight and walked away.

At the scene, Lin Mo and Duke Wan looked at each other, both of them frozen.

What was going on with Bamboo Yeqing? How could she have shown mercy?

However, the two of them didn’t have time to think that much now.

The two of them quickly got up and left the place along the path.

Even if Bamboo Yeqing didn’t kill them, Qian Yong’an and Compass Zun, however, might not spare them.

Therefore, Lin Mo and Duke Wan, had to escape this place as soon as possible.

As for Bamboo Leaf Green, she stood at the corner, watching Lin Mo walk away, her eyes were in a bit of a trance for a while.

Only after a long time did she exhale gently and turn around to walk in the direction of the city.

She had promised that girl that she would go back to buy her flowers, so naturally she had to do what she said!

That night, the city was the scene of a gruesome bloodbath.

The group of traffickers hiding in the city, who would normally let those little children sell flowers and beg for money, were running rampant in the city and no one dared to mess with them.

As a result, this group of people, in one night, were slaughtered without a single survivor.

What’s more, the most crucial thing is that the deaths of these people were extremely tragic, all of them were split in half, and none of them had a whole body.

Those children who had been abducted, were also saved.

Not only that, the murderer, left behind a large sum of money and a letter raft, asking people to send all those children home!