Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1673

Chapter 1673

Wan Gongzi suddenly felt that this point in time with Lin Mo had refreshed many of her previous perceptions.

She could not help but recall the words Lin Mo had said to her earlier.

In the eyes of a doctor, all beings were equal and were to be treated equally.

Or perhaps, in Lin Mo’s eyes, all these beings were equal too!

This was the kind of quality in him that transcended ordinary people, this was a kindness of compassion for all beings, a trait that none of them, the sons of the world, possessed at all.

When Duke Wan looked at Lin Mo, for some reason, at this moment, she suddenly felt as if Lin Mo’s whole person was shining.

This, perhaps, was the so-called personality charm!

Lin Mo asked, “Have you eaten enough?”

Wan Gongzi: “I ……”

She had just said one word when she noticed that Lin Mo’s face had violently changed.

Lin Mo jerked to his feet and said in a deep voice, “Go to the car!”

And then, Lin Mo ran towards the door at a brisk pace.

Wan Gongzi could not help but be surprised, what was wrong with Lin Mo?

She turned her head and saw a woman in green standing at the corner of the street.

The woman was carrying a long sword and her face was covered with a green veil, and it was none other than Shu Zhong Zhu Ye Qing!

Duke Wan’s face also changed instantly.

They had all hid here, how had Bamboo Leaf Green found them?

“What about you?”

Duke Wan hurriedly asked.

“Drive to the door and pick me up!”

“If I can’t run away, leave me alone and you can bring the Wan family to rescue me!”

Lin Mo shouted lowly as he himself had already walked to the door, clenching his hands and staring at Zhu Yeqing on the opposite side.

Duke Wan knew that Lin Mo was planning to stall for her here.

At this point in time, Wan Gongzi did not have a mother-in-law, she quickly ran out and went to the other side to drive.

At this moment, Bamboo Leaf Green also moved.

She came slowly from the street corner, not speeding up because of Wan Gongzi’s departure, in her eyes, it was as if Lin Mo and Wan Gongzi could no longer possibly escape.

Lin Mo, however, was on the verge of an enemy. He knew very well that even if he had taken the Qi and Blood Pill, he was still no match for Zhu Yeqing.

If they really faced each other, it would be difficult for him to escape.

However, at this time, he had no choice but to stand firm and guard here.

Luckily, Duke Wan was a little faster.

As Zhu Yeqing was almost here, she drove over, “Divine Doctor Lin, get in!”

Lin Mo didn’t have time to think too much and quickly jumped into the car.

“I’ll drive!”

Lin Mo shouted lowly.

Without any nonsense, Duke Wan immediately gave up the driver’s seat.

Lin Mo gripped the steering wheel and directly pushed the accelerator to the floor, the vehicle roared towards Bamboo Leaf Green.

Duke Wan couldn’t help but stare, “Doctor Lin, you’re going to run her over?”

“It’s useless, Bamboo Leaf Green’s lightning skills are very good.”

Lin Mo didn’t say anything, he just drove off with a roar.

A hint of disdain flashed in Bamboo Leaf Green’s eyes as she ran at the vehicle instead of avoiding it.

Just a dozen metres or so away from Bamboo Leaf Green, Lin Mo suddenly hit the direction and the vehicle turned around violently, steering directly into the side street.

When he suddenly saw Lin Mo drive into the next street, he became furious.

“You can’t run away!”

Bamboo Leaf Green let out a furious shout and ran furiously with speed, ready to catch up.

Who knew that the sewer manhole cover she stepped on, which was unexpectedly a broken one, was suddenly empty beneath her feet as she took two steps.

She was not expecting such a situation and was unable to react at all, so half of her body fell directly into the sewer well.

At that very moment, Lin Mo also turned his car around and quickly rushed towards Bamboo Yeqing to kill her on the spot!

The Duke of Wan’s eyes widened, she finally knew what Lin Mo was going to do.

He had no intention of running away, he was really going to run over Bamboo Yeqing!