Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1671

Chapter 1671

Seeing that Lin Mo was about to go out, Duke Wan hurriedly said, “Then …… how soon will you be back?”

After saying these words, Duke Wan instantly regretted it.

Ever since she was young, people in her family had always been patriarchal towards men, and she had always hated herself for being a daughter.

For so many years, she had always worn men’s clothes and treated herself like a man.

She had never relied on anyone.

Now, in her heart, she had actually developed an indescribable dependence on Lin Mo, and she was actually worried that Lin Mo would leave her behind.

Lin Mo: “Soon.”

Duke Wan: “Oh.”

Lin Mo walked out of the room, and Wan Gongzi curled up under the blanket alone, at this moment, she had an indescribable feeling of helplessness.

Luckily, not long afterwards, Lin Mo returned with two outfits.

A man’s outfit and a woman’s outfit, both looking very ordinary, a look at the ground floor.

Lin Mo lowered his head and threw the two outfits onto the bed, “You change first, I’ll be at the door, call me if anything happens!”

Lin Mo walked out of the room and closed the door behind him.

Wan Gongzi looked at the two bodies of clothes in front of her and had an indescribable feeling in her heart.

She reached out to touch the woman’s dress first, it was a very ordinary woman’s dress, but a very strong desire suddenly rose up in her heart to try this beautiful dress on her body.

She had never thought of such a thing since she was a child.

For so long, her only wish had been to be able to make herself stronger, to make herself surpass all the boys in her family, to impress her elders, to make them stop looking down on her because she was a daughter.

She was even ashamed of being a daughter, and felt inferior because she was not a man.

She had never wanted to wear women’s clothes at all, and when she saw Wan Zhi wearing those flowery clothes, she only felt a sense of hatred in her heart.

But now, she suddenly wanted to try this dress on, even if only for a minute.

But, after a long struggle, she finally gave up.

She gritted her teeth, took the men’s outfit and put it on.

After that, she mustered up the courage and called Lin Mo in.

As the two of them stood in the room, the atmosphere suddenly seemed a little awkward.

After a long time, it was Lin Mo who spoke first, “Qian Yong’an and the companions must have gone to look for Zhu Yeqing, we can’t stay here for long.”

Duke Wan nodded, “That’s fine.”

“Let’s find a place to hide first, I’ll contact the clan and have them send someone to pick us up!”

The two of them walked out of the hotel and drove away from the place in a hurry.

After an hour or so, Lin Mo arrived at a downtown area next to Yunan City.

The two of them found a place to hide for the time being, and Duke Wan contacted the family side first.

Lin Mo also called He Qianxue, and was relieved to learn that she was already sitting on the plane back to Guangyang City.

He was still worried that if he ran away, Bamboo Leaf Green would go and make things difficult for He Qianxue.

However, now it seemed that this Bamboo Leaf Green was really quite principled in his actions.

He had saved Zhang Jiu Duan, and Bamboo Ye Qing had released He Qianxue. Even if he ran away, Bamboo Ye Qing would definitely not go after He Qianxue again, that was her promise!

Although Bamboo Leaf Green was a very murderous person, but the fact that she kept her promise was something that one could not help but believe!

Duke Wan put down his phone, and finally had some more joy on his face, “Divine Doctor Lin, the clan has already sent a large number of experts over, they will be able to get here within three hours.”

Lin Mo nodded, “That’s good.”

“Three hours, even if Bamboo Leaf Green is capable of great things, she would definitely not expect that we would have left Yunan City.”

“They definitely won’t be able to find this place in a short time, we just need to hide for this period of time.”