Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1670

Chapter 1670

Lin Mo was speechless, this Duke Wan, he was still in a daze just now, why did he suddenly wake up this moment?

“How can I save you if I don’t touch you?”

“The Bone Eroding Worm cannot be suppressed, being able to suppress it for such a long time is already considered good.”

“If I don’t take out the Bone Eroding Bug, all the bones in your entire body will be swallowed by it!”

Lin Mo shouted lowly, and ignoring Duke Wan’s resistance, he grabbed his clothes and yanked hard.

With a tearing sound, Duke Wan’s blouse was directly ripped open.

Under the light, the snow-like skin inside of Duke Wan was revealed.

What really shocked Lin Mo was that Duke Wan was wearing a brassiere on his chest, a very tight fitting kind of brassiere.

Even so, one could still see that his chest was towering.

At this moment, Lin Mo’s brain was a little confused.

This Duke Wan, was actually a daughter!

He had always thought that Duke Wan was a man, so he didn’t even think about it that much and just ripped his clothes to save him.

But who would have thought that this Duke Wan, was actually a daughter!

At this moment, Lin Mo finally understood why, after he had defeated him last time, Duke Wan had been so angry and hated to kill him!

At that time, Lin Mo had pressed her arms against his chest, this was a girl, she must have been furious!

And now, Lin Mo finally understood why he had always felt that this Duke Wan’s features were so handsome that she didn’t look like a man, because she was a woman at root!

From the beginning to the end, she was a woman dressed as a man!

Duke Wan let out a shocked cry and desperately covered his chest with both hands, “Ah, you …… get lost, you get lost!”

Lin Mo came back to his senses and looked at the humiliated expression of Duke Wan, he was also full of embarrassment.

“Sorry, I …… didn’t know you ……”

Duke Wan said sharply, “Get lost!”

“Don’t you touch me!”

Lin Mo hesitated for a moment, but still walked up to Duke Wan.

“The Bone Eater Bug must be taken out, otherwise, you’ll be dead!”

“How about this, I’ll take it out for you with my eyes closed!”

“Sorry, I’m sorry to offend you!”

After Lin Mo finished speaking, he also ignored Wan Gongzi’s resistance and directly pressed her onto the bed.

Then, Lin Mo closed his eyes and ripped off the last of Duke Wan’s smock as well.

Duke Wan’s face swelled red, and at this moment, she felt humiliated to the extreme.

However, looking at Lin Mo’s tightly closed eyes, she felt an indescribable sense of security in her heart.

This man, it was as if he could bring an endless sense of security.

And this sense of security had never been experienced by Wan Gongzi since she was a child.

Only at this moment did she seem to feel that she was really being protected.

Duke Wan finally stopped struggling and just let Lin Mo heal her with a red face.

Lin Mo closed his eyes tightly, and he didn’t use his hands to touch Duke Wan either, instead he used a silver needle and slowly traced it around Duke Wan’s wound, he wanted to feel the location of the bone etching worm.

Finally, Lin Mo felt a small movement, a movement of the Bone Eater.

Lin Mo reacted extremely quickly and immediately stabbed the silver needle in, gently picking at it, a bloodied worm was picked out, it was the Bone Eater Worm.

Lin Mo used the silver needle to stab the Bone Eater Bug to death and threw it into the bin next to him.

Then, he took out a medicine bottle and handed it to Duke Wan.

“Apply it to your chest, and it won’t leave a scar.”

Duke Wan wasn’t thinking about putting on clothes at the moment, but ghostly took the medicine bottle and applied that medicinal powder to her own wound.

The whole time, she sat in front of Lin Mo, and she didn’t think about covering up.

She trusted this man, if he said he would keep his eyes closed, he wouldn’t just peek!

After smearing the medicinal powder, Wan Gongzi remembered that her own clothes had also been torn.

She could only helplessly wrap herself in the quilt and whispered, “Divine Doctor Lin, I …… I’m fine.”

Lin Mo still didn’t open his eyes as he walked to the door, “Your clothes are torn, I’ll go and buy you two pieces of clothes, wait a moment.”