Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1666

Chapter 1666

After getting the silver needles and his own pills, Lin Mo turned his head to look at Zhu Yeqing, “Are you sure, if I heal him, you can let He Qianxue go?”

Standing in the darkness, Zhu Yeqing could not see her expression, and could only see her nod.

Lin Mo nodded as well, “Good, I’ll trust you!”

“I hope you won’t let me down!”

Taking out his silver needles, Lin Mo quickly placed a dozen stitches on Zhang Jiu Duan’s body.

Zhang Jiu Duan’s injuries were not much different from Huo Hua’s.

However, Huo Hua had also been hit by Zun Zun’s compulsion at that time, and if Huo Hua hadn’t used his powerful internal strength to harden and suppress that compulsion, it would have been impossible for Huo Hua to walk back alive.

And it was also lucky for Fire Hua that Lin Mo happened to be nearby and treated him in time for him to save his life.

If Zhang Jiuduan’s situation was the same as Fire Hua’s and he had also been hit by the compulsion, then even if Qian Yong’an was around, he would still be in a bad way.

Qian Yong’an could only temporarily control Zhang Jiuduan’s injuries, and it was not impossible for him to heal Zhang Jiuduan, but it would take a long time.

It was different when Lin Mo personally took action.

It took less than ten minutes for Lin Mo to remove all the silver needles.

And Zhang Jiu Duan’s face had obviously turned a little better, and he was able to sit up.

Seeing such a situation, a brilliant aura flashed in Zhu Yeqing’s eyes.

However, the look she gave Lin Mo was also a little more murderous.

The stronger Lin Mo’s medical skills were, the more likely it was that he would cure Elder Wan, then she would have to kill Lin Mo even more!

Fitting the silver needles, Lin Mo looked at Bamboo Yeqing, “Now, you can let people go.”

Bamboo Leaf Qing ignored him and instead looked at Zhang Jiu Duan.

Zhang Jiu Duan got up and took a few steps, tried his luck and couldn’t help but laugh out loud, “Divine Doctor Lin, you really do live up to your name.”

“It seems that that brat, Zhang Ye, should be fine too!”

Lin Mo nodded calmly.

Zhang Jiu Duan once again tilted his head and smiled, “It’s good that he’s alright.”

“If that brat had died, there would be no one to play with.”

“Little Flower, I’m fine now, so let that little girl go!”

Bamboo Leaf Green nodded her head.

She was just about to make her move when Qian Yongan hurriedly came over and whispered, “Miss Zhang, that female, you can’t release her for now.”

“I still have to use that female to threaten Lin Mo.”

“If that woman is released, I’m afraid it won’t be that easy for us to ask the Lin family’s secrets out of him again!”

Lin Mo’s face changed, this Qian Yong’an, he was too sinister!

He was just about to speak, but Bamboo Leaf Green directly rebuked angrily, “What I, Bamboo Leaf Green, have said, will definitely count.”

“I said that I would let He Qianxue go if he healed my brother.”

“Are you now trying to make me go back on my word?”

Qian Yongan couldn’t help but be filled with embarrassment and hurriedly said, “Miss Zhang, I understand what you mean.”

“It’s just that we’re taking a roundabout approach.”

“Leave the person behind first, wait for Lin Mo to explain what he should say, then release the woman, you are not breaking your promise!”

Zhu Yeqing glanced at Qian Yong’an and spat out one word coldly, “Get out!”

Qian Yong’an’s mouth opened wide, but in the end he did not dare to say anything.

There was still a chance to bargain with the poisonous spider, but with Bamboo Leaf Green, there was no possibility of negotiation at all!

This female devil was already furious when she uttered the word “get lost”.

If she continued to speak, she would be looking for death.

Lin Mo’s heart was quite shocked, he didn’t expect that Bamboo Yeqing was such a principled person, this was out of his expectation.

Zhu Yeqing made a phone call and explained that his men had released He Qianxue.

Lin Mo hurriedly said, “Wait a minute, I’ll have my friend go and pick her up.”

“This is Su Province, with something like this happening, she is a girl, I am afraid she is in danger!”

Bamboo Leaf Green said in a cold voice, “No need.”

“Since I promised you that I would let her return to Guangyang City safely, she will definitely be able to return to Guangyang City safely!”

“She is someone I, Bamboo Leaf Green, let go, whoever dares to touch her, I will destroy his whole family!”