Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1664

Chapter 1664

I don’t know how long it took, but Lin Mo woke up.

Raising his eyes, he found that he was locked in a metal cage.

And beside him, there was a man lying.

Upon closer inspection, it was none other than the Wan family’s Wan Gongzi.

It looked like that person had not killed Duke Wan just now, but had also knocked him unconscious.

Lin Mo helped Duke Wan up and wanted to use silver needles to help him regain consciousness. As a result, when he felt his pocket, it was unexpectedly empty.

The bag of silver needles he had on him, as well as those pills he had brought along, had all been taken away.

Lin Mo couldn’t help but frown as he reached out and nudged several acupuncture points on Duke Wan, and it was only after a while that Duke Wan woke up.

Seeing the situation around him, Duke Wan’s brow immediately furrowed.

He immediately stood up and said in a deep voice, “Bamboo Leaf Green, get the hell out!”

Lin Mo’s heart stirred, the one who had struck this time was really Bamboo Leaf Green?

While he was pondering, an icy voice suddenly came from the darkness, “Do you want to die?”

Lin Mo was startled and looked carefully, only to see that there was a human figure in the darkness at an unknown time.

He knew that just now Lin Mo had looked around carefully and found that there was no one around at all.

This person, who could walk so close to Lin Mo without Lin Mo noticing, could see how terrifying this person’s strength really was.

This person, it looked like, was Zhang Jiu Duan’s sister, Zhu Ye Qing!

Lin Mo looked carefully, this woman was quite tall, about one and a half metres tall.

She was wearing a green dress, and her face was also covered with a piece of green gauze that covered her face, revealing only a pair of deep black eyes, and a clean white forehead.

Behind her back she carried a knife, which was not like an ordinary knife.

The blade was long and narrow, and looked as if it were a sword.

A normal knife is only about three feet in length.

This knife, on the other hand, was over four feet long, and the hilt was then a foot long.

The knife case was a wooden box, which looked rather ordinary and had no special features.

However, in Lin Mo’s eyes, he was even more shocked by the wood of this knife box.

This was an extremely rare type of fireberry wood, which contained great heat, and an ordinary person standing next to it would not even be able to withstand the heat of this fireberry wood.

And now, this woman had actually made this fire mulberry wood into a sword case and was carrying it on her back, didn’t she feel the heat?

Duke Wan also saw Bamboo Leaf Green, and he said in a deep voice, “Bamboo Leaf Green, Divine Doctor Lin has already said that he will not cure my grandfather.”

“This is a feud between you and me, it has nothing to do with Divine Doctor Lin.”

“How about you let him go, and we settle the matter between us ourselves?”

Lin Mo couldn’t help but stare, he didn’t expect that Duke Wan had called for Bamboo Leaf Green to get her to release him?

He couldn’t help but glance at Duke Wan, this was something that he hadn’t expected.

He had always thought that this Duke Wan was just an arrogant and arrogant young master of a worldly family with a bit of a strange personality.

He had never expected that Duke Wan, to his surprise, would still be so responsible and would even think about others!

Zhu Yeqing stood quietly in the darkness and said in a cold voice: “You are not qualified to bargain with me!”

Duke Wan was anxious: “Bamboo Leaf Green, you …… How can you kill an innocent person indiscriminately?”

Bamboo Leaf Green: “What I want to do, no one in this world, except my brother, can control!”

Wan Gongzi: “You ……”

Bamboo Leaf Green didn’t even look at him and pointed directly at Lin Mo: “You, come out!”

“My brother is injured, you go and heal him!”

Lin Mo’s brow furrowed, this condescending attitude and tone of Bamboo Ye Qing made him feel very unconvinced in his heart.

Lin Mo originally did not want to make an enemy of Zhang Jiu Duan Bamboo Ye Qing, however, seeing the attitude of Duke Wan and Bamboo Ye Qing instead sparked the fire in Lin Mo’s heart.

“Sorry, I have too many patients, please trouble your brother to get in line!”

“At least, get in line behind Master Wan.”

Lin Mo said back in a cold voice.