Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1661

Chapter 1661

After reminding Lin Mo, Huo Hua left first.

He was badly injured, and in a short time, he wouldn’t be able to fight.

However, his mission this time was to stop Zhang Jiuduan.

Zhang Jiu Duan was also wounded and unable to move, so his mission was complete.

Not long after Huo Hua left, the Crown Prince suddenly received news: the Poison Spider had been injured!

The Prince and Lin Mo rushed over and found that the Poison Spider was not seriously injured, but he would not be able to move for a short time.

The one who had injured the poisonous spider was none other than Shu Zhong Zhu Ye Qing.

The prince was furious and wanted to gather his men to fight with Bamboo Leaf Green.

The Poison Spider stopped the Crown Prince as she looked towards Lin Mo and said in a deep voice, “Lin Mo, I’m going back to Hai Cheng to heal my wounds.”

“Do you want to come with me to Sea City?”

The prince couldn’t help but stare, “Mom, Lin Mo’s medical skills are just the best, why go back to Sea City?”

“Lin Mo has just settled the matter of Wan Chun Tang, he still has a lot of things to do on his side.”

“At this time, he can’t leave!”

The Poison Spider did not answer the Crown Prince, but looked straight at Lin Mo.

Lin Mo sighed and nodded his head, “Many thanks.”

“However, I haven’t finished dealing with things on my side, so for the time being I’ll have to stay here.”

The Poison Spider nodded and said softly, “Then take care of yourself!”

With those words, the poisonous spider ignored the Crown Prince’s objection and led him away stiffly.

In fact, while the Crown Prince did not understand the Poison Spider’s meaning, Lin Mo was very clear.

This time, when Bamboo Leaf Green injured the Poison Spider, it was just a warning.

Bamboo Leaf Green was warning the Poison Spider to leave Yunan City and not get involved in Lin Mo’s affairs.

If Poison Spider continued to stay here, then next time, when Bamboo Leaf Green struck again, she wouldn’t show any mercy, she would kill the prince along with her!

As Fire Hua left injured, Poison Spider knew very well that she could not keep Lin Mo.

Therefore, she had to take the Crown Prince back to Hai Cheng, so that she could at least keep him alive.

By inviting Lin Mo to Hai Cheng, she actually wanted to shelter Lin Mo in her own territory.

However, Lin Mo could not follow him there, because, Bamboo Leaf Green’s target was him.

If he followed the poisonous spider to the Sea City, it would lead the calamity to the poisonous spider and the Crown Prince.

Therefore, Lin Mo had to stay behind, he could not let this matter involve his brother.

Back at the hotel, just as he walked to the door, Lin Mo saw a man from afar, none other than the Wan family’s Wan Gongzi!

He was standing alone at the entrance, as if he had been waiting here for a long time.

His expression was still as cold and arrogant as ever.

Only when he saw Lin Mo did his expression ease up slightly, looking slightly more embarrassed.

“Mr. Lin ……”

Duke Wan wanted to speak, but was stopped by Lin Mo directly waving his hand.

“I know what you want to say.”

“I am not going to save your family’s old man!”

“You can go back!”

Lin Mo said dryly.

Duke Wan’s face swelled red as he gritted his teeth and said in a deep voice, “As long as you can save my grandfather, my Wan family, I can pay any price!”

Lin Mo shook his head, “You’ve said that before.”

“But, I still say that, I won’t save him!”

Duke Wan was anxious: “Why?”

“Don’t you …… always boast that you are a healer?”

“Now someone needs you to save them, and you see death and don’t save them? What kind of godly doctor are you ……!”

Lin Mo said in a cold voice: “You are right, a healer’s heart.”

“But, don’t you forget that in this world, there are many people suffering from illnesses every day.”

“So many people are waiting for me to save them, so why should I save your grandfather first?”

Duke Wan said offhandedly and sharply, “My grandfather is the head of the Wan family, is he not comparable to those patients?”

Lin Mo gave him a deep look and said in a cold voice, “In my eyes, there is no difference between the world and the world!”

“So what if the Lord of Ten Thousand Families? In my eyes, he is no more noble than a beggar on the street!”