Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1659

Chapter 1659

Lin Mo couldn’t help but be surprised, “Coming at me?”


“I have no grudge or hatred against Zhang Jiuduan, I don’t even know him.”

Huo Hua: “You have no grudge or hatred against Zhang Jiuduan, but you are the only one who can save Master Wan.”

“In this world, there are many people who don’t want Master Wan to live, and Zhang Jiuduan is one of them!”

“There is no grudge between Zhang Jiu Duan and the Southern Realm, he came to Soo Province to see who might be able to save Master Wan.”

“He wants to kill off any possibility, all of it!”

Lin Mo’s face changed slightly, this could really be a case of a pegasus not being guilty of harboring a sin.

His own medical skills had incurred such an enemy for him.

The prince said in surprise, “What kind of enmity is there between Zhang Jiu Duan and Master Wan, that he must have Master Wan killed?”

Huo Hua waved his hand, “Jiu Duan Zhang and Master Wan don’t know each other at all.”

“However, the person behind Zhang Jiuduan is Zhang Bailing, one of the Six Kings of the World, the Hundred Victory Blade King.”

“Master Wan, it was Zhang Bailing who injured him!”

“The person who really doesn’t want Master Wan to live is Zhang Bailing!”

The prince’s brow furrowed as he suddenly realized, “How much does this Zhang Bailing mean?”

“If he didn’t want Master Wan to live, he could have just killed the Wan family while Master Wan was seriously ill?”

“Sending someone to kill the doctor? What kind of bullshit is that?”

“What did the doctor do to him?”

Huo Hua: “The Wan family is in the Southeast Province, one of the six provinces in the Southern Realm.”

“If Zhang Bailing wanted to kill Master Wan, he would have to enter the South Realm himself!”

“But don’t you forget that the Southern Realm is Master Xue Wu’s territory.”

“If Zhang Bailing crossed the border to kill someone, that would be like declaring war on Master Xue Wu.”

“Therefore, Zhang Bailing is absolutely not allowed to enter the Southern Realm!”

“The only thing he can do is to stop those doctors from going to treat Master Wan.”

“The Wan family, being one of the top ten families in the country, has not been able to invite those divine doctors from the capital, and that is the reason for that.”

“Those divine doctors, who don’t want to get involved in the matter between the Wan Family and the Baisheng Blade King!”

The prince was dumbfounded, “Is it that complicated?”

Lin Mo was able to understand these situations.

When Nanba Tian was being chased by the Nalan family’s people, the reason why he fled all the way north was also for this reason.

The Nalan Family, too, could not enter the Northern Realm to kill at will, because that was the territory of Lin Xiao, the King of the Northern Realm!

Nowadays, the Wan family is in the same situation!

Although Zhang Bailing wanted to kill Old Master Wan, he could not personally wade into the Southern Realm because it was the territory of the King of the Southern Realm, Master Xue Wu!

However, while Zhang Bailing could not come over himself, he was able to send his own men to work in the Southern Realm.

Him personally crossing the border, and his men crossing the border, were two completely different concepts.

In the former case, it would inevitably provoke a war between the two kings.

The latter, at most, would only be a slight disciplinary action.

This is the world of human affairs!

By the same token, when Master Xue Wu learnt that Zhang Jiuduan had entered the country, he could not personally intercept him.

If he personally took action, on the one hand, it would look like he had no manners and was bullying the young with the old. Secondly, it would also make people laugh at the fact that there was no one in the Southern Realm, and that he had to personally take action on everything!

Therefore, Fifth Master Xue sent Huo Hua, who was on par with Zhang Jiuduan.

Originally, there was no problem for Huo Hua to take action in this matter.

However, the fact that Compass Dao was also involved in it made Huo Hua suffer a big loss. If not for Lin Mo being here as well, this time, Huo Hua would have been in grave danger!

Lin Mo pondered for a moment and asked, “Senior Fire Hua, since Zhang Jiu Duan was also injured, who is the one you told me to beware of?”

“Compulsion Zun?”

To be honest, the current Lin Mo was actually no longer afraid of Compulsion Zun.

The true strength of the Compulsion Zun was not really strong, what was really strong about him was his divine and unpredictable compulsion technique.

However, if this compulsion technique was useless against Lin Mo, he wouldn’t be able to pose a threat to Lin Mo!