Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1652

Chapter 1652

Duke Wan turned his head helplessly to look at Wan Zifeng: “Second Uncle, how about ……”

Wan Zifeng waved his hand directly, “Want me to apologize, impossible!”

“I tell you, even if I die, I won’t apologize to this kind of charlatan!”

“He’s not a miracle doctor at all, and he can’t cure the old man.”

“He’s just lying and trying to get my Wan family to bow down to him.”

“I tell you, I won’t apologise to him even if I die!”

Duke Wan was speechless, this Wan Zifeng, at this point in time, was he still so obsessed?

However, Lin Mo’s side was also very resolute.

If Wan Zifeng didn’t apologize, wouldn’t the old man be dead?

Just then, an anxious voice came over the phone, “Zifeng, Zifeng, where is the divine doctor on your side?”

“The old man is dying, you …… should tell them to think of something!”

The other side of the phone was a mess, it could be seen that the situation of the old man Wan was really critical ah.

Wan Zifeng strained his neck and stood with his head held high, pointing at Lin Mo and shouting, “Lin, if anything happens to my father, I will never spare you!”

Lin Mo was dumbfounded, where did this come from?

The prince cursed, “You’re a dog, surnamed Wan? You bite everywhere!”

“What does this have to do with Lin Mo?”

“Are you even a human being?”

Wan Zifeng: “He’s the one who disturbed Divine Doctor Qian’s thoughts, that’s why Divine Doctor Qian couldn’t save my father!”

The crowd at the scene was speechless, this Wan Zifeng, was really messing around.

Duke Wan gritted his teeth, he was anxious in his heart, but he couldn’t force Lin Mo to save him.

At this critical moment, Wan Chong Shan suddenly walked out from the crowd.

He came in front of Lin Mo and bowed his hands, “Mr. Lin, the old man of the Wan family, has been kind to me.”

“I dare to beg Mr. Lin to save the old man of the Wan family.”

“As long as Mr. Lin can help out in a righteous manner, this kindness will certainly be remembered by Mr. Wan.”

“In the future, if Mr. Lin asks me to do anything, I will die, even if it is on a mountain of sword or a sea of fire!

“I beg Mr. Lin to save my life!”

With that, Wan Chongshan actually knelt down on both knees and wanted to kowtow to Lin Mo.

Lin Mo was shocked in his heart, he knew that Wan Chongshan had ties to the Wan family, but he did not expect that Wan Chongshan would attach such importance to Elder Wan.

He hurriedly helped Wan Chongshan up and smiled, “Mr. Wan, you’re out of line to say that.”

“When Yuan De and the others broke their contract with Xu Pharmaceutical, at the most difficult time for Xu Pharmaceutical, it was you who always believed in us, Xu Pharmaceutical, and did not fall on your sword at that time.”

“To put it mildly, it was you, Mr. Wan, who was kind to us at Xu Pharmaceutical.”

“I, Lin Mo, am a person who will repay if I have an enemy, but if I have a favour, I will also repay it!”

“If you have helped me, you are my Lin Mo’s friend.”

“Your matter is my matter.”

“Since you have asked, how can I not help?”

Wan Chongshan took a deep breath and slowly nodded his head.

He was a rather stable person and didn’t like to talk much, but the expression on his face already said everything.

Lin Mo looked to Duke Wan: “Tell them to first put an ice cube in the old man’s mouth and add two chillies, the spicier the better, it will save his life for now.”

The crowd at the scene was stunned, and Wan Zifeng immediately screamed, “Are you sick?”

“My father is vomiting blood and his condition is so serious, and you’re giving him ice chillies, you want him to die?”

The crowd at the scene also whispered, even a normal person couldn’t stand eating like this, let alone a dying man.

But Duke Wan ignored it, he directly picked up the phone and conveyed Lin Mo’s words.

The people on the Wan family’s side were also a little puzzled, and Duke Wan said urgently, “Hurry up guys, don’t delay!”

“No matter what happens, I’ll be responsible!”