Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1651

Chapter 1651

Several people on the Wan family’s side were directly confused.

The old man of the Wan family, that was the sky of the Wan family!

If he died, it was still unknown whether the Wan family could remain in the top ten families in China!

Nowadays, there were many people in China who were hoping for the death of the Wan family’s master.

If he dies, the Wan family will change, and it’s hard to say how much of the Wan family’s current foundation will be retained.

The Wan family had been hanging on to the old man’s life for as long as they could, just to hold on to everything the Wan family had.

Now, the old man was really dying, and the Wan family was really desperate.

Wan Zifeng even sat down directly on the ground, his face was pale as he suddenly turned to Qian Yongan: “Divine Doctor Qian, what is this …… going on?”

Qian Yongan was also at a loss: “This …… this …… this I’m not familiar with the old man’s condition, I’m not quite sure a …… ”

Wan Zifeng was anxious: “Then …… then you quickly think of a way to save him ah ……”

Qian Yongan stammered, unable to say a word.

He uttered the thousand year ginseng to hang his life, this was the only way he could think of, how did he know how to treat Master Wan?

“Why don’t you say anything?”

“Think of something quickly!”

Wan Zifeng roared in anxiety and anger, but Qian Yong’an still didn’t say a word.

Just then, Duke Wan suddenly jumped down from the stage.

He ran directly in front of Lin Mo and exclaimed, “Divine Doctor Lin, please save my grandfather.”

“As long as you save him, I …… my Wan family is willing to pay any price!”

Wan Zifeng was annoyed, “Why are you begging him?”

“He’s just a liar …….”

At the back Wan ZiFeng couldn’t help himself, “Second Uncle, who exactly is the liar?”

“When we used the thousand-year ginseng just now, the Human Forest Divine Doctor had already warned about it.”

“But you just didn’t listen and insisted on giving the old man thousand-year-old ginseng.”

“Now at this time, you still go to beg that Qian Yong’an? Do you really want to get grandpa killed!”

Wan Zifeng’s mouth was wide open, but he couldn’t refute a single word.

At this moment, Lin Mo’s expression was indifferent.

He glanced at Wan Zifeng and said softly, “I have no grudges or enmity with the Wan family, if it was just a patient seeking medical treatment, of course I would do my best.”

“But, this time, your Wan Family has been making things difficult for me and insulting me at every moment, shouldn’t this give me an explanation?”

Duke Wan’s face turned pale as he gave Wan Zifeng an angry look and said in a low voice, “Divine Doctor Lin, this time, it …… was my Wan family that did wrong.”

“I am here to say sorry in advance for any offense.”

“As long as you are willing to save my grandfather, my Vanguard Family can pay any price.”

Speaking here, he suddenly clenched his teeth and said with a swollen red face, “Moreover, the grudge between you …… and me is also settled here!”

Lin Mo froze for a moment, what grudge do we have? You are the one who keeps holding on to it, okay? Is everyone in your Wan family so sore about losing?

However, Wan Zhi gave Duke Wan a deep look, she knew very well how resentful he was towards Lin Mo. If he could say this, he was really determined!

Lin Mo scratched his head, “If you want me to save Old Master Wan, no problem.”

“However, it’s not you who’s making things difficult for me, and there’s no need for you to apologise.”

“You only need to get Wan Zifeng to apologise to me, and I will naturally come to my rescue!”

Duke Wan: “This ……”

Lin Mo calmly said, “I don’t need the Wan family to pay any price, but I have to get justice for myself, don’t I?”

Duke Wan sighed, he knew that in this incident, Wan Zifeng had truly offended Lin Mo.

Under such circumstances, Lin Mo had already given the Wan family a lot of face by just asking Wan Zifeng to apologise.

If it were an ordinary person, at this time, he would have wanted to fall on his sword and watch Master Wan die a horrible death on the spot!