Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1644

Chapter 1644

Hearing these words, the surrounding crowd was astonished, what other traps had Qian Yong’an left behind?

Wan Zifeng was immediately filled with excitement, “Qian Yongan, what kind of trap did you leave behind?”

“Did you take a video of him bribing these people?”

“Is there any evidence? Transfer records are fine, show them to everyone!”

“Surnamed Lin, you son of a b*tch, I’ll see how you’ll explain this incident!”

The crowd around was also in an uproar, could it be that Qian Yongan had really filmed the video of Lin Mo bribing these people?

Lin Mo, on the other hand, had a bland expression and always had a smile on his face: “A trap?”

“Heh, Qian Yongan, what you think is a trap may not be a trap!”

Qian Yongan couldn’t help but stare, he really couldn’t figure out what Lin Mo meant by this.

However, at this point in time, he didn’t bother to think about it that much.

He took a deep breath and suddenly pointed at one of the patients, “You, stand out!”

This patient stepped out from among the crowd.

“My trap, that’s him!”

Qian Yong’an exclaimed.

The crowd around looked at this patient in unison, and Wan Zifeng even jumped off the stage in excitement, grabbing that patient’s arm: “Where’s the evidence?”

“Where’s the video?”

“Where are the transfer records?”

“Bring it out, bring it out!”

The patient looked at Wan Zifeng with a bewildered face, indifferent.

Qian Yong’an walked over, “Mr. Wan, you’ve made a mistake.”

“There is no evidence, no video, and no record of the transfer.”

Wan Zifeng said sharply, “Then what kind of trap is this?”

Qian Yong’an laughed and said softly, “The trap I am talking about is about this person, who doesn’t have any disease at all!”

At these words, the whole room burst into an uproar.

Wan Zifeng first froze, then looked at the patient with wide eyes, “You …… are not sick?”

“You’re not sick, you …… Why are you standing here?”

Yuan De, on the other hand, immediately shouted, “He’s not sick, then how did Lin Mo cure him?”

“Lin Mo, you give us an explanation!”

Only when he heard these words did Wan Zifeng finally understand what was meant.

He also immediately slapped his thigh, “Yes, this man is not sick, how did Lin Mo claim to have cured him?”

“And brought him for examination? And feeding him medicine?”

“Ouch, this is interesting.”

“Come on, come on, Lin Mo, explain to us, what’s going on here?”

The crowd around them all looked at Lin Mo in unison as well, and the expressions of all of them became agitated and angry.

They only felt that they had been completely tricked by Lin Mo!

The prince was anxious: “You …… are talking f*cking nonsense?”

“This man is not sick, what do you mean by bringing him here?”

Qian Yong’an sneered, “I told you, this is a little trap I set up to guard against you guys.”

“Nanba Tian was able to help him bribe those patients in the first place, making him the winner of the medical exchange.”

“This time, of course I have to be on guard.”

“Putting such a person in, he even said he gave a cure, heh, that’s a quick test to find out he’s a liar!”

The prince said sharply, “What kind of bullsh*t reasoning do you …… have?”

“Just now talking about a competition of medical skills, you let such a person in and gave Lin Mo medical records, you …… you’re simply lying!”

Qian Yongan: “Heh, a real divine doctor only needs ordinary looking and smelling to see if the person is sick.”

“If Lin Mo was really a divine doctor, he would naturally be able to see that the person wasn’t sick.”

“So, I’m not really lying here!”

The crowd around them roared in approval, and Wan Zifeng even clapped his hands in excitement, “Well said, well said!”

“Doctor Qian, you’ve done a great job!”

“Hahahaha, Lin, what else do you have to say now?”