Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1641

Chapter 1641

Once the instruments were brought to the site, the examination of these patients began immediately.

From the results of the tests on site, it was clear that all these patients were indeed getting better.

As more and more examination results came out, the crowd’s astonishment increased.

The crowd gradually began to choose to believe Lin Mo, after all, those famous doctors’ examinations, as well as the examination of these instruments, were all seen by the crowd with their own eyes.

At this moment, the faces of the ten major families in the Su Province were all extremely ugly.

They had originally thought that they would be able to use such a method to defeat Lin Mo, but to their surprise, they had lost so badly this time.

If they couldn’t even match Lin Mo’s medical skills, then this time, Wan Chun Tang would have completely lost!

On the stage, Wan Zifeng’s face was even more unsightly.

He had been on Qian Yong’an’s side from the start, saying with all his words that Qian Yong’an was the best divine doctor.

Now it was good that Lin Mo, who had never been favoured by him, was going to surpass Qian Yong’an instead, how could he accept this?

To Wan Zifeng, it did not matter which one had the higher medical skills, what mattered was his face.

If it was proven that Lin Mo’s medical skills did surpass Qian Yong’an’s, then what face would he have to face?

Not only that, but the most crucial thing was that he had now completely offended Lin Mo.

If Qian Yong’an’s medical skills were not as good as Lin Mo’s this time, then when the time came, wouldn’t the Wan family still have to invite Lin Mo back to treat the old man?

At that time, how could they go about inviting Lin Mo?

Thinking of this, Wan Zifeng’s face became grim.

For the sake of his own face, for the sake of his position in the family, this time, he could not let Lin Mo win no matter what!

It didn’t take long for all these examinations to be done at the scene.

And based on the results of the tests on site, it was clear that these patients were truly cured of their conditions.

The crowd at the scene also basically chose to believe in Lin Mo.

As for Qian Yong’an, the number of people who supported him was getting smaller and smaller now.

Apart from those who had interests entangled with him, everyone else, now basically, had turned to Lin Mo’s side.

Prince He Qianxue was all filled with joy, and the prince said excitedly, “Now that the result is so obvious, Qian Yongan, are you still not admitting defeat?”

Qian Yong’an’s face was blue, he gritted his teeth and always insisted, “The examination results are not yet done, I haven’t lost yet!”

The prince bristled, “You really don’t see the coffin and don’t shed a tear!”

“Since you insist repeatedly, I will let you lose!”

“Come, take them to the hospital and have other comprehensive examinations.”

“After the tests are done, send me back the results!”

A team of people immediately rushed out beside the poisonous spider and escorted the group to do the examination.

Qian Yong’an turned his head to look at the Ten Great Families, hoping that the Ten Great Families would also send someone to keep an eye on them.

However, the Ten Families were all indifferent and no one spoke up.

These people already knew that they would lose this time, and now they did not want to toss and turn anymore.

Qian Yong’an’s face was pale, he knew that he was now abandoned by the Ten Families.

He was resentful to the core, but there was nothing he could do about it.

That was how people’s hearts were, when you won, everyone would flatter you.

When you lose, everyone will step on you, including your loved ones!

Just as the ten clans were silent, Wan Zifeng stood out and said aloud, “Since we’re going to the hospital for an examination, we need to send more people over to keep an eye on it, who knows if someone might fake it from there?”

“A few of you, go over together, I want you to watch these people do the examination with your own eyes.”

“If anyone dares to tamper with the test results or threaten the medical staff, there’s no need to report to me, just take them down!”

Hearing these words, the crowd around the room burst into a cutting whisper.

Wan Zifeng, this was obviously aimed at Lin Mo.

Even at this point, Wan Zifeng, still wants to go against Lin Mo?