Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1640

Chapter 1640

All of these remaining patients were left on site and, as with the previous selection of judges, a number of renowned doctors from around the world were chosen from the site to perform medical examinations on these patients.

Not only that, but Wan Chun Tang also moved some of the necessary medical equipment over to do the examinations on site.

There were some medical equipment that were not suitable to be carried, and then these patients would be taken for medical check-ups accompanied by personnel from all sides, who would keep an eye on both sides.

Those who are famous doctors, go first to give these patients a basic questioning and examination.

They first opened the clothes of these patients and examined the location where Lin Mo had just placed the needles.

Just now, Lin Mo seemed like a heavenly maiden scattering flowers, throwing those silver needles out.

He said that he had stuck them in their acupuncture points, but the truth was that the crowd would have to check for themselves to know.

Qian Yong’an also followed the crowd, but he honestly did not believe that Lin Mo was so powerful as to use such a technique to stick the silver needles in the acupuncture points of these patients.

In his opinion, Lin Mo was trained by Lin Zhaoge, and even if he was highly skilled in medicine, he could not possibly surpa*s Lin Zhaoge.

And since Lin Zhaoge was in the Lin family and hadn’t learned much about medicine, he was completely incomparable to Qian Yong’an.

Therefore, he felt that Lin Mo was completely bragging.

However, after these patients’ clothes were uncovered, he was shocked to discover that Lin Mo was absolutely right.

Those silver needles of his had, indeed, pierced the acupuncture points of these people.

The locations of those needle eyes were all still there, and these things, they could not be faked.

Moreover, the needle eyes could not be found in other locations on these patients’ bodies either.

In other words, Lin Mo had just scattered the silver needles out like that, and had really sprinkled them on these patients’ acupuncture points.

Not only that, what shocked Qian Yong’an even more was that the acupuncture points where Lin Mo had placed the needles were indeed able to cure diseases.

One should know that Qian Yongan had previously known a lot about these patients’ conditions.

He had studied for some time to figure out how to treat these patients with needles.

The treatment plan that he had prepared in advance was far inferior to Lin Mo’s plan for placing needles, no matter the number of needles or the location of the needles.

In this situation, it was two doctors treating a patient at the same time. One of the doctors, needs to expend a lot of equipment and medicine to cure this patient.

The other doctor, on the other hand, only needs a simple treatment and can cure this patient just as well.

Although the results of the two doctors’ treatment were the same, it was clear who was the better doctor!

The more Qian Yong’an looked at it, the more astonished he became. Just by looking at these patients, he knew that Lin Mo’s medical skills were far superior to his.

Looking at such a situation, he couldn’t help but recall the former King of the North, Lin Xiao.

Of all the people he had met, Lin Xiao, the King of the Northern Realm, was the only one who could have such unbelievable medical skills!

How on earth did this Lin Mo learn such medical skills?

Qian Yong’an couldn’t help but give Lin Mo an extra glance, his face full of doubts.

At that moment, the examination of those famous doctors had come to an end.

The prince said excitedly, “How is it?”

“What have you concluded?”

Those famous doctors looked at each other, and one of them said, “We …… can only check the acupuncture point where the needles were placed in such an examination.”

“Judging from the acupuncture point where this needle was placed, there is no problem with Mr. Lin’s placing of the needle.”

“However, whether or not it can specifically cure the disease, this …… is something that will only be revealed by the results of the subsequent examination!”

The prince laughed out loud, “If there’s no problem with the lower needle point, then there’s definitely no problem!”

“Ha, Qian Yongan, you wait, later on the test results will come out, I’ll see if you still dare to jump around again!”

Qian Yong’an’s face was gloomy, he already knew that Lin Mo’s medical skills were indeed very high.

However, he wasn’t worried, because, he still had a bottom card in his hand, the patient who wasn’t sick!