Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1634

‌Chapter 1634

Below, the prince and the others were not bothered by the shouting of the men at this point.

The prince was anxious: “What is he doing? Why hasn’t he done anything yet?”

“Qian Yong’an has already cured three, there are a total of fifteen patients on the stage, he’s prepared to let people make three moves?”

He Qianxue was also full of worry, after all, Qian Yongan was extremely skilled in medicine, so he would definitely have no problem treating these patients.

Now for the two, the most crucial thing was to fight for speed. Whoever cured more people would be the final winner.

But Qian Yong’an had already cured three people, but Lin Mo had not moved, was this not a loss?

On the stage, Wan Zifeng was immediately filled with a cold smile when he saw such a situation.

“I’ve long said that this brat surnamed Lin is a fraud.”

“You still want to hire such a person to treat the old man?”

“Fortunately, the people of the family listened to my advice and didn’t invite him back. Otherwise, wouldn’t the old master be in danger?”

“You, ah, are still too young, you simply don’t understand the danger of people’s hearts in this society.”

“Now, you finally believe my words!”

Wan Zifeng said smugly to Duke Wan.

Duke Wan’s brow was furrowed as he too was full of suspicion.

To say that Lin Mo really didn’t know anything about medicine, right, how had he saved the Wan family’s old man last time?

However, if he really knew about medicine, then what was this about him now?

As Lin Mo’s silence grew longer, the boos from the scene grew louder.

The crowd yelled loudly for Lin Mo to get off the stage and for him to get the hell out of this conference.

But Lin Mo stood on the stage, unmoved, as if he was waiting for something.

Seeing Lin Mo in such a state, Qian Yong’an could not help but smile even more coldly.

He was now treating the fifth person.

There were fifteen patients in total, and he only needed to cure eight of them, and he would have already won a big victory.

In other words, after curing this person, he only needed to cure three more and he would have won.

The patients he chose were also the ones with the mildest conditions and the best to treat.

Those others with complex conditions that were difficult to treat, he did not choose.

In such a situation, even if Lin Mo’s medical skills were more advanced, he would not be able to surpass Qian Yong’an.

So, in Qian Yong’an’s mind, he was already a sure winner!

Soon, Qian Yong’an had cured the fifth patient as well.

He turned his head to look at Lin Mo and laughed lightly, “Divine Doctor Lin, it’s been so long and you still don’t have a clue?”

“That’s not good for your speed!”

“Healing and saving people is often a race against Hades for time.”

“With this time for you to think, you’ve already delayed the best time for resuscitation, wouldn’t you be wasting people’s lives?”

There was also a clamour from the crowd around, and the eyes of the people looking at Lin Mo were full of contempt.

At that moment, Lin Mo also finally moved.

He took a gentle step forward and calmly said, “Qian Yong’an, you can go and rest now!”

Qian Yong’an couldn’t help but stare, “What do you mean?”

Someone from below also yelled, “Who are you to tell Divine Doctor Qian to go and rest?”

“What, you want to bully others with your power?”

“A fair competition with someone and you still won’t let them heal? So domineering?”

On the stage, Wan Zifeng also clenched his fists and said in a cold voice, “A fair match, and he dares to be so brutal?”

“This matter, even if we talk about it to Master Xue Wu, he still doesn’t have the right of way!”

Duke Wan also frowned, what the hell was Lin Mo up to?

However, right amidst the clamour of the crowd, Lin Mo walked to the middle of those patients.

He grabbed the bag of silver needles with his right hand and shook it violently, opening the entire bag all the way.

Then, Lin Mo grabbed a handful of silver needles from it and flung them out violently.

This handful of silver needles, like flowers scattered in the sky, flew directly towards those few patients in front of Lin Mo, stabbing them all!