Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1616

With a question from Qian Yong’an, there was an uproar from below.

Almost everyone’s voice was unanimous.

“Impossible, this data is completely impossible!”

“This data is a forgery at first glance!”

“How can there be such a perfect drug, it’s a complete fraud.”

“Surnamed Lin, what qualifications does a fraud like you have to be a doctor?”

“He should be disqualified from being a doctor, our medical community, which has always been truthful, how can we allow such a fraud to exist!”

The crowd yelled on and on, and the divine doctors from all provinces looked at Lin Mo with disdain.

Everyone was an elite in this industry, and they certainly knew that this figure was completely impossible.

It was in the midst of such uproar that a pale old voice expressed a different view.

“I think that this data, Mr. Lin, should not be faked!”

Hearing these words, everyone turned their heads to look.

The person who spoke was none other than the divine Doctor Xue from Guang Province.

Divine Doctor Xue was also a big name in the medical industry in the southern six provinces.

He suddenly stood up to speak for Lin Mo, which naturally drew a shock from the crowd at the scene.

However, someone soon rebuked angrily, “Xue, how much money did Xu Pharmaceutical pay you, and how dare you say such unconscionable words?”

“We hang pots and pans to help the world, only to universalize all beings, how can you disregard the bottom line just for the sake of money?”

“Heh, what kind of miracle doctor, I think they are all in the eyes of money!”

“Ai, I really didn’t expect that even the divine doctor Xue has degenerated so much, the world is really deteriorating, the hearts of the people are not ancient!”

The crowd continued to mock, and some even started to insult him outright.

Divine Doctor Xue was so angry that his face turned red, but he still insisted, “I believe Mr. Lin, he wouldn’t lie!”

A man next to him sneered, “There’s no point in you believing it!”

“The eyes of the masses are discerning, we all don’t believe it, how can you alone change everyone’s opinion?”

Another person also said, “Yes, look at the scene, you are the only one who speaks for him, who else can you find to speak for him?”

“Divine Doctor Xue, you are so old, you have to love your reputation.”

“Don’t be so close to going into the dirt and then give yourself a whole reputation of cursing, why bother?”

The crowd burst into laughter.

Divine Doctor Xue was so angry that he couldn’t say a word.

Qian Yong’an also sneered, “Don’t get excited, everyone.”

“After all, Divine Doctor Xue is from Guang Province and it’s normal to support the enterprises in your own province.”

“However, I still say that.”

“The most crucial thing for us in this industry is that we must still have a conscience.”

“Medical practitioners are parents, no matter what, we can’t ignore our conscience!”

These words immediately caused a roar of support from the crowd.

He had been famous before Qian Yong’an, but now he was being trolled by Qian Yong’an like this, how could he stand it?

However, he couldn’t even retort now.

After all, he was all alone!

At that moment, another voice rang out from the crowd, “I don’t think that Mr. Lin’s figures are fake!”

At this moment, the whole room fell silent.

No one had expected that someone would still speak for Lin Mo in this situation?

The crowd turned their heads to look, only to see an old man standing in the crowd.

“This …… is Hai Cheng Lu Sanzhen!?”

Someone exclaimed.

This old man was none other than Hai Cheng Divine Doctor Lu Sanzhen!

Previously at the Southern Six Provinces Medical Conference, he had lost to Lin Mo, and moreover, he had lost heartily!

He also believed in Lin Mo’s medical skills, and that was why he had stood up to speak for Lin Mo.

Moreover, if Lu Sanzhen spoke for Lin Mo, it would carry more weight than Divine Doctor Xue.

After all, Lui Sanzhen’s medical skills and status were both somewhat stronger than that of Divine Doctor Xue.

Plus, Lui Sanzhen wasn’t from Guang Province, so he was a bit more convincing too!