Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1597

Hearing these words, Duke Wan couldn’t help but stare.

He hurriedly said sharply, “Second uncle, why do we …… want to deal with Lin Mo?”

Wan Zifeng glared at him, “What kind of words do you call that?”

“Why can’t we deal with Lin Mo?”

“If I remember correctly, Lin Mo was very disrespectful to you before.”

“Didn’t you talk about chopping off both of his claws a long time ago?”

“Now what do you mean by that?”

“Could it be that you still intend to help him?”

Duke Wan’s face swelled red, “Second Uncle, that’s not what I meant.”

“But didn’t we already say that when we came here?”

“We only came here this time to ask the divine doctor to return and cure grandpa.”

“As for other matters, we will not get involved.”

“The fight between Wan Chun Tang and Xu Pharmaceutical also has nothing to do with us, and we will definitely not take sides!”

“You are now dealing with Lin Mo, this …… is breaking our previous rules!”

Wan Zifeng directly waved his hand, “This is not breaking the rules.”

“I’m dealing with Lin Mo, but also to invite the divine doctor back to treat the old man’s illness.”

“Divine Doctor Qian has already promised that as long as the launch of Wan Chun Tang goes smoothly this time, he will be able to free up his time and go and treat the old master.”

“Today, Lin Mo is definitely going to come and ruin this launch.”

“Therefore, we will have to stop Lin Mo and help Divine Doctor Qian stabilise this launch, understand?”

The other Wan Family members nodded their heads.

Duke Wan, on the other hand, was a little hesitant, “Second Uncle, is this appropriate?”

“What happens to the launch, that is after all the business of Wan Chun Tang and Xu Pharmaceutical, it has nothing to do with us.”

“If we step in to stop Lin Mo, then …… that would be like taking sides with Wan Chun Tang.”

“Don’t you forget that this Lin Mo is a divine doctor himself.”

“If Divine Doctor Qian can’t save grandpa, we still have to invite Lin Mo back for treatment.”

“If we offend Lin Mo here, then …… how can we ask Lin Mo for help in the future?”

Wan Zifeng snorted outright, “What kind of bullshit divine doctor is Lin Mo?”

“In front of Divine Doctor Qian, he’s not even worthy of mentioning his shoes!”

“If even Divine Doctor Qian can’t cure the old man, do you think that this trash Lin Mo, he can cure the old man?”

Duke Wan’s brow furrowed as what Wan Zifeng said made him feel a little upset in his heart.

“Second Uncle, Lin Mo is the number one divine doctor in the Southern Six Provinces after all.”

“The last time the Southern Six Provinces Medical Conference was held, Lin Mo had achieved the first place, it was recognized!”

Duke Wan said in a deep voice.

In fact, what he had in mind was more than anything else, he was still thinking about that ice cube from before.

Lin Mo had never even met his grandfather, yet he knew that the ice cube could save his life, this was enough to show that Lin Mo was not simple.

In Duke Wan’s heart, although he was resentful of Lin Mo, he still admired Lin Mo’s medical skills.

He was more inclined to invite Lin Mo back to treat his illness.

Wan Zifeng smiled disdainfully, “What the number one divine doctor in the six southern provinces is simply a name that is not worthy of the name!”

“How did he get this divine doctor’s name, don’t you still know it in your heart?”

“Don’t you forget that this Lin Mo, is the heir of Nanba Tian.”

“And that medical exchange meeting was held in Guangyang City.”

“Is it hard to have one’s heir become the number one divine doctor in the six southern provinces on Nanba Tian’s turf?”

Duke Wan froze for a moment, “This …… how could this be shady?”

“Those who were there were all the big families in the six southern provinces, even including big names like Lu Sanzhen of Hai Cheng.”

Wan Zifeng said directly, “So what?”

“Nanba Tian, that’s a big man who can directly arm wrestle with Master Xue Wu.”

“Those divine doctors, can’t they still resist Nanba Tian?”

“I know what you’re thinking, but I’m telling you, there are no shortcuts in the way of medicine.”

“Lin Mo, that milquetoast brat, how can his medical skills compare to God Doctor Qian’s?”