Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1593

At these words, the whole crowd was in an uproar.

Huo Hua, it was too strong, wasn’t it?

Although many people did not know Wan Zifeng’s identity, but, to have the top ten families in Su Province greet him personally, he was certainly not a simple person.

Wan Zifeng was furious, “Zhang Ye, you’re too arrogant!”

“Good, I will let you see today, the family martial arts of my Wan Family!”

After Wan Zifeng finished speaking, he directly jumped down from the first floor.

Many people around the area cried out in shock, many of them were ordinary people, where had they ever seen such a spectacle before?

Lin Mo watched from afar, after Wan Zifeng landed, he didn’t even make the slightest sound.

Lin Mo’s heart was shocked, this Wan Zifeng’s internal strength had reached the level of an ascent to the top!

With such strength, it was estimated to be a little stronger than even Zhao Tianyuan!

Huo Hua wanted to defeat him within ten moves, was this possible?

Wan Zifeng quickly rushed in front of Huo Hua and threw a head-on punch that struck Huo Hua straight in the face.

Fire Hua’s body did not move, and with a casual palm, he caught his fist directly.

The incoming punch was like hitting a steel plate, Fire Wah’s arm didn’t move at all, blocking his full force!

Wan Zifeng’s face changed, he did not expect that Huo Hua’s strength was so strong.

He quickly changed his stance and in the blink of an eye, he went around behind Huo Hua and threw a few more punches.

Without turning around, it was as if Huo Hua had eyes behind his back, easily blocking all his attacks.

The crowd counted the number of moves and soon reached the eighth.

Wan Zifeng could already see that there was a huge gap between himself and Huo Hua.

Therefore, he also simply stopped attacking and quickly retreated, trying to dodge away from Huo Hua’s side.

As long as he survived ten moves, he would be considered a winner!

However, he had just withdrawn less than three steps when Huo Hua rushed up with a fierce arrow step.

Without waiting for him to react, Huo Hua snapped his wrist.

Wan Zifeng hurriedly used his grappling hand to try to reverse the hold.

But he was a step too slow, as Huo Hua pulled Wan Zifeng in front of him.

Before Wan Zifeng could regain his senses, Huo Hua had already grabbed him by the collar and lifted him up, slamming him heavily onto a nearby table.

Wan Zifeng was thrown into a heap, and although his injuries were not serious, the blow caused him to lose face.

He almost didn’t pass out from anger.

The people next to him hurriedly helped Wan Zifeng up.

For his part, Huo Hua did not even look at him and calmly said, “Nine moves, you have lost!”

Wan Zifeng gritted his teeth, unable to utter a single word.

From afar, Lin Mo watched all this, his heart shocked to the core.

Once again, he was certain that when Huo Hua had fought him earlier, he had been completely merciful.

Otherwise, with Huo Hua’s strength, he would have absolutely killed him in seconds!

Wan Zifeng was helped down, and the Crown Prince looked at Qian Yong’an smugly, “How was that?”

“Should we let your nephew down, or should we tear down this venue?”

Qian Yong’an’s face was blue and he didn’t know what to say for a moment.

Letting Qian Liangwen go and park the car, the Qian family’s face would definitely be finished.

However, if Qian Liangwen was not allowed to park the car, then today’s launch would also be completely finished.

However, in the end, for the sake of the launch, the Qian family head still went upstairs and let Qian Liangwen come out.

Qian Liangwen’s face was blue and full of indignation.

He had never dreamed that he would end up in this situation after just bullying the down-and-out Chen Baiyu.

He had just walked over to the Prince’s car when he saw Chen Baiyu sitting in the car, looking at him with a smile.

“Brother Qian, sorry for the hard work!”

“A few cars over here, I’m afraid I’ll have to trouble you!”

Chen Baiyu said with a smile.

Qian Liangwen hit his eyes and saw a dozen cars parked behind him.

He almost didn’t pass out from anger.

He had thought that there was only one car, but to his surprise, he was allowed to park so many?

Did they really treat him like a security guard?