Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1582

Lin Mo stood by the side filled with suspicion, quietly observing.

Only to see the heads of the ten great families walking to the entrance, they stood directly at the gate and waited.

This was a situation that was even more shocking.

For the family heads of the ten great families to have to stand at the entrance and wait, the identity of the person coming, that was really not simple!

At this moment, there were already people whispering, could it really be that Fifth Master Xue had arrived?

Just as the crowd was talking, a few cars drove up to the gate.

These cars, all looking rather low-key, did not have any special feel to them.

When Lin Mo saw the license plate numbers, his brows immediately furrowed.

The license plates of these cars were all from the capital of the Southeast Province.

And in the capital of the southeastern province, there really was a behemoth, the Wan family, one of the ten largest families in China!

At this moment, Lin Mo finally knew what was going on.

It wasn’t that Master Xue Wu had come, but that the Wan Family had sent someone!

The Fifth Master, Xue, had not come to stand up for Wan Chun Tang.

However, the Wan Family had sent someone, which made Lin Mo’s heart a little upset.

By doing so, the Wan Family was supporting Wan Chun Tang!

Before the dust of the Recycle Pill had settled, it would be too much for the Wan Family to do so, right?

The other people, who did not know about the Wan Family, were all talking and wondering what was going on here.

At that moment, a group of people came down from those cars.

At the head of the group was a middle-aged man in his forties or fifties, with an arrogant face and eyes that looked askance, as if he didn’t put anyone in his eyes.

When Zhao Tianyuan saw him, he immediately took a step forward and extended his hand, “Mr. Wan, how are you!”

“We meet again!”

The middle-aged man, named Wan Zifeng, was the close brother of the Wan family head, the second uncle of Duke Wan, and held an extremely respectable position in the Wan family.

He casually shook hands with Zhao Tianyuan and nodded to a few other people as a greeting.

Even so, the family heads of the ten largest families in Suzhou Province did not feel the slightest bit of slackness.

The Wan family’s people were themselves a head above the heads of the Ten Great Families!

Wan Zifeng greeted Qian Yong’an separately again to show his respect for this divine doctor.

This made Qian Yong’an quite proud of himself.

After that, the Wan family members, accompanied by the ten great family heads, walked into the launch site.

Lin Mo stood in the crowd, and he caught a glimpse of the Wan Gongzi who had once crossed paths with him.

Looking at this young master of the Wan family, Lin Mo was rather speechless.

People from the Wan family were all very rambunctious.

After a fight last time, the Wan Gongzi regarded him as a sworn enemy.

I didn’t expect that such an enemy would meet again today, it was quite awkward!

Luckily, Lin Mo had dressed up in disguise and Duke Wan didn’t recognise him.

In fact, Duke Wan had walked all the way here without looking at anyone, and hadn’t even looked at anyone directly.

Instead, his cousin, who was beside him, was charming and had flirtatious eyes, attracting the fiery gazes of many young men around.

Of course, with Duke Wan’s good looks, she even attracted the eyes of countless girls.

Even Zhou Ling, too, looked without batting an eye.

It was only when Duke Wan went upstairs that Zhou Ling lowered her head with intent.

“I really didn’t expect that there would be such a good-looking man in the world!”

Zhou Ling whispered.

When Lin Mo saw her like this, he couldn’t help but smile, “What? Fancy him?”

Zhou Ling blushed and immediately waved her hands, “Which …… which ……”

“I …… I just think he’s too good looking.”

“Seriously, he …… is so good looking he doesn’t even look like a guy.”

“If this were a female, he would definitely turn people upside down!”

Lin Mo laughed, “But he’s a guy.”

“That’s also enough to turn people upside down!”

Zhou Ling laughed: “This kind of man is the real pain!”

Lin Mo: “Why?”

Zhou Ling whispered, “Look at the way he was walking just now, without looking away.”

“He, ah, must not be able to look at the mere mortals in this world.”