Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1568

Several of the guards laughed loudly and praised the captain for his foresight.

While the crowd was talking, they didn’t notice that not far away from them, there was a youth wearing a duck-tongue cap, who had listened to everything they said.

This youth was none other than Lin Mo.

He had received news that Chen Baiyu would be coming to Dynasty International tonight, so he planned to come here to meet him.

After listening to these security guards’ conversation, he also knew the purpose of Chen Baiyu’s visit here.

However, it was no wonder.

Chen Baiyu had died of his father and had fallen into such a desperate state, so he had probably lost all his thoughts long ago.

Now, his girlfriend, his engaged fiancée, was hooking up with someone else, so could he not be angry?

It seems that Chen Baiyu is planning to fight to the death tonight, not to die!

Lin Mo pretended that everything had nothing to do with him and walked straight into Dynasty International.

He walked into Dynasty International and saw Chen Baiyu from afar.

Chen Baiyu was much more haggard than before, and his entire body was estimated to have lost more than twenty pounds.

His eyes were bloodshot and he was going upstairs.

Lin Mo followed quietly behind him, not letting him discover himself.

Chen Baiyu arrived at the third floor, here, was where those fops from the ten families often came.

Along the corridor, he walked to the private room at the end.

Chen Baiyu took a deep breath and violently pushed the door and walked in.

In the room, there were a dozen men and women who were partying.

On the main seat of the sofa, there was a man and woman cuddled together, kissing pa*sionately.

Chen Baiyu smoothly turned on all the lights in the room, and turned off all the sound from the stereo.

At this moment, the revelry of the people inside the house immediately stopped and everyone looked towards the door.

These people inside the house, Chen Baiyu knew all of them, were none other than the fops of the ten families.

In the past, Chen Baiyu was also one of them, and moreover, the one with the most exalted status.

When these people in the room saw Chen Baiyu, they all had to respectfully call out to him as Young Chen.

Now, when these people saw Chen Baiyu, a hint of disdain and even mockery wiped across their faces.

Chen Baiyu did not care about these people, his gaze was fixed on the man and woman on the main seat of the sofa.

The man was none other than Qian Liangwen of the Qian family, the current young master of the Qian family, the heir to the Qian family!

The woman, on the other hand, was none other than Chen Baiyu’s fiancee, Xue Yuting!

Chen Baiyu and Xue Yuting are considered childhood friends, his father and Xue Yuting’s father are close friends and they grew up together.

Chen Baiyu is the kind of man who is particularly devoted to his family, and as the youngest of the Chen family, he is surrounded by many beautiful women.

But Chen Baiyu had never even looked at another woman in the eye.

In his heart, there was only Xue Yuting.

The two of them were childhood sweethearts and were very close, and from the very beginning, Chen Baiyu was sure of Xue Yuting in his heart.

He had never touched Xue Yuting for so long, out of respect for her.

But he never dreamed that the woman he loved, whom he could not even touch, was now sitting in the arms of another man, kissing him pa*sionately.

Moreover, the most crucial thing was. A month ago, Xue Yuting was still making out with him.

It had only been a short month, but Xue Yuting had immediately fallen into the arms of another man? What’s more, it had developed so quickly?

Chen Baiyu only felt that his heart was about to split open, this pain could almost be compared to the pain he felt when his father died!

After a moment of silence, Qian Liangwen spoke up first, “Aiyo, so it’s Young Chen?”

“What’s up? Come here for something?”

When he spoke, Xue Yuting was still sitting in his arms. And his hand, too, recklessly reached inside Xue Yuting’s clothes, stroking her important parts over and over again.

Xue Yuting had no intention of stopping it, but on the contrary, she was still hugging Qian Liangwen tightly, as if she was enjoying the feeling.