Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1553

Inside the house, the rat, Uncle Liu, was so frightened that he could not utter a word.

The two of them did not know the identities of Ma Tiancheng and Li Ying, but such a big scene was enough to make them both tremble with fear.

Lin Mo’s expression was calm as he slowly walked to the courtyard and laughed lightly, “Not many people have come!”

“I thought you could call in a few thousand people, but to my surprise, it’s only a few hundred.”

Li Shun looked annoyed and shouted, “Damn it, just trash like you, you still need a few thousand people?”

“A few hundred of me would have been enough!”

Lin Mo snorted, “Is it that you don’t need to use them, or are you calling for them not to come?”

“Li Shun, you’re a landlord, and you’re doing an average job!”

“What, not enough funds, can’t call anyone?”

“It looks like you haven’t made much money working for Wanchun Hall, have you?”

Li Shun’s face changed slightly, he frowned at Lin Mo, his voice slightly trembled: “You …… how do you know about Wan Chun Tang?”

Lin Mo: “Colluded with the top ten families in Su Province, seduced the wife of that project manager of Xu Pharmaceutical, and used that project manager to steal the secret recipe of Xu Pharmaceutical’s rejuvenation pills and give it to Wan Chun Tang.”

“Then, sent someone to create a car accident and kill that project manager.”

“And, capture that project manager’s wife and swallow the $80 million transferred to her.”

“All these things, do you really think you’re doing it in secrecy?”

Inside the room, Ma Tiancheng and Li Ying were directly scared silly.

After hearing Lin Mo’s words, they both finally knew what had happened.

Ma Tiancheng had only recently learned that Lin Mo was using the agency of the Recycle Pill to take down the Ten Families.

Although he did not know what exactly was going on with this Recycle Pill, he knew that it was extremely important.

Now, Li Shun had even colluded with Wan Chun Tang, stealing the secret recipe of the Recycle Pill and giving it to Wan Chun Tang, this was moving Lin Mo’s root ah.

No wonder Lin Mo had to treat Li Shun so badly this time, this incident was not just a matter of personal hatred.

Li Shun, this is simply a heinous crime!

Ma Tiancheng said indignantly, “Li Ying, Li Ying, what a good brother you’ve taught him!”

“Look at what he’s done, it’s not enough to die a thousand times ten thousand times!”

Li Ying’s face was pale, but she still held on to a trace of illusion: “This …… may not necessarily be my brother’s doing either ……”

“Master Tiger, I …… my brother must have been wronged, how could he have done such a thing?”

“How about sending someone to investigate again, could it be that someone deliberately planted evidence to frame my brother?”

Ma Tiancheng flung his hand and slapped Li Ying across the face, “It’s already this time, and you’re still speaking for him!”

“Master Lin personally said this matter, do you think, can this still be false?”

Li Ying gritted her teeth, she was still a little reluctant.

Laohu smiled lightly without saying anything: “Sister-in-law, don’t worry.”

“My brother Lin always knows right from wrong when he does something!”

“If your brother didn’t do it, he definitely wouldn’t have wronged your brother!”

Outside, Li Shun’s face also became embarrassed.

All of these things Lin Mo said were all done by him.

But the problem was, he had done it in secrecy, so how on earth did Lin Mo know about it?

“What the hell are you …… you?”

“How do you know all these things?”

Li Shun said urgently.

Hearing this, Li Ying’s body shook and almost didn’t faint.

When Li Shun said this, it was basically like admitting these things!

Ma Tiancheng was also sitting paralyzed in his chair, he knew that this time, things had gone too far.

He was Li Shun’s brother-in-law, Li Shun’s backer, and he couldn’t get away from this incident!

Lin Mo: “Li Shun, ah Li Shun, you really have no eyes!”

“You stole the formula of my Xu Pharmaceutical’s Recycle Pill, and you don’t even know who I am?”

Li Shun froze for a moment, then his eyes widened, “You …… are Lin Mo!?”