Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1550

Looking at the short man’s miserable appearance, Li Shun’s face also changed.

He was finally starting to look at Lin Mo squarely.

“I really didn’t expect that you were still a practitioner!”

Li Shun gritted his teeth and said.

Lin Mo smiled, “What? You’re scared now?”

Li Shun was extremely angry: “I’m afraid?”

“Heh, I’m afraid that you’ll die too quickly!”

“Do you know that this is Laozi’s territory.”

“Just one phone call from me, and I can call thousands of people, and one person spitting will drown you!”

Lin Mo: “Is that so?”

“Then call someone now, before you run out of chances later!”

Li Shun did not expect that Lin Mo would dare to speak like that in such a situation.

He was furious and waved his hand violently, “D*mn it, come together, kill this b*****d for me!”

Hearing this, the few men beside Li Shun immediately rushed up and surrounded Lin Mo in the middle.

These men were all Li Shun’s bodyguards and retired mercenaries who had been hired by Li Shun at a high price.

Seeing the short man being knocked away just now, they did not dare to underestimate Lin Mo.

These few men took out their daggers from their bodies and stared at Lin Mo with an unkind gaze, looking for an opportunity to strike a fatal blow.

Lin Mo was calm, as he picked up a chopstick in his hand and swept his gaze across the crowd, laughing lightly, “It’s not too late to run!”

The crowd was astonished, confused as to why Lin Mo was holding a chopstick.

However, hearing Lin Mo’s belittling words, the crowd was also enraged.

They winked at each other and pounced on Lin Mo from several directions at the same time, daggers in their hands, all stabbing towards several fatal locations on Lin Mo’s body.

Lin Mo took a step back, easily avoiding the deadly attacks of these men.

At the same time, he waved his backhand and stabbed the chopstick in his hand directly into the wrist of the man on his left.

In Lin Mo’s hand, the chopsticks were like a sharp dagger, directly piercing this man’s wrist.

The man screamed in agony and staggered backwards, covering his wrist.

Lin Mo didn’t hesitate and grabbed the chopsticks and continued to charge forward, instantly piercing the wrists of two other men.

Now, there were still two people left, but these two were already stunned.

They didn’t expect that an ordinary chopstick, in Lin Mo’s hands, would have such lethal power!

As for that Li Shun, he was even more dumbfounded.

And Lin Mo didn’t pause as he struck again, bringing the remaining two down to the ground as well.

In the end, none of the six men Li Shun had brought in were still standing.

Li Shun looked at his men who had fallen to the ground and wailed, and his face instantly turned blue.

He knew that he had really met a tough fighter this time.

When he saw Lin Mo looking at him, Li Shun was scared to death.

He fiercely jumped out of the window that had just been shattered and shouted, “Someone! Someone come!”

There were still thirty to forty people outside, guarding the outside, mainly to prevent Lin Mo from escaping.

Hearing Li Shun’s shout, they ran over, these people still didn’t know what had happened.

When Li Shun saw these men, he felt slightly more at ease.

However, he did not dare to let these men go against Lin Mo.

Just now, Lin Mo’s strike was too terrifying, and he did not know if these 30 to 40 men could be Lin Mo’s opponent.

Li Shun looked at Lin Mo inside the room and shouted, “Kid, if you have the guts, you can wait here!”

Lin Mo sneered, “Don’t worry, I won’t leave.”

“Hurry up and go call someone, call as many as you can.”

Li Shun gritted his teeth and left more than twenty men to stand guard here while he hurriedly ran out to gather his men!

He had never suffered such a loss before, and his years of arrogance and conceit had made him not even consider what Lin Mo’s identity really was, he only wanted to kill him now to take revenge.

At this time, Lin Mo also received a call from Tiger, who had already taken Ma Tiancheng and the others into Fangchuan County.