Medical Genius Unspeakable Marriage Chapter 1541

When the rat saw this, he was only frightened and sweated, and he hurriedly said, “Brother Long, Brother Long, don’t, don’t push them down.”

“Please, please, let them go, I …… I’m all here, you let them go ……”

Yellow hair arrogantly tilted his head and smiled, “Begging me?”

“Mouse, this is your attitude of begging me?”

“Standing so high to talk to me, this is called begging me?”

Rat’s face changed slightly, he directly fell to his knees with a poof and said in a trembling voice, “Brother Dragon, I …… my fault, I shouldn’t have stood up to talk to you.”

“You let them go, I …… I’m kowtowing to you, I’m kowtowing to you ……”

Saying that, the rat really kept kowtowing.

Yellow hair was full of smugness and laughed, “See, I told you, this kid will definitely kowtow to me!”

“Well? Are you convinced now?”

The crowd around them all burst into laughter.

The rat, however, couldn’t care less about the slightest embarrassment and just trembled and begged.

Although this was only the first floor, Timothy was so weak that he couldn’t withstand it.

Liu Bo was so old, if he really fell down, the result would be hard to say.

Huang Mao laughed for a moment and glanced at Lin Mo again, “Outlander, you two are still quite close?”

“I thought you wouldn’t dare to come!”

“How about it, do you want to see me perform an overhead throw for you?”

“If you want to see it, keep standing and I’ll have them show you in a minute.”

“If you don’t want to see it, then get on your fucking knees!”

The last sentence, Yellow Hair roared out directly at Lin Mo.

All the people around him also shouted loudly at the same time, “Kneel down!”

The rat shivered in fear and subconsciously kowtowed again.

Lin Mo was calm as he looked at Huang Mao: “Making me kneel down? What gives you the right!”

Huang Mao laughed outright, “On what grounds?”

“Fuck you, in Fangchuan County, what the fuck are you asking me on?”

“On the basis that my elder brother is Li Shun, and my elder brother’s elder brother is Ma Tiancheng, the underground big brother of Guang Province, is that enough?”

Lin Mo shook his head, “Not enough!”

“Even if Ma Tiancheng was here, he wouldn’t dare to speak like that!”

Yellow Hair was furious, “How dare you be rude to Master Ma?”

“Fuck, if I don’t cut you into eighteen pieces today, I won’t have the fucking face to see Big Brother!”

“Now, I’ll give you a chance first, kneel down for me right now.”

“Otherwise, I’ll push them both down the stairs.”

“I’m only going to count to three, one ……”

He had just said a number when Lin Mo suddenly moved.

He rushed in front of Huang Mao with a single arrow step, and before anyone could react, Lin Mo had already snapped Huang Mao’s neck.

At the same time, Lin Mo took out a dagger from Huang Mao’s pocket with one hand and aimed this dagger at Huang Mao’s neck.

The whole process was like lightning, no one had reacted and Huang Mao had already been restrained.

The next few people finally came back to their senses and saw the situation, and one by one they all looked at each other, not knowing what to do.

Huang Mao was also taken aback, but he still stuck his neck out, “Damn, you still dare to fight back?”

“Hmph, I don’t believe you dare to do anything to me!”

“Throw those two goods down to me!”

“If you have the guts, you get me killed!”

Without waiting for the people upstairs to make a move, Lin Mo pushed his dagger forward some, directly piercing Yellow Hair’s skin, blood flowing out along his neck.

Huang Mao’s face changed as he ate the pain.

He didn’t expect that Lin Mo would actually dare to do it!

“Who the fuck are you scaring?”

“I’m telling you, if anything happens to me today, my big brother will definitely not let you off!”

Huang Mao roared.

Lin Mo didn’t say anything either, and suddenly grabbed Huang Mao’s ear, cut one of his ears off hard and threw it on the ground.

“Does this count as three long and two short?”

Lin Mo asked with a cold smile.