His Secret Lover Chapter 95-96

Chapter 95


After a couple of seconds, Mo Bao at the back slowly put his little legs back and sat like Little Curmudgeon Huo Yin.

Why does the little curmudgeon always sit like that, dare I say, it’s all because of what this stinky daddy taught him.

Mo Bao let out a sigh.

Fortunately, after he corrected his sitting posture, Daddy didn’t say anything else until father and son finally returned to Repulse Bay.

“Little Young Master is back, are you hungry? Auntie Wang has made you some of your favourite pastries, shall I go and get you some?”

“Yes, thank you Aunt Wang.”

Mo Bao immediately smiled and agreed, that bright little face was like a little sun, looking at Auntie Wang dumbfounded.

Was the young master smiling at her?

My goodness, the young master actually smiled! So the young master could smile, it was so beautiful!

Sister Wang was so surprised that she immediately ran to the kitchen to get the snacks, and when Mo Bao saw her go, he also carried his little schoolbag into the villa, ready to go back to his room on the first floor.

He had to go and call Huo Yin, he had already called when he was in the car just now, he was worried about being heard by daddy and then cut off.

“Huo Yin, where are you going? Not changing?”


Mo Bao, who was climbing up the stairs, could only stop again, his pair of pretty moon-like eyes looking dumbly at daddy.

Change clothes?

What kind of clothes?

Mo Bao didn’t understand what daddy meant by this.

But in reality, he would probably understand if he knew that Huo Yin had been raised to be almost demanding of his own personal hygiene in this household because of Daddy’s severe cleanliness fetish.

“Still ah what? Didn’t you used to have to go to the disinfection room when you went to your room to step your change of own clothes on? What’s wrong with today? Even that’s forgotten.”

Huo Sijiu also felt strange, what was wrong with this son today? Why so many abnormalities?

Mo Bao was creeped out!

The disinfection room?

That little curmudgeon actually has a sterilisation room in the house?

Mo Bao was really defeated, so he had no choice but to come back down the stairs with his little legs: “Sorry, daddy, I forgot, I’ll be right there.”

Then the little one carried his little school bag and only then went to the disinfection room again.

Huo Sijiu: “……”

At this time, Sister Wang came out with the pastries, seeing this scene, she came over, “Sir, what’s wrong?”

Huo Siji frowned, wanting to say something, but in the end, after looking at the small figure that had passed, he still didn’t make a sound, and then went upstairs.

Ten minutes later, Mo Bao, who had finally returned to his room on the first floor, took his phone watch and called Huo Yin.

“Hello, Huo Yin?”

“Brother, brother, it’s not good, mommy is taking us back to Kriel, brother Huo Yin has ignored people oh.”

I didn’t expect that the person who answered the phone was actually Baby RuoRuo, and after she heard her brother’s voice on the phone, she immediately told MoBao about it in a milky and eager voice.

Mommy is taking them away? Why?

Mo Bao was really anxious, and immediately, he asked, “Why? Why does Mummy want to take us back?”

“Because she thought brother Yin was you, brother Yin went to the hospital, was dragged by a professor grandfather to check, and then found brother Yin’s body has a lot of diseases, Mommy is sad, thought it was brother you Oh, so, she wants to take us back to Kriel, to cure you!”

The little girl, don’t look at her usually dumb and naive, but when she described the matter, she didn’t expect to be very clear in her organization.

When Mo Bao finished listening, her little face changed!

“How did it get like this? No, in that case, I have to hurry back.”

“Yes, yes, I also think you need to come over quickly, you don’t even know, brother Yin has locked himself in his room for a long time, mommy won’t even call him out.”

Ruo Ruo baby was again on the phone while looking at the still closed door of the room and agreeing with her brother.

At this time, indeed, there was no other way but for Mo Bao to go back.

So Mo Bao admonished his sister over the phone, telling her to console Huo Yin first, and then he would find a chance to go over right away and explain the matter to his mommy.

It seemed that there was really no way to hide the matter.

After Mo Bao hung up the phone, he was suddenly in a slightly irritable mood.

But unexpectedly, at this time, Huo Sijiu came up. After seeing the door closed, he paced to the door and stretched out his long fingers to snap it: “Huo Yin, what are you doing?”

“Ah? Daddy, not doing anything, I’m playing in my room.”

Mo Bao heard daddy’s voice and hurriedly gathered himself before running over and opening the door to his room.

“Daddy, why are you up here? Are you looking for me for something?”


Looking at this smiling little face, Huo Sijiu always had a feeling of discomfort.

This brat, when did he learn to smile? Didn’t he always have a cold and icy look before? At only five years old, even a slightly vivid expression was rarely seen on his little face, not to mention a smile.

So what’s going on now?

Huo Sijiu gazed at this bright little face for a while before he frowned and said, “Well, I came to tell you that from tomorrow onwards, that doctor’s aunt won’t be coming over.”


Chapter 96

“Why?” Murbaugh immediately opened his crescent-shaped eyes wide.

Mummy wouldn’t be coming over?

What was the reason for this? Was it because she didn’t want to come over, or was it because this daddy wouldn’t let her come?

Mo Bao felt that it should be a little more likely in the latter case.

Sure enough, after seeing his rhetorical question, Huo Sijiu, who was standing in front of him looking down at him, immediately showed a hint of impatience on his handsome face: “If you don’t come, you don’t come, where’s the reason for that?”

“Then you don’t want her to come, daddy, are you still angry because of the hospital matter? Let me tell you, you really can’t blame Auntie for this, I was the one who called Auntie, I thought you were too busy daddy, so I asked her to take me to the hospital, daddy don’t be angry.”

Mo Bao was still trying to explain, he only found out about this when he heard Huo Yin’s message later in the kindergarten, and always thought that this was the reason why daddy was angry.

He was “sick”, but he didn’t inform him first, but informed his mommy.

But I didn’t expect that when he finished his explanation, Daddy’s handsome face got even uglier!

“What am I angry about? I’m talking to you now about this matter, from tomorrow onwards, Uncle Lin will take you to school every day, and Auntie Wang will also take care of you at home.”

“What? Uncle Lin?”

When Mo Bao heard this, all of a sudden, a small face was also a little upset.

He actually asked Uncle Lin to send Huo Yin to marry kindergarten every day?

So, in that case, he really wasn’t going to let mummy come over? How could he do this? Is he still being reasonable?

The two of them, Wen Qimo and Huo Yin, didn’t know how much brainstorming they had done to get him to be with mommy, and they even switched their positions.

But he was good enough to say that he didn’t want her to come, so he didn’t want her to come.

Does he know how much of a misunderstanding Mummy has now created because of this incident? She thought it was he, Murbaugh, who was sick and was feeling too guilty to forgive herself.

Why was he like this? Why was he so unreasonable?

Mo Bao was angry too, and he stood in front of his daddy with his little fists clenched, a smile finally no longer on his little face, which was filled with anger.

“Daddy, do you know that you’re really annoying?”

“What do you mean? Annoying?”

“Yes, I want to like you, but look at yourself, you throw tantrums and bully people at every turn, no one would like a daddy like that, and neither would I!!!”

A particularly sad and disappointed child, with red eyes, said all this in one go, and the next second, he turned around and slammed the door of the room with a bang.

Huo Sijiu was stunned for a moment.

He probably didn’t expect this little thing to suddenly snap at him, and it was a long speech he had never heard before.

What did you mean by wanting to like him?

He hadn’t liked him before? He was his daddy, why didn’t he like him? What was wrong with him? Why did he suddenly seem like a different person today?

Huo Sijiu was furious again.

But in the end, because the child had already closed the door, he held back, thinking that later, when his anger had subsided, he would come back to communicate with him and talk about the problem.

Wen Shuxu, look what you’ve done!

This man actually left thinking that his son’s sudden change in temperament was caused by Wen Xuoxu.

The two children are now in the same room.

Ruo Ruo baby has been silent, but she still goes to the closed door of that room from time to time to look at it, brother said, to let her keep an eye on brother Yin at all times.

He must not let anything happen to him.

Then the little girl really did watch Brother Yin very dutifully.

Well, after Mommy looked on the computer for a while, probably because the weather was too cold this time of year, there were actually not many tickets for the flight to Kriel, so in the end Wen Xuxu could only turn off the computer in a bummer way.

“Ruo Ruo, what are you doing? Where’s brother?”

“Ah? I’m not sure if it’s a good idea. Baby RuoRuo was still more concerned about this and asked immediately after seeing her mother finally come out.

Wen Xuoxu shook her head, “No, maybe in a couple of days, has brother not come out yet?”

Wen Xuoxu asked one more time.

After Huo Yin came back and locked himself into his room, Wen Xuxu actually went to coax him, but I don’t know why? The previous very reasonable and obedient son.

This day, actually no matter how she called, there was no sound inside.

Was it because Mummy had found out the secret that he was sick? The actual fact is that you’ll be able to find out more about the actual actual actuality that you’re going to be able to get a lot of people.

Wen Shuxu thought so, and felt another hard feeling in her heart, like a knife cutting.


“No, brother is sick, he must go back, it’s okay, mommy will cook first, after we eat, mommy will have a good talk with brother, he will agree.”

Wen Xuoxu comforted her daughter and then went into the kitchen to cook.

Wen Xuoxu did have confidence in her son because he had been very reasonable since he was a child, and she believed that if she talked to him properly, it would be fine.

However, she didn’t expect that she would be cooking for just one meal, and by the time she came out of the kitchen again and took the key to the door, there was actually no one in the room.