His Secret Lover Chapter 89-90

Chapter 89

These comments, by definition, were nothing.

A person who no longer had any relationship and still looked at each other, no matter what she did, he should not react and would be indifferent and ignore it.

However, what made Lin Ziyang feel bad was…

His CEO was in an unusual mood today!

“Personally chucking the food?”

“No …… it shouldn’t be like that ……”

“So this is the purpose of her visit today, very good, Wen Shuxu, I really underestimated you, I haven’t seen you for five years, you have actually learned the skill of hooking up!”

He was so sharp that every line in his angular features went cold, and between his chilling eyebrows, there was only a shadowy hostility left.

Lin Ziyang couldn’t say this back to him.

Because he felt that these words were really too heavy and hard to hear, and how that girl did not look like the kind of person he was talking about.

“President, you calm down first, I think …… Miss Wen she should not be such a person, otherwise, I go to her now? Let her come over and give you a clear explanation?”

“Why should I let her come over? She came all dirty on my floor!”

I never thought that this man would refuse to even let him go to Wen Shuxu, and used the most heartbreaking word of all – dirty!

Lin Ziyang finally had nothing more to say.

So a few minutes later, Wen Shuxu, who was sitting with the vice president of commerce in the cafeteria over here, suddenly received a message on her phone informing her that she had been fired from Huo’s.


She didn’t read it wrong, did she, she’d only been here for a morning and she was fired?!

No, that’s not true, she didn’t even come to work at Huo’s normally, what’s the termination of employment? The dog man is having a fit again?

Wen Shuxu immediately took her phone and dialed out.

“Hello, the number you have dialed is on hold.”

“Hello, the number you have dialed is on hold.”



How dare you pull her into the blacklist!

Wen Shuxu was furious, pushing the meal in front of her, she stood up.

Vice President: “What are you doing? You haven’t even had a bite of this meal yet, where are you going?”

Where to?

Of course to beat up that psycho, simply!!!

Wen Shuxu finally took the lift up to the top floor, and then under the jaw-dropping gaze of everyone in the president’s office on this top floor, she barged in and kicked open the door of the president’s office.

The crowd was horrified!

What kind of person was this? Didn’t she say she was being favoured by the Vice President of the Ministry of Commerce? She even helped to serve the dishes herself, but why did she come to the president’s office all of a sudden?

He had the audacity to kick the door of the CEO’s office!

They looked on as if they were struck by lightning, but saw that after the woman kicked the door in, they soon heard her cursing inside: “Huo Sijiu, are you sick? What do you mean by sending this message to me? Am I here to work at your company?”

The crowd: “……”

It’s so creepy, isn’t it?!!!

Inside the office, finally met this neurotic Wen Shuxu, but stood there with a face full of anger waiting for the answer of this.

But what made her very strange was that she was so nonchalant, this man who was standing in front of that huge floor-to-ceiling gla*s window actually did not react halfway, until after another ten seconds or so, she saw him slowly turn around.

“Get out!”

His face was expressionless, a word ground out from between his teeth, so cold that it made people shiver.

Wen Shuxu froze for a moment: “Get lost? What do you mean? Huo Sijiu, watch your words, I didn’t really come to work at your company, I only came over because of my son, you’re saying this word to me now, what do you mean?”

“Is this word very understandable? This word means to tell you to get out of Huo’s, Wen Xuxu, my Huo Sijiu’s place is not your marriage agency, moreover it’s not a place for you to hook up and climb up with a high ranking branch, you really make me sick to my stomach!”

He still had no expression.

However, in those eyes that were so black that there was no trace of light, there was already a strong hatred and disgust because of these words, as if Wen Xuxu had become so dirty that he would live if he even looked at her one more time.


Wen Shuxu was so angry that her fingers were trembling, she lowered her head and swept it from side to side, finally spotting an artistic iron piece not far from her, and walked over and picked it up.

Immediately, Huo Sijiu’s eyes narrowed, “What are you doing holding it?”

“I’m holding it to smash you to death!!!” Wen Shuxu roared!

“You’re a psycho, how dare you say I’m hooking up? What exactly did I do that was seductive? I’m a woman you’ve slept with, do you think too highly of yourself, or do you think all those crooked girls in your company are better than you? Are you out of your mind? What? b*****d!!!”

Wen Shuxu was really furious, and she was about to smash the object while holding it in her arms and cursing angrily.

However, when she tried to lift it up –

“30k, if you can lift it up and smash me, I’ll lose if you run away.” The man suddenly became in a good mood, looking at this thing she raised up and did not dodge, but instead looked at her calmly and leisurely and said.

The thing that he was holding in his hand also fell back with a heavy thud.

It’s really heavy!


Chapter 90

Wen Shuxu finally deflated, the heart of indignation, coupled with this will be off, let her exhausted big sweat, this thing a drop immediately after, she wobbled, and tired, angry and angry she, simply directly squatted.

“Huo Sijiu, you m just sick!”

She gasped, her eyes red with mist that she had been holding back for a long time, but she finally couldn’t hold it back any longer and fell down.

Huo Sijiu was stunned for a moment.

He had been quite happy when he saw how stupid she looked when she went to move that iron, but now that he saw her squatting on the ground, he suddenly couldn’t stop taunting her.

“Am I sick or are you sick? I’m such a big company, and you’ve been giving me a hard time since you arrived, how dare you talk about me?”

“A storm? What have I caused?”

Wen Shuxu immediately raised his head, a wet red eyes, the remaining anger is still dead stare at this man.

The company’s head is slightly tilted, and his gaze is directed elsewhere: “Didn’t you hear yourself? The entire company is now talking about you, saying that you were lucky to be taken in by the company’s vice president as soon as you arrived, Wen Shuxu, I didn’t know you turned out to be so good at pulling strings?”

He changed his tone and didn’t speak as harshly as he did before.

It’s his own brain that’s wrong, I don’t work at his place, and after being complained about, he still asked me to be his a*sistant, what does that have to do with me?”


“But then again, is this a characteristic of your company? What kind of boss brings out what kind of henchmen?”

Suddenly Wen Shuxu then turned her words around and stared at the man with a face full of ridicule.

They were all a bunch of psychos!

How could Huo Sijiu not understand, and immediately the blue veins on the corners of his forehead jumped.

But in the end, he held back because at this time, Lin Ziyang came in with the food: “That …… president, Miss Wen, would you like to have a meal first?”

Huo Sijiu did not make a sound.

But when Wen Xu Xu saw it, she immediately stood up from the floor: “No! How am I qualified to eat your family president’s meal? I’m making him sick.”

The woman left with a look of lingering anger, not even looking back, and closed the door with a bang.

Huo Sijiu: “……”

Lin Ziyang: “……”

Seeing that this ancestor’s face was also getting worse and worse, he hurriedly picked up the food and coaxed, “President, let’s eat first, don’t worry about this matter, when Miss Wen comes back in the afternoon, I’ll still let her come to work in the president’s office.”


Wen Xuxu left Huo’s.

She certainly won’t go back to that sh*tty canteen to eat, gas are full of gas, where is the mood to eat? It’s better to go home and make noodles!

The first thing you need to do is to get to the home, but the kindergarten suddenly called: “MoMo mum, what’s going on? Your child is not very talkative today, is she sick?”


Wen Shuxu’s face turned white as soon as she heard that.

Is Mo Bao sick? No, right? When she sent him over this morning, she hadn’t noticed any signs of discomfort.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

“Mama MoMo, you’re finally here, come and take a look, I’ve already brought the child out.”

The actual fact is, she just arrived at the kindergarten door, the teacher saw her, immediately with two children from inside out, full of worry in no way like talking about playing.

Wen Shuxu immediately trotted over and squatted in front of the two children.

“The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

“No no no, mommy, brother is not sick ta.” When Ruo Ruo baby saw this, she quickly shook her fleshy little hand to show that her brother was not sick at all.

But Wen Shuxu looked and found that her son today was, indeed, a bit different, but what exactly was different? Again, she was a bit unable to say.


“No, the food is not good.” Mo Bao stood in front of Mummy for a while, finally opened his little mouth and said two words, he said, the rice is not good.

The rice should not be eaten?

Wen Shuxu immediately looked up at the teacher.

But the teacher immediately shook her head: “No, MoMo used to eat very well in kindergarten, and today there is his favorite potato stew with ribs, how could it be not good?”

The teacher did not believe such a statement.

So Wen Shuxu once again looked at this son.

Mo Bao has always been very good, when Wen Xu Xu is at work, he will take his sister to kindergarten obediently, never give mommy any trouble, unless, he is really sick.

The actual fact is, he is really sick?

Wen Shuxu thought of what this child used to do even when he was sick, in order to keep her from worrying, he was not willing to talk about it, and seeing that this child now looks like he does not like to talk, he is even more sure of it.

“Okay, MoMo, mommy is taking you to see the doctor.”


The two little ones were dumbfounded there for a moment.

Really go to the doctor ah, no, he really is not sick ah, he just is not her Mo Bao, but her other baby Huo Yin ah.

The two siblings were taken out of the kindergarten, and as soon as Baby RuoRuo saw that Mommy had gone to stop the car, her little head immediately came up to her brother at a loss for words.