His Secret Lover Chapter 83-84

Chapter 83


The young assistant froze in her tracks.

Send it out? Wouldn’t that be a botch? Would Miss Wen be allowed to remain in the Huo family after her domicile was restored?

No, that wasn’t it!

If he sent this news out, the first problem he would face would not be whether Wen Shuxu’s household registration would still be with the Huo family? Rather, she would immediately know that although she had been brought back, the man had actually never told the old man.

And once she knew, naturally, the reason why Huo Sijiu had done so would be clear to her.

The young assistant finally understood, and at once, he looked at the always gentle and elegant lawyer in the rear-view mirror, revealing a look of extreme disbelief ……

Wen Xuoxu arrived to pick up the children from the kindergarten.

I thought the two babies would be like little swallows again after seeing her come and immediately flutter out, but I didn’t expect that the children didn’t come out after she came this day, she was all called by the kindergarten teacher.

“Mama Kimo, sorry, today your son had a little conflict with another child at the kindergarten, and that child accidentally hurt him.”


Wen Shuxu immediately drew a cold breath.

No way, the older son just got into a fight at his kindergarten today, and the younger son also started a fight over here, should we be so taciturn? The twins have to synchronize even this?

Wen Shuxu hurriedly ran in to see her son.

As expected, when she arrived at the middle class, she saw at a glance the little guy who was being surrounded by teachers. Probably because she was afraid of parents looking for trouble, the teacher of this kindergarten was trying her best to soothe him.

“MoMo, do you still have pain there? Teacher will rub some more safflower oil on you.”

“It’s alright, manly man, a little injury is nothing!”

Mo Bao waved his small, colourful hand with great bravado.

Of course, he wouldn’t tell them that the colours were actually from helping his brother beat up someone else in another place at noon, and that he had deliberately clashed with one of the children here to cover up the situation.

Little RuoRuo was lying next to him, and when she saw her brother saying that it was all right, she followed him in his bad deeds and gave her teacher the assurance in a milky voice.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, my brother never loses a fight.”

Mo Bao: “……”

Teachers: “……”

Luckily at this time Wen Shuxu came in and saw the two living babies here and rushed over, “MoMo, are you okay? I heard that you were beaten up?”

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at your son.

She found that the little one was not hurt anywhere else, except for his two little hands, where his fists were, which were a bit bruised and red and swollen, so it didn’t look like he had been beaten up.

It is like he hit someone else!

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.

Wen Shuxu: “……”

For a while, she didn’t know what to say anymore.

The three of them left the kindergarten with the thanks of the kindergarten teachers and went home.


“Hello, Huo Yin, how are you doing there?”

“Pretty good, how about you?”

Huo Yin was still brief and concise, but had learned to care about him.

Mo Bao immediately patted his little chest over here and said proudly, “Of course I’m fine, let me tell you, when I came back today, I deliberately touched a child twice, and neither the teacher nor mummy suspected anything, tell me, am I not very smart?”


Huo Yin again approved without hesitation, but then, something occurred to him and he sullenly voiced out, “I don’t want to go to that kindergarten of mine.”

Mo Bao: “Huh? You don’t want to go ah, then which one do you want to go to?”

Huo Yin then stopped talking ……

However, his little head, but immediately floated to the last time the two accidentally switched, he went to his kindergarten.

That time, although that kindergarten is not as big and beautiful as the one he went to, but, it gave him a very good feeling, those children will not dislike him, the teacher is also very gentle with him, always patiently talking to him, and sister RuoRuo ……

“Ah, I see, do you want to come to this kindergarten of mine? I’ll go to your side of the kindergarten, you come to my place, just in time, when I go to your side to make them obedient, you go again, better!”

Mo Bao is really a little smart guy, actually thought of this at once.

When Huo Yin heard this, at once those pretty eyes, which had been worried all afternoon, immediately brightened up.


“Of course it’s true, I’ll just go over there sometime, but if I pretend you’ve gone to kindergarten, Mommy will have nothing to do when she goes to Repulse Bay during the day, and then maybe she’ll go to work at Uncle Qiao’s company.”


Chapter 84

Mo Bao suddenly remembered this.

Indeed, last time when Qiao Shiqian came, he had told Wen Xuxu that if she wanted to find a job in the future, she would go to work in his company.

When Huo Yin heard this, he immediately refused categorically, “No! Mommy can’t go to work for another uncle!”

This little guy, actually even gave a long sentence out in a hurry.

Mo Bao froze for a moment: “Then what? Mummy can’t stay idle, there’s nothing to do, she must go and find a job.”

“Then go to work at Daddy’s company!”

“Huh? Daddy’s company?”

“Well, I’ll arrange it!”

And then the little guy hung up the phone in a very cool and handsome way.

That’s right, to work, Mommy could only go to Daddy’s company too, they wanted Daddy and Mommy to be together, and how could they let Mommy go to work for someone else?

Huo Yin decided to wait for Daddy to come back and talk to him about it.

But what he didn’t know was that on that very afternoon, Gu Xia, who had messed up again because of the kindergarten incident, had gone to the company to find Huo Sijiu.

“Miss Gu, you’re finally here? I haven’t seen you for a long time, where are you going?”

“Yes, Miss Gu, I haven’t seen you for a long time, I’ve missed you.”


Once she came over, it was very different from when Wen Xuxu came in, Wen Xuxu was not only unasked for, the only clerk who accosted her thought she was Huo Yin’s nanny.

But after this woman came over, she immediately received starry-eyed compliments, those from Huo’s group, whether they were front desk clerks or members of the company who happened to pass by here.

All of them gathered around towards her.

It was also true that, in the past five years, she had followed Huo Siji around and had long since become the president’s wife by default.

Gu Xia’s vanity was greatly satisfied, but, in order not to let herself get too happy and go up there and spoil things, she remained in that very downcast mood.

When she went up there, sure enough, the person from the president’s office was also very respectful when she saw her, and said one word about Miss Gu.

She nodded and asked, “Is your President Huo …… in the office?”

“Yes, is Miss Gu looking for Mr. Huo? I’ll speak to the president here.”

Lin Ziyang would not be in the president’s office at this time, and the person responsible for making appointments with the president was a clerk here, and after hearing that Gu Xia wanted to see Huo Sijiu, she immediately picked up the phone.

This was indeed the way to see Duke Huo, as long as someone came to see him, they had to be notified by the president’s office and then get his permission to enter.

This included her, Gu Xia, as well.

Of course, she didn’t know that just a few days ago, when Wen Xuxu came, she had pushed the door directly in.

Gu Xia waited for about a few minutes, and to her relief, this time, Huo Sijiu finally agreed to see her, so she excitedly carried her bag and went in.

“Sijiu, I …… finally saw you.”

After so many days, this woman finally saw Huo Sijiu, and at once, she looked at this imposing figure sitting in his desk, and the tears in her eyes gushed out at once.

It had been five years, and she would have never been away from his side for so long.

However, Huo Siji’s expression was relatively much colder.

“What’s the matter with you?”

“Sir, I …… I came here specifically to apologize to you, today, I received a call from the kindergarten side, I really didn’t know that it turned out to be that secretary general’s wife’s son who hit Xiao Yin first, I saw that child’s injury, I was afraid that he would be involved in the company’s reputation again, so I hurriedly thought of first I really …… didn’t do it on purpose.”

The fact that Gu Xia was sobbing to tell her intention of coming, that face full of guilt and self-blame, let people see really can’t bear to blame.

Yes, if she hadn’t known the truth, perhaps, this look of deep righteousness and pity would have made anyone’s heart go soft when they saw her.

Unfortunately, this is no longer the case.

Huo Sijiu coldly withdrew his gaze: “Is this the reason you are excusing yourself? What kind of person is Huo Yin, you have taken care of him for five whole years, would you not know? Moreover, the reputation of my company still needs you to defend it in a kindergarten?”

Huo Sijiu’s voice was morbidly cold, like a deep-water pool of cold water, and it also carried a coldness that had never been seen before.

Those liquid in Gu Xia’s eyes instantly couldn’t fall down, and a face that was also terribly white.

“No …… it’s not like that, Si Jue, I ……”

“Gu Xia, this matter, I did not go to you, in fact, you should be content, at least, I have given you enough face, do you know what I can not forgive you the most?”

Huo Sijiu suddenly gazed he over, cold and grim, looking at people all over the body to make people cold.

Gu Xia immediately shivered again, unable to say another word!

“It’s my son, in fact, there is something Wen Shu Shu is right, if you really treat him as your own child, much less when he is hurt, the first thing to think about is something else, rushing to build up the image of you think you are very virtuous, Gu Xia, don’t you think you are very hypocritical?”

This last sentence could be considered a real heartbreaker!

Almost instantly, Gu Xia stood there only to feel a slap fiercely slapped after, her face red and white, white and blue, really is more wonderful than opening a big dye pot.

Wen Xuoxu! It’s Wen Xuxu again!