His Secret Lover Chapter 77-78

Chapter 77

Wen Shuxu was horrified.

She couldn’t care less and ran with the baby in her arms.

But she was a woman and she was holding the baby, so she couldn’t outrun this middle-aged woman behind her and her two men!


After only feeling a pain in her scalp, her hair was grabbed and immediately, the person could not move.

“Pah–” A loud slap!

The unsuspecting Wen Shuxu stumbled several steps on the spot, holding her child, and almost fell to the ground with both mother and child.


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Wen Shuxu’s ears were all “buzzing” and she couldn’t hear what her son was screaming about.

But the hands were holding him tightly.

When the middle-aged woman saw this, she immediately smiled fiercely and commanded her two men to come over again.

But unexpectedly, just then, the child being held suddenly twisted his head around viciously.

“You will regret this!”

That was quite a frightening expression!

He was only five years old, but at this moment, that little face, which resembled his daddy’s, was staring at these men with a very appalling gloom and coldness!

Those two men immediately stopped in their tracks.

A chill was felt behind their backs in unison.

This was too bizarre.

Obviously, he was only a five-year-old child.

However, that middle-aged woman hadn’t noticed yet, and she was still grim-faced and wanted to come over and get this mother and son killed.

Then everyone saw the child, who was staying in his mummy’s arms, press the phone watch on his wrist: “Daddy, someone is beating your wife and son, are you coming over?”


Huo Sijiu was in a meeting at the company when he received this call.

When he suddenly heard it, the cigarette he was smoking shook in between his fingers, almost not burning himself.

“What did you say? Who beat you up?”

“Fucking people!”

The little child’s voice on the phone was as sinister and chilling as it had ever been!

Even if it still smelt like milk.

Huo Sijiu’s face finally changed and he immediately stood up from his seat, grabbed the phone and went out, his entire person instantly enveloped in a very frightening solemnity.

Huo Yin had never called him like this before.

Nor had he ever spoken in such a tone, he was just a five-year-old child, even if he was angry, he would not be associated with a murderous aura.

But just now, he felt it.

So now it was someone who really dared to touch his Huo Sijiu’s son?

And his son’s mother?

Huo Siji summoned all of Huo’s bodyguards, and in just a few minutes, more than a dozen cars were dispatched, killing the kindergarten in a huge wave.

When the senior management of the company who were having a meeting saw this, they were all dumbfounded!

It was terrifying, who was so afraid of death that they dared to mess with this King of Hell? And to have him send out such a formation?

And at this time, Gu Xia’s side also knew about this matter.

She was the one who picked up and dropped off Huo Yin, and her contact information was registered at the kindergarten, so they notified her first after the kindergarten incident.

That woman actually caused trouble at the kindergarten?


Now, she could teach her a good lesson, and by the way, she could use this opportunity to show Si Jue that he would like her even more if she handled it well.

Gu Xia also set off.

Moreover, she arrived at the kindergarten even earlier than Huo Sijiu’s side.


Chapter 78

“Sorry Mrs. Lin, this matter is our Huo Yin’s fault, I will educate him when I go back, it is always wrong for a child to hit someone, no matter what his reason is, so, don’t worry, we will educate what should be educated, we will also compensate what should be compensated.”

Gu Xia was dignified, standing in this kindergarten office, apologizing to this secretary-general’s wife while saying in a very sincere manner that she would teach Huo Yin a lesson when she returned.

This is definitely a very qualified parent.

The kindergarten teacher, and the secretary-general’s wife, after hearing this, really immediately look much better.

“Huo Yin mother, if you had come earlier, things would not have come to this point, look at your family’s nanny, like what? You don’t have to talk nicely, but you even started to fight on the spot, is it like that?”

“Yes, what kind of people are these? Huo Yin mother, I think you’d better fire her before it’s too late!”

“That’s right ……”

These people all sneered at Wen Shuxu who was still being held down by those two men in black.

Wen Shuxu then sneered.

She is the mother of the child? Blind their dog eyes!

“Alright then, that’s it, we have a deal, if there’s nothing else, I’ll go away first.”

Gu Xia had already handled the matter perfectly and was ready to take the child and Wen Shuxu away.

But unexpectedly, as soon as her hand touched Huo Yin, who was standing next to Wen Xu Xu, he immediately shook her off: “Get out!”

“Huo Yin, what are you talking about?!”

Gu Xia suddenly blushed white, her eyes quickly swept a glance at the people in this office who had already revealed a trace of surprise, she was so annoyed that she wanted to immediately grab this little brat over.

Then beat him up severely.

“Huo Yin, come here, be a good boy and go home with your mother.”

“Get lost, you’re not my mommy, she’s my mommy.” Huo Yin pounced on Wen Xuoxu and tried to push the two people who were holding down his mummy away.

However, he was too small, and after pushing his little hands through, he didn’t just fail to help his mommy.

Instead, the man immediately grabbed his slender wrist.

“Let go! You guys let go of him!”

Wen Shuxu saw that and was instantly anxious.

However, how could these people let go of this child, seeing that they were about to rough him up as well, at this time, someone suddenly came running outside in a panic: “It’s not good, director, there are suddenly a lot of people outside, saying they want to pick up a young master named Huo Yin!”

Little Master Huo Yin?

All of a sudden, the child who was caught, did not know where he got the strength?

Only after seeing him struggle to break free, immediately, he scattered his legs and ran out: “Daddy, daddy I am here, daddy-”

He shouted, his little childish voice full of tears.

The people in the office also heard it and immediately all came out from inside.

What they didn’t expect was the shocking sight that they saw when they came out!

This was definitely an unprecedented formation in the history of the kindergarten.

More than a dozen top-of-the-line SUVs were lined up at the entrance, like something that would only be seen in a blockbuster movie, and the black Bentley sedan with the plate of eight 8s that was driving at the front, once it arrived, the door was opened and immediately, they saw a handsome man of uncommon dignity walk out from inside.

The scene was like the arrival of a king!

Who the hell was this?

So far, they hadn’t seen that parent with such a big scene in the kindergarten.

Everyone was stunned!

“Daddy, you’re finally here, they beat me, and Mommy, Mommy is still inside and they caught her, woo~~”

Huo Yin would have already run to daddy, and after seeing him, he jumped over and hugged him tightly.

He was the child with autism.

But now, surprisingly, it drove him to howl.

Huo Siji picked his son up and swept over with a cold aura that made people’s nerves tremble, and the next moment, his thin lips opened slightly, “Do it!”

“Yes, President!”

Dozens of black-clothed men who had already gotten out of the SUV heard the order, and immediately, they rushed in towards the kindergarten, fully armed.


All of a sudden, everyone in the kindergarten shrieked.

They were so terrified that they all tried to escape in fear, but how could these men in black let them go?

They were caught in less than two minutes after they rushed in, and then, like a hawk catching a chick, they carried them to the entrance of the kindergarten and kicked them down, immediately putting them all on their knees in front of this man!

Including the director.

The woman who came out with him was also middle-aged.

Wen Shuxu was still in that office and didn’t know what was going on?

The two men in black with guns suddenly came in, she was dumbfounded, and before she could react, the two men who were holding her behind her back had been killed by them with a click!

This is too horrible.

Wen Shuxu’s brain was completely out of control.

“You guys …… you guys ……”.

“Miss Wen, we are Mr. Huo’s men, here to save you, are you okay?”

“…… ah?”

Wen Xuxu was finally completely petrified.

A few minutes later, she was muddled and led out of the office, and as a result, as soon as she came out, she saw a very bloody and violent scene in front of the kindergarten.

“Did you beat up my son?”

“No …… no ……”


“…… Yes, it was.”


The man holding the child kicked straight through, and on the spot, the middle-aged woman, who was kneeling, fell to the ground and couldn’t even get up.

Oh my God!

Everyone was terrified, they were trembling and their souls were scattered, a few teachers were even directly stunned.

And Wen Shuxu, too, was completely dumbfounded.

This man, he actually came over?

The actual fact is that he is taking revenge for their mother and son?

The bottom of Wen Shuxu’s heart surged with waves of shock, she didn’t want to admit it, but at this time, after watching that damned middle-aged woman being kicked to the ground, her heart really felt good!

On the contrary, Gu Xia, who was standing with her, did not look so good.

“You …… guys wait, I …… I am the secretary general …… madam, today beat… . hit me, will certainly not …… not let you go.”

Unexpectedly, after being kicked, this middle-aged woman climbed up and actually dared to warn.

So the people at the scene, seeing this Hades-like man, his expression became even more terrifying.

“Who is the Secretary-General?”

It was as if he had come out of hell, this man stood there holding the child, every line cold down, there was only cold and ruthlessness left, horrible even a glance was numbing to the scalp.

The bodyguard immediately stepped forward, “It’s Lin Hansheng.”

“Lin Hansheng?”

“Daddy, that’s her, the mummy she slapped.” At the critical moment, Huo Yin, who had been held in daddy’s arms, also pointed at this middle-aged woman with great hatred.

All of a sudden, the atmosphere of this scene was as if frozen.

“Give me the slap!”

“Yes, President.”

“Also, get rid of Lin Hansheng too, don’t let me hear that name again!”

With such a flippant sentence, this devil-like man had taken out a secretary general here in the hall.

The middle-aged woman finally went down.

Even the secretary-general could be casually disposed of, what kind of person could this be? Who else had the ability to turn his hands into clouds and turn his hands into rain?

The middle-aged woman finally felt remorseful after the fact.

But it was too late.

The bodyguards, who had been ordered to do so, grabbed her by the hair and lifted her face up, then beat her up right and left in front of everyone.

It was so bloody violent!

Everyone was too scared to say a word as they watched, their faces were as pale as dirt and their souls were scattered, they wanted to find a place to hide.

Including Gu Xia.

But at this moment, the man had already seen her.

So his eyes became colder: “Why are you here? What did you just do?”

“She made me apologise and pay for it.”

Right at this juncture, Huo Yin, who was hanging on to daddy, came back with another very cold sentence that lived up to his expectations.

Gu Xia suddenly lost half of her blood.

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Well done, son!

“No …… it’s not like that, Si Jue, listen to my explanation, I was there because ……”

“So, this is how you’ve been dealing with the school for the past two years? My son, Sir Huo, being beaten up and having to apologize to someone? Pay for it?”

The man’s voice was appalling, as if a thousand years of cold ice had coalesced.

When Gu Xia saw it, she was so terrified and scared that she almost knelt down for this man as well.

“…… Sir, I …… I didn’t, I just want him to be friendly with his classmates at school …… after all, he …… he’s a little different.”

“Where is he different? My son is healthy and healthy, where is he different from other children? I said why he is not willing to come to kindergarten, it turns out that it is all because you are instilling this concept in him, as well as going around to please the parents of this school, you have done a really good job, my son has the most honored status here, it is surprising that you have gotten him to the gutter!”

Wen Shuxu heard these words, at once, the man opposite hadn’t even opened his mouth yet, she stood there and cursed angrily at this woman.

Gu Xia’s face was all twisted with anger.

He was just about to slap her directly across the face when the man across the street spoke with a cold hostility that he had never seen before: “Lock her up for me, no one is allowed to release her without my order!”

He was literally grinding each word out between his teeth.

It could be seen that the killing intent in his heart at this moment.

Gu Xia immediately swayed and went down with a “thud”.

“No, Sir, don’t lock me up, I know I’m wrong, Sir ……” she begged bitterly, almost crawling over and kowtowing in front of this man.

However, the man did not even look at him, holding the child and turning around and walking away.

Even Wen Shuxu, who was at the back of the room, couldn’t help but be staggered after seeing this scene.

This dog man is really desperate, isn’t this his most beloved woman? The woman’s heart is the one he loves the most?

Wen Shuxu was in a complicated mood.