His Secret Lover Chapter 73-74

Chapter 73

Wen Shuxu could only see the child go inside in the end.

However, she reassured him as he went in, “Yin Yin, don’t worry, Auntie will just wait for you outside, she’s not going anywhere, we’ll go eat together when you’re done with school at noon, okay?”

“…… okay.”

Huo Yin, who was originally very resistant, finally agreed.

It might be because it was short, or maybe it was because Mommy said she would stay out all the time, which made him feel slightly more at ease.

So Wen Xuoxu left.

And Huo Yin, too, followed the teacher into the classroom he hadn’t been in for a long time.

“Huh? This idiot is actually here again?”

“Yeah, yeah, why is he still here? Didn’t he get picked up by his family for medical treatment?”

“Hahahaha ……”

Those children in the classroom, once they saw Huo Yin appear, immediately all made fun of him there.

When Huo Yin heard this, at once, after his small face paled for a while, he turned around and was about to leave.

“Huo Yin, where are you going? You’re disobeying again, aren’t you?” The teacher who brought him in saw that and immediately grabbed him again.

Huo Yin was eventually taken back to the classroom.

Children with autism, by this time, actually have to be paid special attention, if he can be calmed down, then next, he will be fine.

However, it was clear that this teacher was not as good as the one at the kindergarten door had just said.

“You sit here, read this book and don’t go anywhere, okay?”

The teacher casually took out one of their kindergarten books and placed it on Huo Yin’s small desk before directly asking him to read the whole book.

Then, she took the other children out to play.

Read the whole book?

The highly intelligent Huo Yin simply does not care about these childish things.

Huo Yin took out a Transformer from his school bag and played with it while counting the number of laps the two long hands on the clock on the wall went through, waiting for his mommy to come in and pick him up.

And somehow, just a few more kids sneaked back in.

“Look guys, he’s staring at the clock again, he’s not reading even when the teacher tells him to, is he really stupid?”

“Do you need to ask that question? He is, what part of him looks like a normal child?”

“Hey, stupid!!!”

These few kids came in, came up to Huo Yin and sneered.

In particular, a little chubby pier with all kinds of meat on his body saw that Huo Yin still didn’t react after being laughed at by them, and he even came directly in front of him.

“Little fool, why don’t you say anything? Look at what you’re playing with in your hand?”

He saw the Transformer he was playing with in Huo Yin’s hand and immediately came over to grab it without saying a word.

Huo Yin finally moved, he is a loner, he has a strong sense of self for his own things, at home, without his permission, others are simply not allowed to touch.

Huo Yin struggled hard to prevent the little chubby dun from taking away his Transformer.

However, when the little chubby boy saw that he dared not give it to him, he became annoyed: “This little fool dares not give it to me, you guys come up and hold him down and snatch it back.”

Then these few kids came up in a flurry and pinned Huo Yin down on that desk.

Poor Huo Yin was already in poor health, and in a short while, he had no strength left and could only watch as his belongings were snatched away.

“Give it back to me!”

“Yo, the little fool is still talking, fine, give it back, you kneel in that small room, kneel until I’m satisfied, and I’ll give you back your stuff!”

This little chubby pier pointed to the small miscellaneous room in the section and told Huo Yin to go in and kneel.

So that some children, really not young age will be innocent, their upbringing, and their own character, is destined to be born the devil.

Huo Yin was finally dragged to that small miscellaneous room, he struggled to no avail, these children under the command of this little fat pier, dragged him inside.

Then the door was locked on the outside.

And all this, that teacher actually did not notice anything, or, as it were, did not see.

–The teacher did not even notice.

Wen Shuxu didn’t know what had happened in the kindergarten.

She was looking through her mobile phone in the car to find out where to take her eldest son to eat after class.

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.


What was that thing? A wild cat?

She jumped and hurriedly stopped looking at her phone and poked her head out.

But she was too slow, and by the time she got out to look, the thing was gone, except for the entrance to the kindergarten in the distance, where there was suddenly one more child.

“Uncle, I’m late, open the door for me.”

“Why are you so late? Be early!”

The security guard at the entrance of the school did not suspect anything at all, after seeing the child’s little face sweep in the doorway, the name “Huo Yin” appeared inside.

Cursing, he opened the door.

“Huo Yin? Why are you here again? Didn’t I tell you to study in the classroom?”


Chapter 74

Before we even reached the classroom, a teacher came along, she saw this little guy, immediately cold face, very unkindly lecture up.

When Huo Yin heard this, he immediately looked at the teacher with a smile on his face: “Okay teacher, I just went to the bathroom and forgot where our classroom is, can you tell me?”

The teacher was stunned.

Why was this Huo Yin suddenly talking so much?

And, he was smiling at her, he never used to smile, he was so young, he had a cold face all day.

The teacher was dumbfounded, and before she could react, her finger had already reacted, pointing honestly to the classroom of their class.

The little one then waved her little hand with another smile before striding over.

A few minutes later, Form 2 class –

As soon as the little one entered, he saw that there was no one in the empty classroom, so his crescent eyes, which were already completely cold, swept around the room and soon, his eyes landed on a small desk with textbooks spilled all over the floor.

“Huo Yin?”

He immediately rushed in and ran towards this small school desk.

Sure enough, it was Huo Yin’s, those textbooks were picked up and the names on them were all Huo Yin’s, moreover, he also saw a very familiar Transformer’s little arm that had been removed on the floor.

These bastards, how dare they bully his brother!

Huo Yin …… oh no, I should say Mo Bao, he angrily scanned around this section for a week before lifting his small hand and dialing the phone watch he was carrying.

A few seconds later, the same incoming ring of the phone watch also came from that locked miscellaneous room.

“Huo Yin-”

He saw it and immediately ran over, and when he saw that the door was actually still locked, he kicked it open in a fit of rage as he pulled off that lock and threw it away.

“Huo Yin, are you all right? I’m coming over!”


Huo Yin would be curled up inside, a child with a withdrawn personality, and generally extremely insecure as well, so after he was shut in, he practically shrank into that corner, clutching his knees tightly without even moving.

A small face was as white as paper.

“Huo Yin? Don’t you be afraid, I’m coming over, I’m here to save you.”

When Mo Bao saw this, his heart suddenly became even harder, he squatted down in front of this twin brother, holding back the anger in his chest, and first reached out his small hand to pat his shoulder, comforting him.

Huo Yin paused, and finally, he slowly came to consciousness.

“MoMo, you’re finally here ……”

He choked out a sob, got up from the ground and pounced on Mo Bao, then hugged him tightly, that strength, almost strangled Mo Bao was about to catch his breath.

It turned out that when Huo Yin was locked in here, it just so happened that Mo Bao followed his mommy’s signal and came here.

When he saw that this was a kindergarten, he guessed that Mummy had sent Huo Yin to kindergarten today, so he picked up his phone watch and called him to ask about the current situation.

But he didn’t expect that he would come across this.

Even his brother Wen Qimo dared to bully him like this? They are simply impatient to live!

Mo Bao felt the trembling and fearfulness of this brother hugging him, and he was so angry that his cool little face was full of burning anger.

“Go, take me to them and I’ll avenge you!”


Huo Yin had already eased up a bit by now, and when he suddenly heard this word, he let go of his little hand, and his eyes, which had not yet subsided from the aftershocks, immediately opened wide again to stare at this brother.


However, Mo Bao, who by nature could not see his family being bullied, was not prepared to explain to him. Seeing that he still hesitated, he took out a small mask from his body and put it on him before pulling him out.

Under a piece of flower base at the back of the kindergarten.

The little chubby dunks who had just grabbed Huo Yin’s Transformer were now playing with it.

They were surprised to find that this Transformer was different from the ones they used to play with, this one was so realistic, just like the ones in the cartoons.

How could the little fool have such a good thing?

Little Chubby was even happier and he was ready to take possession of it for himself.

But at that very moment, a little childish voice, full of chill, was thrown down above his head: “Bring the thing!”

Little Chubby Tun immediately looked up and realised that somehow on the flower base behind him, a child was already standing there, and at that moment, he was staring coldly at the Transformer in his hand from above!

“Huo Yin? You actually came out? Who told you to come out? Who gave you the guts to come out?!!!”

Immediately, instead of being afraid, he immediately roared, as if he was about to call the children up and beat Mo Bao to death.

Beating him to death?

Mo Bao coldly smiled, lazy to talk nonsense with him, directly jumped down from above he jumped to him, a small hand grab, instantly, this little fat pier did not even react to what is going on, the hands of the transformer is gone.


The little fat pier is stunned!