His Secret Lover Chapter 71-72

Chapter 71

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re getting into.

When Wen Shuxu saw this, she panicked and rushed over. She wanted to explain to him again, but at that moment, a sudden “bang” came from inside the villa!

What happened?

The man who was in the cottage was a very good man.

She heard it and immediately looked towards the man, but found that his face also changed, and then he immediately went up in a big stride: “Huo Yin, what are you doing? Quickly open the door!”

Oh my God, it’s actually Yin Yin!

Wen Shuxu’s heart was suddenly in his throat, and he ran up with them.

But found that there was someone up here on the first floor a long time ago, at this time, after seeing that the door of the children’s room was closed, was constantly calling out, “Little Young Master, come out quickly, Little Young Master, we’re not sending you to kindergarten, don’t lock yourself in, okay?”

It was Sister Wang who was here.

It turned out that the boy had started to lose his temper early in the morning after learning from her that he was going to kindergarten today, and had not only pushed her, who was helping him to get dressed, out, but had also viciously shut the door.

What now?

Wen Shuxu figured out what was going on, and immediately became anxious as well.

In fact, she had thought that this would happen yesterday.

So, she had planned long ago not to tell the boy first, planning to wait until she arrived and then slowly coax and persuade him.

He already had a deep psychological shadow about the kindergarten now, and if she wanted to make him obedient in the past, she still had to communicate with him properly first so that he could open up his psychological defences.

But who knew that just because she was a little late, she had made things so bad.

“Huo Yin, behave, open the door, daddy has something to say to you.”

Huo Sijiu would have already reached the door of this room, holding back the anger in his chest as he coaxed the child inside.

However, to everyone’s dismay, there was no response from inside, only the sound of “thumping” that kept coming.

Huo Sijiu’s complexion became even more gloomy.

The next second, he stretched out his fingers and tried to force open the door again.


Wen Shuxu saw that and immediately went over to stop him.

“You can’t just go in like that, he’ll get even angrier, we have to do it another way, a way that’s more acceptable to him.” She came over and stopped in front of him, explaining to him.

Hearing this, Huo Siji became even more annoyed when he thought of the last time he had gone in in exactly this forceful way and was met with fierce resistance from the child.

“You will?”

“…… I’ll try.”

Wen Shuxu could not bother to look at his expression, and after a stiff reply, she came over to this doorway.

“Yin Yin, it’s auntie, I’m sorry, without your consent, we decided to send you to kindergarten without permission, auntie apologizes to you.”

She stood at this doorway and coaxed the child inside with the gentlest of voices, just as she had coaxed her other two babies in the past.

However, what made her heart sink was that the person inside still didn’t respond when she heard it, still banging away inside.

Huo Sijiu saw it from the side and immediately let out a cold snort: “Is this the way you say it?”

Wen Shuxu: “……”

As if she didn’t hear, she stuck to this door and continued to communicate with the child in the room: “Yin Yin, we’ve taken back this decision, Yin Yin doesn’t want to go, we won’t go, from now on Auntie will come here every day just to play with you, okay?”

“We will be like yesterday, we can go to many, many places to play, to places you have not even been before, there are mountains, there is the sea, and all kinds of beautiful scenery, can we?”

The corners of Huo Siji’s forehead jutted out again.

Was this woman afraid she was sick?

When had he ever said he’d take back that decision?

Besides, wasn’t this the kindergarten she herself had been pestering him to let the boy go to? And what was she doing now? And the mountains and the sea, he thought she was jerking off!

But the truth was, after the woman had finished saying this, the movement in the room really slowly stopped.

Not long afterwards, after hearing the small footsteps of a child coming from inside, there was a click and the door, which had been tightly shut, finally opened.

“Is it true what you say?”

“Of course it’s true, see when has Auntie ever lied to you? Auntie will accompany you wherever you go, just like when Auntie made this decision with your daddy last night, Auntie was also thinking that if Yin Yin is really scared of going to kindergarten, then Auntie will accompany you and not leave you for a moment!”

Wen Xuoxu squatted down and pulled this son who had finally stepped out into her arms.

She looked at him tenderly and saw that his little face was covered in beads of sweat because of the smashing inside just now, so she lifted her sleeve and wiped it clean for him very gently.

Huo Siji choked.

First to depress and then to praise?

This woman still has this brain?

Huo Yin Guo was dumbfounded, probably because he didn’t expect his mommy to mention kindergarten after he came out, but soon after he heard that she would accompany him wherever he went, even to kindergarten.

In his pretty little eyes, which were originally filled with resistance and disgust, they moved again and didn’t show as much intensity.


Chapter 72

The first thing you need to do is to go to kindergarten.

Wen Xuxu was very happy, immediately helped him pack his little school bag, and made him look handsome, mother and son went out the door hand in hand, and in a short while left in the nanny car.

Lin Ziyang also came over to pick up the president at this time, and seeing this scene, he glanced at Lord B who had taken a noble and cold step at the same time.

“President, are you really comfortable letting her take the young master to kindergarten?”

“There’s a problem?”

“No no, it’s just a bit of disbelief, the little young master is a problem that even you, the president, can’t handle, can she do it, Miss Wen?”

Lin Ziyang hurriedly shook his head to indicate that he didn’t mean that, he was just doubting that woman’s ability.

The hell of it was that the president, who used to be dismissive of that woman, didn’t have much of an expression on his face this time. He had a relaxed gait and a light demeanor, and when he reached the car, he directly pulled open the door and got in.

Lin Ziyang: “……”

Uh, forget it, he didn’t ask either.

Lin Ziyang hurriedly came over as well and got into the car.

However, just when he was about to start the car to go to the company, the man sitting behind was flipping through the documents in his hand and suddenly came up with a sentence: “You go and check Wen Xuxu’s situation abroad in these five years.”

“Huh?” Lin Ziyang immediately looked in the rearview mirror: “What does the president mean ……?”

“I want to know all about her, and also, including what happened to her at home!”

Huo Sijiu stared at this document in his hand, his true emotions could not be seen in his deep, bottomless black eyes, but the coldness of his voice could be heard, his words did not sound like he was talking for fun.

It’s been five years, and he’s finally remembered to check up on this ex-wife.

Oh, no, they hadn’t divorced yet, he was “widowed”, so it should be his “deceased wife” that he was checking.

Lin Ziyang sighed “tsk” and started the car ……

–The first time Wen Xuoxu saw such a luxurious car.

This is the first time Wen Xuxu has seen such a luxurious and upscale kindergarten.

The first time I saw such a luxurious and high class kindergarten. The actual fact is that it is not a higher education institution? Look at this neat and beautiful teaching building, and the open space of the campus that is completely comparable to a park.

Really, if she hadn’t seen the little turnip ding inside at the entrance to this school, she would have really thought she had arrived at that luxurious first-class university.

The two of them are in the kindergarten of MoMo and RuoRuo, which is simply too humble compared to this one.

Wen Shuxu gave birth to a trace of sadness.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“…… nothing, auntie just saw your kindergarten, think it is too beautiful, come, auntie take you to the teacher side.”

Wen Xuoxu was busy gathering her emotions, holding the little one and going over to the school entrance.

“Huh? Isn’t this Huo Yin? You actually came to school today?”

Seeing Huo Yin, the teacher who was responsible for picking up the child at the school gate, showed a very surprised expression.

When Huo Yin saw it, he immediately shrank towards his mommy reflexively.

Wen Shuxu hurriedly put his arm around him.

“Yes, some time ago our Yin Yin was not feeling too well, so he did not come over, now that he is well, he is here.”

“Ah, is not feeling too well? I thought he wasn’t coming.”

Unexpectedly, this teacher looked at Huo Yin, who was hiding behind, and revealed a look that simply did not quite believe Wen Xuxu’s words.

Wen Shuxu: “……”

The actual fact is that you will not be able to get a lot of money from the company.

Wen Shuxu held her son: “Excuse me, I can send him in, he is not well, I want to bark at his teacher.”

“How would that work? Is this your first time at Imperial Kindergarten? Don’t you know the rules here?”

“No. ……”

“This parent, the teachers at my Imperial Kindergarten are on par with international standards, and many people in the city are struggling to get their children in, so if you suspect that our teachers are not taking good care of your child, you can take it home!”

This teacher, surprisingly tough attitude to let Wen Xu Xu either let Huo Yin go in by himself, or take him home!

What kind of kindergarten is this?

What kind of kindergarten is this? Is their attitude so arrogant?

Wen Shuxu had no choice but to let the child go in alone in the end.

And she doesn’t know that the kindergarten in front of her, here is really very bullying, come here to school children, kindergartens are based on his family background to admit, you can not reach a certain level, people still do not want you.

So, when coming to enroll, Huo Sijiu then did not let people reveal the real identity of Huo Yin, here is really not very popular.