His Secret Lover Chapter 69-70

Chapter 69

But unfortunately, because Du Huasheng is not greedy for this, the formerly very large scale of Du’s Chinese medicine, in his hands slowly declined, if not for his wife Liu Bei to support, may not be now mixed into what.

Huo Sijiu didn’t make a fool of himself anymore and concentrated on waiting for this woman to stick needles in himself.

“Well ……”

As expected, not to two seconds, with a tingling on the top of the head came after, there numb feeling spread again in the bottom of his scalp.

Wen Shuxu glanced at him coldly from a high position: “Bear with it!”


Damn woman, he didn’t say he wouldn’t endure it either.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in pain for a whole day.

Once relieved, he was in a better mood, so he started asking again, “So what else did you do in these years abroad besides this? I mean academically.”

“Studies?” When Wen Shuxu heard this, the corners of his mouth became even more sarcastic: “Mr. Huo, I was seeking survival in these years abroad, not going on a trip, and I didn’t have time to seek any studies.”

“So what you’re saying is that back then, after you failed your exams at home, you went outside and haven’t been studying again?”

“Yeah, I didn’t study, I’m low on culture, just a high school student, how about that? Mr. Huo, are you particularly regretting letting me come to treat you now? Letting me step into this noble house of yours?”

Wen Xu Xu finally couldn’t help herself, she put down the needle in her hand and her tone began to become very sharp, as if the thorns all over her body had been picked up again.

It was true that she hadn’t bothered to read any more books in the past five years.

She simply didn’t have the time, two wailing children, and how was she going to read when she had to survive and feed them when she had taken them suddenly to that strange land?

This man would never know how much she had suffered and how she had come through those five years!

And it wasn’t because she didn’t pass her exams that she gave up her studies!


Wen Shuxu hated it so much that even that needle in her hand, she clutched it to the bend.

She didn’t pass the exam herself, and she’s blaming him?

You’re sick!

Huo Sijiu’s handsome face was gloomy, and he didn’t ask any more questions in the end.

However, he already knew without asking, because not long after, this woman had written down a prescription for him, and the handwriting on this prescription was exactly the same as the Japanese scrap of paper that had been left in his office during the day.

So, what else was this woman hiding from him?

Huo Siji was a little dazed.


This is a place where she has really reached the limit of her tolerance, and she should never come back again.

But just when she was about to stand up from the stool, this man lying in the sofa suddenly opened his mouth: “Wen Shuxu, the problem you mentioned about Huo Yin going to kindergarten, if you have a way, I can let you try.”


Wen Shuxu immediately stopped in her tracks.

This is how she is, no matter how much aggravation or suffering she has suffered, but as soon as the child is involved, she will always be unable to control it and go soft again.

“Is it true what you said ……?”

“Yes, but you have to let me know what you want? Huo Yin is already psychologically repulsed by this piece, and if you don’t do it right and make him suffer more, then you can go away!”

The man lay there with his eyes closed, in fact, because of the healing effect, his speech had been somewhat broken.

However, that last word, could still be heard as the kind of sound that was ground out from between his teeth.

Wen Shuxu immediately gave him assurance: “No, don’t worry, I’m a doctor, I can’t possibly even understand this.”

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

But now, there was clearly more spirit and strength.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the website.

The actual fact is that the surprise came so suddenly that her emotions, which had been very low and difficult tonight, hadn’t adjusted to it for a while.

It was only after another ten seconds or so that she stood up from the stool and spun around happily several times!

“Yin Yin, great! Mommy can take you to kindergarten now! Hahahahaha ……”

She smiled happily there, the whole day, ah, finally saw a smile on her face again, although still with tired, little face also still with pale, but, she is like a person who had decided to sink in the water, suddenly grabbed a piece of driftwood again, finally still come to life.

Yes, sometimes the joy of a mother is really that simple.


Chapter 70

Wen Xuoxu returned home happily this evening.

The two little ones at home, by this time, were naturally long asleep, and when she saw them, she came in to the children’s room and kissed them before going to take a bath.

The night was quiet.

The next day, Wen Xuoxu was woken up by the commotion outside.

“Where’s Mummy?”

“Shh, mummy is not up yet, she must have been late last night, get dressed, brother go and cook the eggs,”

It was the voices of the two children.

Wen Shuxu immediately opened her eyes, jumped off the bed and rushed out, “MoMo, don’t move the cooker, Mummy is coming, it’s dangerous!!!”

She was going to be scared to death, although this son is capable, but he is only five years old at the end of the day, how can she let him do this.

Luckily, the two little ones hadn’t made a move yet.

So Wen Shuxu grabbed the time to cook the breakfast and let them eat it again after thinking about the fact that her eldest son over at Repulse Bay was also going to kindergarten today, she hurriedly took them out the door.

“Little darlings, let’s hurry up and go to kindergarten haha.”


The little ones agreed very quickly.

However, Mo Bao he actually had one more question and that was he wanted to ask if Mummy had gone to Repulse Bay yesterday or not?

You know, after she left last night, he sent a few more messages to Huo Yin on his phone watch, but that guy didn’t reply to any of them!

He wasn’t really angry, was he?

Mo Bao was a bit worried.

Ten minutes or so later, the two little ones were sent into the kindergarten.

“Bye, little ones, Mummy will pick you up early this afternoon.”

“Okay, Mummy.”

The two little ones waved to Mummy very nicely.

But in reality, as soon as Mummy left, the two hid in a secluded part of the nursery to get up to something.

“Brother, look, Mummy has appeared, here she is!!!”

Baby Ruo Ruo’s little eyes were particularly sharp, and as soon as she squatted down, she saw the display of Mommy’s signal tracker on her brother’s tablet and shouted.

Mo Bao saw it too, and right then, without making a sound, he gazed at the signal until it finally stopped at a place again.

“Repulse Bay? Mummy’s gone to Repulse Bay again?”

“Huh? Isn’t that where Stinky Daddy lives? Why would Mommy go there again? Isn’t she afraid that daddy will bully her?”

As soon as little RuoRuo heard her brother say this, her round little face fell down in worry.

Mo Bao’s little brows were also knitted together!

In the past two days, he really did not know what kind of a situation it was, and Huo Yin did not return messages.

So, what if he went over there to take a look?

The little one suddenly came up with such an idea ……

–The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a lot of information on the subject.

Wen Xuoxu came all the way to the shallow water bay in a hurry.


Wen Shuxu hesitated for a moment and walked up with a tucked-in breath: “You …… haven’t gone to work yet?”

“Can’t you see I’m waiting for you?”

The first time you open your mouth, you’ll feel the hostility in the cold tone of this man’s voice.

Wen Shuxu immediately became a little anxious: “No…… well, there were too many cars, it was rush hour at work in the morning, I waited for a long time before I got a taxi, and then when I came over, there was a bit of a traffic jam.”

She didn’t want any more chaos at this time, it was so hard for him to promise her to solve the matter of the child going to kindergarten.

The actual fact is that you can’t even keep time, you are not qualified to make me believe that you can solve the child’s problem!