His Secret Lover Chapter 65-66

Chapter 65

But when did she become like this?

Did their Wen family go bankrupt? Did she, Wen Xuxu, have to live in their Du family that year? Also, did she then let the Huo family’s old man still let her marry his grandson even though her family was bankrupt?

Wen Xuxu wasn’t sure, but she remembered that she had treated her extremely badly after she had come back from the dead.

“Uncle, how are you feeling? Is it more comfortable?”

“Yes, much more comfortable, Shuxu, you should go back first, it’s so late.”

The uncle also did not want to hear that this daughter continued not to stop, and wanted to let her go back after seeing her niece collect the needles.

Wen Shuxu nodded and instantly packed up her needle bag and prepared to go.

“Wen Xuoxu, you’re in such a hurry to go back, are you going to find that man again? I found out that you really can’t change your mind, you’ve died once, but you’re still backing up to her after coming back? Are you that cheap?”

But when Du Rujun saw that she was leaving, she started talking sarcasm again, and this time, it was even harder to say, not seeing that she was still a highly educated person at all.

Wen Shuxu finally couldn’t help herself and looked at her with a bit of anger, “Xiaojun, can you not speak so harshly? When did I ever fall back on him? Please be more careful with your words.”

“I pay attention? Wen Shuxu, do you think I don’t know? Since you came back, you’ve been at Repulse Bay every day, and even at night you sometimes have to ask Aunt Lan to watch your kids. Is this climbing into his bed again? You’ve been looking at your watch, is it time for bed? Are you rushing over there? Wen Shuxu, I find you’re really cheap!”


Wen Xuxu’s face finally turned blue with anger.

She had never thought that this woman would even say such unpleasant words, when did she become so mean and vicious? Is this still the same Du Rujun she used to know?

Wen Xuxu was so angry that her eyes were blackened, but for the sake of her uncle’s face, she still held back the anger in her chest.

“What are you babbling about? I went over there to see my son, don’t you press such an unpleasant charge on my head here.”

“Son? Wen Shuxu, do you take me for an idiot?”

“That’s enough, Du Rujun, are you back to argue? You’re not going to stop, are you? If you don’t want to stop, get out, don’t make a fool of yourself here!”

The uncle finally couldn’t take it anymore and sat up straight from his chair, shouting at his daughter on the spot.

This really stirred up a hornet’s nest, and Du Rujun almost jumped up on the spot.

“I’m a disgrace? Du Huasheng, are your eyes blind? Who is the one who has disgraced herself in this family? She was the one who shamelessly stalked to marry that man back then, and was swept out of the house with a big belly less than a year after her marriage, making our whole family a laughing stock and unable to hold up her head here for five years, and you’re still saying I’m a disgrace?

She really was like a madman, ranting hysterically in this hall, her scarlet eyes staring at Wen Shuxu with the kind of hatred that could not wait to tear her apart every minute!

Wen Shuxu suddenly went pale again.

This is her pain!

The pain for their Du family was dragged down by her, back then, how ridiculous what she did was, now she has more guilt towards them, and it is because of this that she has been holding back no matter what this cousin says.

The tips of Wen Shuxu’s fingers were pinched hard into her palm.

Luckily, just as she was going crazy, her aunt upstairs heard the commotion and came out of the bedroom.

“Du Rujun, what are you doing? Are you going crazy? Who told you to yell at Daddy like that?” She gave a stern scolding, and the woman, who was in a frenzy, only then shut her mouth there and subsided.

Wen Shuxu let go of her hand, and only then did she feel better.

“Auntie ……”

“You too, don’t come over if there’s nothing to do in the future, this house is not for you two to fight.”

Wen Shuxu: “……”

Immediately lowering her head, she agreed, not daring to be half dissatisfied.

She would not blame her for any of it, to this family, she was originally owed guilt, so no matter what they said or did to her, she would not take it to heart.

But she hadn’t expected this aunt to follow up with another sentence.

“Although Xiaojun’s words are a bit hard to hear, some of them are true. You’ve already suffered once, so you should learn your lesson and not go back to that man named Huo, to err once is young and ignorant, to err twice is stupid, you should know how to cherish yourself! Understand?”


Wen Shuxu’s heart instantly felt like it had been stabbed by something fierce, and the fingers that had just been loosened were clenched in her palm again!

The reason why she is still involved with him is because he has a child with him, a child she left behind back then!

Wen Xuoxu’s eyes were red.

Because of the aggravation.

The reason for this is that it is not a good idea to have a good time, but rather to wait until you get out of the courtyard and arrive at a bus stop against the cold wind and rain of the night.

As soon as she squatted down, the tears fell in bunches…


Chapter 66

Wen Xuoxu didn’t know how long she had been squatting at this bus stop until the thin, dense rain overhead suddenly became heavy and hit her, and someone saw it and came over.

“Girl, are you all right? It’s such a cold day and raining so hard, why are you squatting here alone and not going home?”

Only when Wen Shuxu heard this did she slowly raise her head from her own knees and look at this person.

This is a middle-aged woman in her forties, wearing a thick vivid red jacket, on the edges of which, you can see the pilling, and you can smell the smell of grease and smoke on her from a long way away.

It seems that this should also be the mother, or wife, of that family.

Wen Shuxu shook her head and said, “It’s fine.”

“Nothing then you still don’t go home ah, your family should miss you, did you not catch the bus ah? I’m telling you, there’s no bus at this hour, or I’ll help you stop a taxi.”

This aunt is very warm-hearted, see Wen Xuxu still squatting there still not move, she still want to give her to stop the car.

When Wen Xuoxu heard this, she quickly waved her hand again: “Auntie, no, really ……”

“You child, I think you are aggrieved, it’s okay, people this life is long, always encounter some hurdles, but you just step over, it’s okay, you have to think more about those who love you, waiting for you, eh?”

The experienced aunt seemed to see what was going on and sighed and then suddenly advised.

Wen Shuxu was stunned.

The person who was waiting for her?

Yes, how could she have forgotten? The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. The continuation of her bloodline, what needs her more than them?

Wen Shuxu finally woke up like a dream, and immediately, she stood up from the floor with help.

“Auntie, thank you, I know.”

“Well, it’s good to know, so hurry up and go back.”

Auntie smiled and said something for her to hurry home, then she too carried the bag in her hand and flew off, looking exactly like someone who was also in a hurry to get home.

Wen Shuxu has been cold in the cold wind for many hours, are a bit purple lips, finally, also there to show tug, and then, stop a taxi also go.

The first thing you need to do is to hurry to her eldest son’s place, he is still waiting for her.

The night was deeper.

The winter rain is gradually getting heavier and heavier, and in this cold windy night, it also makes the weather even colder and harsher, even if you look at it, sitting in the car, Wen Shuxu feels the chill seeping in, so she has to wrap her clothes tighter, feeling the wetness on her head, she tries to get something to wipe it off, but finds that because she left in a hurry when she came out, she didn’t bring anything but her needle bag.

Never mind, so be it.

At this hour, I wonder if Yin Yin is asleep?

Wen Shu Shu didn’t bother herself anymore, glanced at the darker and darker window, the bottom of her heart has risen a worry for no reason.

The actual fact is that there is not much traffic on the road because it is already very late, the way is very smooth, which is more than twenty minutes, this car will carry her to the shallow water bay.

“Miss, it’s here.”

It was the first time the driver had come to this famous and wealthy villa area, and he couldn’t help but take a few more glances at her in the rear-view mirror.

However, to his disappointment, this girl was not only dressed in a bit of a mess, but even she had been rummaging around for quite some time when she was looking for his fare.

Wen Shuxu got out of the car.

As expected, when she got down, a glance saw that the lights in the garden villa not far away had all gone dark, except for a few dim street lamps in the garden standing in the cold wind and rain, there was no walking figure to be seen.

That Yin Yin is also asleep? Is it?

She stood there with her umbrella for a moment and then wanted to leave.

She insisted on coming here at this hour because she had promised her son that she would come over in the evening, and she was worried that he would do what he did that night, when she didn’t come, and he wouldn’t go to bed, waiting in his bedroom in his thin pajamas.

And then, all that waiting got sick.

What about now?

Wen Shuxu looked at the first floor of the villa across the street, and finally, when she was sure that there was really no light there, she turned around, ready to go back.

“Dr. Wen? Dr. Wen?”

But at this very moment, a voice calling out to her suddenly came from behind her.


Wen Xuxu immediately stopped and turned around, she looked at the person in surprise: “Sister Wang? How come it’s you? Are you still awake?”

“No, I’ve been waiting for you, but I’ve waited.”

The woman who came out in the rain was a bit out of breath, but when she saw Wen Xuoxu coming, she had a smile on her face, as if she had finally completed a task.

Could it be that Yin Yin is really still awake?

Wen Xuoxu saw, anxious, and did not have the heart to ask again, she took the umbrella and went in with her.

The two of them soon arrived at the villa together, but Wen Xuoxu soon found that the lights in the hall downstairs were on, but the house was still empty, and there was no sight of the little man.

Where is the person?

Wen Shuxu looked at this maid: “Sister Wang, where is the child?”