His Secret Lover Chapter 61-62

Chapter 61

He returned to his desk, lit a cigarette and took a long drag before tapping his slender fingers on the desk and asking this vice president to pass the project over to him, where he looked at it.

A few minutes later, after reading it, he threw it straight onto the table.

“What’s wrong with what she said?”

“What …… what?”

The reflection was so different from his own that the vice president didn’t even catch it for a moment.

Huo Sijiu coldly stared at him: “And want to sell, and want to be the master, this is different from being a bia to set up a pagoda? If I were to take this call, I’d have him burned and cremated with the factory!”

Vice President: “!!!!”

For a full four or five seconds, he looked at the foul-mouthed president and was so shocked that he forgot what he was going to say.

Was this matter really that serious?

It had happened in other companies, so why did it become such a serious matter when it came here?

The Vice President still did not understand.

However, if he was well versed in the ways of finance, he might have understood that an act like this was like disguising the other party’s investment, because it was the old owner, and after he became the new shareholder, he could have many of the rights of a shareholder according to the regulations, which was the same as changing the soup without changing the medicine, so what was the point of the acquirer buying him out?

The vice president eventually walked away in disarray.

After Lin Ziyang heard about this, he also came in. He was puzzled that there was still such a person in the company who did not know how to behave, who dared to dislike the client and was so ruthless.

“President, I’ve asked the shipping and sales department, it’s not someone from their department, and I don’t know who it is?”

“Check it out, this person should know a lot about finance, finding out might be helpful to the company.” Huo Sijiu, who was already busy, heard this and then faintly instructed this.

He was a man, although he had a bad temper, but when it came to talents, he would never let them go.

Lin Ziyang nodded and promised to check, but just as he was about to go out, he suddenly saw a scrap of paper with other words written down on b’s desk.

“Huh? Mr Huo, what’s this?”

He was so surprised that he reached out and picked it up.

Hearing the movement, Huo Sijiu swept his head up.

A glance, that is, a slight surprise flashed under his eyes.

“Japanese? President, so you still know how to write Japanese? I’ve never seen you write it before, it’s so beautiful, you’re really great.”

Lin Ziyang found out that the scrap of paper was written in Japanese and was already starting to be amazed, he looked at this Lord B with great dismay, he couldn’t even believe what he was seeing.

Indeed, Huo Siji had never written Japanese in company before.

He could, but writing was rare, not required, and not many companies still dared to ask him to accommodate their writing.

So who had left the Japanese on this scrap of paper, anyway?

Or had the audacity to come into his office!

Huo Sijiu’s eyes were gloomy as he took it over, only to find that the writing was indeed beautiful, delicate and pale, and flowing like a flowing stream, even the Japanese translators the company hired probably didn’t write as well as this, and its content –

“Nikawa-source? Acquisition?”

“What? President …… you mean-?!!!”

Lin Ziyang heard these words and was also instantly creeped out to.

Wasn’t this the same thing they had just said? It was actually in their office, so in that case, this call was, in fact, taken in this office?


Who could it be then? He, Lin Ziyang, wouldn’t be, and this Lord President, had just returned from outside with him.

Who else would dare to come to this office? This was the president’s office, and normally no one would even dare to come in without permission, except for him and this master.

Could it be–?!

A very absurd thought suddenly rose in Lin Ziyang’s heart, while he immediately looked towards the president’s lord and found that this time, like him, he was already not speaking while holding this note, but his expression was strangely bad.

One moment he was staring at this little note in his hand, and the next moment he raised his eyes to sweep over some children’s Lego pieces scattered on the sofa opposite, so rapidly changing that it was really impossible to describe it in words.

It was really too creepy!!!


Wen Xuxu brought Huo Yin back to the shallow water bay.

As she expected, after bringing it back, the old man had long since left and the house was back to being quiet, only, what made her a little strange was that even that annoying maid, Chen Ma, was actually not there.

“Chen Ma ah, the gentleman thought she was old and couldn’t do her job well, so he sacked her, I’m the new one, just call me Sister Wang.”

The new maid’s attitude was quite good, after seeing Wen Shuxu’s confusion, she took the initiative to explain to her.

The new maid was quite nice.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.

However, this is her child, as long as he is still there, she will bear down no matter how hard it is.

After staying with him for a while, it was about four o’clock in the afternoon when Wen Shuxu was finally ready to go back.


Chapter 62

“Yin Yin, Auntie has to go back, it’s late.”


Huo Yin, who was playing a game in his room, answered indifferently.

Seeing that, Wen Shuxu stood up, put on his socks and prepared to go out.

“So, are you coming tonight?”


“You said yes, come over every night to treat Daddy.”

Huo Yin fingers did not stop, a pair of eyes is also kept on the screen, this child, if not stay in the same room with him, he this indifferent attitude, really will all doubt whether this words are his words?

Wen Shuxu lowered her eyes, and for a moment, she was about to tell him that she wasn’t coming.

Not only will she not come tonight, but she doesn’t want to come in the future either, and she never, ever wants to treat his daddy again.

But, as she stood there, seeing the top of his tiny head and some of the medicine that was still on the little table in this room now, finally, she nodded.

“Well, it will come, and you don’t stay awake in just your pyjamas, okay? Auntie will come and see you in your room as soon as she comes, okay?”


The little guy squirmed a little when he was caught out.

But in the end, he nodded his little head and then focused on playing his game.

Seeing that, Wen Shuxu was relieved to go.

Half an hour later, Old Town Kindergarten-

“Mummy, you’re finally here, I thought you didn’t want your two little babies anymore.”

When Wen Xuxu arrived here at 4:30, it wasn’t really late, but when Wen Xuxu arrived, two babies darted out of the kindergarten and still jumped into her arms and pouted.

This one, of course, was more of a RuoRuo baby.

Mo Bao, on the other hand, was standing coolly in front of his mother with his little schoolbag on his back.

Wen Xuoxu immediately showed a smiling face and squatted down to embrace both babies into her arms: “How could Mommy not want two little babies? The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want.


Little RuoRuo was so happy to hear this that she hugged her mommy and gave her a big kiss.

Mo Bao didn’t kiss Mummy, he just hugged her.

As soon as the hug was given, the extremely smart little one sensed that something was wrong with Mommy, and that Mommy was smiling and looked a bit like she was forcing a smile.

Could it be that …… something had happened again since she had been over there today?

Mo Bao’s smiling little face was immediately a little gloomy.

The two children were picked up and Wen Xu Xu took them to the supermarket to buy food and took them home together, she had to hurry back to give them a good meal, they ate and packed up and had to go on a trip to Repulse Bay.

When Wen Xuoxu thought of this, she was in a bad mood again.

“MoMo, you take your sister and finish your kindergarten homework first haha, mommy will go and make dinner.”

“Okay, mommy.”

Mo Bao then took his sister to the living room, taking out the two of them from their school bags, Mo Bao spread out his sister’s, and took out her little butterfly pencil and set it up, before he attached his ear to his sister’s little ear.

“Ruo Ruo, brother is going to make a phone call, you do your homework here, don’t let mummy find brother.”

“Who is brother going to call? Brother Yin?”

The pink little girl’s big pretty eyes widened for a moment, flickering, just don’t mention how cute it was.

Mo Bao nodded, “Yes, I noticed that Mummy is in a bit of a bad mood today, I’ll ask him if he’s being bullied at their house again?”

“Humph! Bad daddy, good, you go and fight, if so, we will never want this daddy again!”

Baby RuoRuo was definitely a true fan of Mummy, once she heard that Mummy was being bullied again, her fleshy little face immediately showed an angry look, while her little arms were waving.

Mo Bao then hurriedly ran to his room to make a phone call.

However, this time, he had just taken out the phone and had not dialed it when he found that a message had been received inside, and he opened it to find that it was none other than the one sent back by Huo Yin.

Finally, there was no reply, this time, Mo Bao did not receive another message until Mummy had made all the rice.

Was he angry?

But that’s what it was like, that was their mummy yeah, if even the two brothers didn’t love her anymore, who else would love her? Protect her? To love her?

The two of them are the only ones who can love her.

Just at this time Wen Shuxu came out with the stir-fried dishes, and when she saw her son coming out from inside with his head hanging, she froze: “What’s wrong? MoMo, why are you suddenly unhappy?”