His Secret Lover Chapter 57-58

Chapter 57

Wen Shuxu’s breath hitched for no reason, and his gaze immediately looked away.

“Huo Yin, you come over here first.”

After she came in, Huo Sijiu’s eyes did not immediately fall on her, but first let in his son over to his side, rather like a kind of later to find you to settle accounts.

Huo Yin frowned a little and went over.

“Where have you been today?”

“Didn’t go anywhere.” Huo Yin replied coldly to his daddy.

Wen Shuxu heard it from the side and let out a long breath of relief ……

Fortunately, fortunately, my son did not say out to go to the playground, otherwise let this man know, only afraid he will be more angry.

But Huo Sijiu looked at his son so full of sweat, but simply did not believe: “did not go where so much sweat? You’re learning to lie to daddy now too, aren’t you?”

Huo Yin: “……”

Wen Shuxu saw that the situation is not right, do not care so much, hurriedly stand out: “that …… you do not blame him, let me tell you, we are …… out to play for a while, but you do not worry, he will not catch a cold, I bought him got him a little towel to keep the sweat out.”

She was afraid that he would be angry, and finally she did not forget to hasten to add a sentence.

But when the dog heard this, he immediately threw a sentence at her: “Shut up!

The dog was so shady and ruthless that he was about to bite her to death right away!

Wen Shuxu choked!

Forget it, she didn’t bother with the dog man.

The fact that she knew she had taken the child out to play was going to seem a bit excessive, after all, the child had just been sick today.

But, at that time, his gaze like that was really too eager, so eager that her heart was pulling at the pain, and she, as his mommy, simply could not refuse.

Besides, she was a doctor, and she must have taken it all into consideration to make sure that nothing would happen to the baby before she let him go.

Luckily, after waiting for a while, the man checked his son’s whole body and found that he was indeed in no condition and, because he had sweated while playing those games in the playground, his whole body even looked a lot more refreshed and rosy.

Huo Sijiu’s face didn’t look so ugly anymore.

“Well, first, let Uncle Lin take you up to take a shower and change your clothes.”


Huo Yin agreed with a gloomy little face, and soon, assistant Xiao Lin came in, ready to take him upstairs to the lounge to shower and change first.



“No scolding her!”

No one expected that this little guy hadn’t forgotten about Wen Shuxu when he was taken out, and in a very serious tone, he asked his daddy not to scold her.

Wen Xuxu, who was waiting to be reckoned with, was immediately moved to the point: “Yin Yin ……”

“Yin what Yin? Still standing here for what? Still not quickly bring him up?!!!” Already a man with a belly full of fire, he was really going to explode with anger.

Little white-eyed wolf, what did he raise him all for?

The child was taken out and this office finally quieted down, and it was only at this time that Wen Shuxu stood there and finally felt that the time for that autumn reckoning was coming.

It’s really strange, why is he so angry?

The actual fact is that she just took him out for a little bit?

Wen Shuxu decided to speak first: “Well, let me apologize to you first, indeed, I took him out a bit improperly, but I did it all because I saw something today, Huo Sijiu, I think you need to explain it to me properly.”

“What do you mean? Explain?”

The first thing he did was to ask her about it, but she questioned him about it.

Wen Shuxu nodded: “Yes, what’s the matter with him not liking to go to kindergarten? The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. Why did a good child become like this when it came into your hands?”


Literally for a second, the atmosphere in this office dropped to the breaking point.

The sun outside is still shining brightly, through the clean glass window, you can also see the bright gold it spills in, but, at this moment, Wen Shuxu is standing in this, but it seems to feel like a cold winter month, the cold around this bitterly, surprisingly cold she can’t control shivering a little.

What happened?

What happened? Did she say something wrong?

Finally, as an afterthought, she sensed something.

“You want me to give you an explanation, don’t you?”

“…… yes.”

“Fine, then I’ll give it to you, Wen Shuxu, the reason why he became like this is because you left him behind back then, he was born prematurely, he was critically ill, so much so that he couldn’t speak until he was 2 years old, he didn’t have a mother, I brought him up from a young age, he was withdrawn and cold because in his heart, that place that belonged to his mother was forever crippled, causing him to go anywhere he didn’t fit in, and insecurity, is that reason enough?”

He sat there, every line in his angular features cold from the anger in his heart, and in his chilling brow, there was nothing left but sharp sarcasm and hostility.


Chapter 58

What is he talking about?

All of this was because of her?

Wen Shuxu was dumbfounded, and something seemed to buzz in her head, and all of a sudden, her face lost all its blood.

She had never thought of this reason!

“What? Don’t you say anything? Aren’t you so righteous? You think someone else is not taking care of your child, but now you are silent? Go on, keep asking, I promise I can still tell you many, many things you don’t know.”

When Huo Sijiu saw that she was not speaking, his voice was even harsher, a handsome face, also the sharpest mockery, like a knife, stabbing Wen Xu Xu even the nerves are painful.

Wen Xuoxu finally closed his eyes, the corners of his eyes reddened, concealing the great pain at the bottom of his heart.

“The actual fact is that you are not wrong, this is all caused by me abandoning him, I am a unqualified mother, but Huo Sijiu, are you not wrong? If you hadn’t brought that woman back when I was in labour, would you have caused this situation today?”

She started to hit back at him, because she felt that if she was at fault in this matter, then he, the father, had even more unshirkable responsibility.

But, she hadn’t expected that just as her words left her lips, this man snorted coldly right there!

“My fault? Wen Shuxu, have you forgotten who was so desperate to marry me back then? If you hadn’t married, would this have happened? You have the nerve to say it’s my fault, have you forgotten that the root cause of all this evil was drawn from you?!”


There was no more sound, at this moment, this office was finally dead silent.

The sun outside is so big ah, but Wen Shu Shu stands here, but it is as if her chest has been ripped a big hole again, large streams of cold wind poured in, let her even the marrow of her bones are cold through, what remains, is only the numb beating of that heart in the chest cavity, without any sensation.

Including the pain!

It hurt so badly that naturally, she couldn’t feel it.

So, what was this about her?

Wasn’t the one she had suffered five years ago enough? Why did she have to come and make a fool of herself?

Wen Shuxu finally smiled there, little by little, like a marionette doll, pulling the corners of her grey lips apart.

“Yes, who am I to talk to you about responsibility? I was the one who shamelessly married you back then, and that’s how it turned out today, I was wrong, Huo Sijiu, I was really wrong, if I could go back in time, I’d rather choose to jump off a building with my mother, than haunt you.”

She looked at him, her whole delicate little face as white as paper because of the cold penetration on her body, but, this time she was actually smiling, she was giving him repentance.

Word by word, she told him that if she had a choice, she would rather die than meet him again!

Huo Siji was stunned!

He had never seen such an expression on her face before, let alone heard her say such words.

What kind of expression was this?

Like a leaf that had suddenly drifted far away, once she had loved him to the bone, even when he had appeared in front of her with Gu Xia five years ago and she had collapsed in a pool of blood in despair, her eyes were still bloodshot and choked with grief when she looked at him.

But now, he could not see anything in her eyes.

She was like a piece of land that had finally gone barren, and even though she was as pale as paper at the moment, there was really nothing else to be seen in it, silent as a lamp.

Only a dead desolation remained.

Huo Sijiu slowly squeezed the pen in his hand ……

“Ah? President, Miss Wen, you are still here ah, that …… little young master upstairs has already taken a bath, but he does not want to wear clothes, he said …… that he wants Miss Wen to go up.”

Just when the atmosphere in the office was so cold that it seemed to have gone to another world, suddenly Lin Ziyang pushed the door in and said that Huo Yin was upstairs and did not want him to help him get dressed.

Wen Shuxu’s face was as white as paper, and her heart was cold and chilly ……

But this time, after she heard her son say he was still looking for her, her sanity was still slightly recovered.

“What happened to him?”

“I …… I don’t know, just kept in the bathroom and refused to come out, said he wanted you to go up, I don’t know if there was a bit of stomach discomfort?”

Lin Ziyang so guessed.

Wen Shuxu heard that, suddenly his face changed, not caring to argue with this man again, she immediately lifted her feet and went out.

This is a mother, no matter what she has suffered, but when she heard that something was wrong with her child, she immediately put her bruised side away and ran to him.

Lin Ziyang saw it behind him, glanced at the man in the office who also glanced this way, and let out a long sigh ……

Wen Shuxu went to the upstairs lounge.

Indeed, Lin Ziyang was called down by Huo Yin, he just had to call Mummy up, he knew Daddy would not listen to him, or bully Mummy, and this, if Mo Bao knew, he would definitely be more angry.

So Huo Yin let Lin Ziyang go down.

And as he went down, he also took the opportunity to take his phone watch and make a call to Mo Bao.

“Hello? Huo Yin, is that you?”