His Secret Lover Chapter 55-56

Chapter 55

“Yin Yin, how did you get the keys to this car? Mum …… Auntie really loves you, Yin Yin.”

She was so excited she was going to be incoherent, not wanting to pay any attention to the maids behind her who were cursing their red faces and necks.

Huo Yin just sat next to very high and cold looked at her.

This was already mine, okay?

Stupid mommy!

Mother and son flew away from Repulse Bay, and in no time at all, they had left the villa behind them.

“Yin Yin, so where are we going next? Should we go eat something delicious? Or should we let Auntie take you to have some fun?”

Flying along the road, Wen Shuxu, because of his extremely good mood, began to think about where he wanted to take this son to have fun today, which was already the case now anyway.

Huo Yin heard this next to him, and his beautiful eyes finally lit up.

It was true that he rarely went out to play or play sports.

Because whenever he went to those places, after people saw that he didn’t talk or play with them, they called him a problem child, laughed at him and scolded him.

So, he hated kindergarten very much and resisted going to any place where there were lots of people, and because of his poor health, daddy wouldn’t take him there, and sometimes even if he did, he was protected by a group of bodyguards, which was no fun at all.

“The playground.”

He was silent for a while and finally said these three words that he had longed for for a long time.

Wen Shuxu glanced at her son and noticed the bright light in his eyes, immediately, she also agreed very quickly: “Okay, we’ll go to the playground, don’t worry, auntie will make sure you have fun today.”

Then with a kick, the car immediately sped off.

She also wondered how this child still didn’t like sports? Wasn’t this playing games also sport? Why was he so yearning for Tweety now?

Wen Shuxu decided to take this opportunity to learn more about it as well.

The first thing you need to do is to get back to the office after the meeting and find out about the accident at Repulse Bay.

The moment he found out, he slammed the information he had just gotten back on his desk.

“Why would the old man know about this?”

“Check …… checked, the villa is no one dare to say, do not know if …… those doctors?”

Lin Ziyang trembled.

As a result, his words just fell, the man’s voice was even more frightening: “Have your brains been kicked by a donkey? The doctors I found, they dare to say half a word more? Go and investigate immediately and find out who actually leaked this matter?”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

Lin Ziyang immediately nodded his head like garlic.

This was indeed the case, in this Huo family, ever since Elder Huo’s health had also been failing day by day, no one would dare to reveal half a word to him about the young master’s poor health, otherwise, there would only be one word – death!

And this, the doctor must have known as well.

Lin Ziyang felt that he had really been kicked in the head by a donkey.

“Then where is she? Where did she go?”

“Huh? You said …… Miss Wen ah? She …… ran away with the young master.”

“What do you mean? Ran away? And with my son?!!!”

Huo Sijiu immediately raised his head, and the temperature in the entire office dropped at a frightening rate visible to the naked eye.

Lin Ziyang hurriedly explained, “It’s like this, after hearing the news that the old master was coming, the young master was also very resistant, for this reason, he even made a phone call to the old master to prevent him from coming over, but the old master wouldn’t listen, then the young master he …… took out that birthday gift you gave him –blue Ferrari and asked Miss Wen to take him …… away with him.”

Lin Ziyang’s head was full of cold sweat falling down.

Because honestly, it was really the first time that this young master of theirs had done such a thing.

Sure enough, when these words were said, this Lord B’s expression became even more terrifying, and a suffocating aura emanated from his body.

“You believe that?”

“…… what?”

“He’s only five years old, he could do something like that? How come he didn’t have the guts to do this before?!!!”

Huo Sijiu ground his teeth word by word.

Lin Ziyang didn’t dare to say half a word.

Then, according to this, it was either the young master’s idea or the woman’s.

Boy, that woman is really going to be finished now!!!

“You …… call this D*mn woman immediately, and you tell her that if …… if I don’t see her bring my …… son back, I will make her …… uncle’s entire family bury her with her!!!”

Huo Sijiu was so angry that his head began to ache again, as if something inside was going to explode, and the pain made him want to kill that woman right away!!!

Wen Shuxu, just a little more lenient with you, and you start to be reckless like this, right?

Fine, you wait for me!

In the amusement park.

Wen Xu Xu took Huo Yin here to play quite happily, the little one because he had never been here before, excited to play one after another.

This is also the time when Wen Shuxu finally saw the shadow of Mo Bao in his body, that should have the appearance of a child.


Chapter 56

“Yin Yin, did you have a good time?”


Huo Yin will be sitting on a small wooden boat, this small wooden boat is a mother and child boat, no mechanical power, are relying on the mother and child feet, and double paddle paddle, so Wen Shuxu stepping, and this little guy will keep using the little hand paddle.

It is really happy to see his little face flushed and his forehead beaded with sweat, but those beautiful little eyes are extraordinarily bright and completely different from his previous dead air.

Wen Shuxu smiled and continued stepping hard on the boat, and was about to take him to continue playing again, but at that moment, the phone rang.


“Madam, auntie, my little ancestor eh, what have you done today, how could you abduct the little young master out? My goodness, I am really …… you hurry back, or you are really finished!”

Unexpectedly, once the phone was connected, it was actually Lin Ziyang.

Wen Shuxu’s face immediately changed: “What’s wrong? He knows? I didn’t …… abduct Yin Yin ah, it’s Yin Yin he doesn’t want to see grandpa only, I just came out with him.”

Wen Shuxu actually did not react until this time.

Lin Ziyang said nothing, just begged this aunt to hurry up and take the child to roll back, telling her that if she did not come back, she would never see the child again.

Wen Shuxu heard this, and only then did she reluctantly go ashore with her child.

“Yin Yin, let’s play here for today, you just got sick, you can’t be too tired, let’s go find daddy first, okay?”


Huo Yin is an extremely smart child, hearing this from mommy, he immediately realized that something was wrong.

However, at this time, Wen Shuxu, is impossible to tell him those things, after coaxing him, carried him away, and then not long after, mother and son left the playground and went towards Huo’s building.

Twenty minutes later, the city centre, Huo’s building –

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get to the top of the world.

But ……


“Oh oh, okay, right away, auntie take you up ha.”

Wen Shuxu came back to her senses, glanced at the child in the car who still had a sickly pale face, and took him straight down with her.

“Huh? Isn’t this the little prince? You’re free to come over today?”

Perhaps because Huo Yin is often brought over by Huo Sijiu, the people in the company all know him, Wen Shu Shu brought him in, immediately, the lobby reception desk clerk, came over to give him a warm greeting.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the company.

When Wen Shuxu saw this, she was busy returning in his place: “Yes, his daddy asked me to send him here, is he upstairs?”

“Yes yes, the president hasn’t even gone out this afternoon, eh? I haven’t seen you before, are you the new nanny the young prince has hired back? So young.”

I didn’t expect this clerk to ask such a question after sizing up Wen Shuxu.

Wen Shuxu immediately froze in place.

The newest and most important thing is to have a new nanny.

The actual fact is that you can’t even recognize this child.

The reason is that the wedding was not publicized at all!

Wen Shuxu lowered her eyes, the corners of her mouth crossed with a hint of pale self-deprecation, and was about to admit it, but at that moment, the small hand she was holding suddenly pulled her twice with force.


Huo Yin’s eyes were grim, like someone had suddenly P*ssed him off!

Wen Shuxu saw, where still dare here stay, hurriedly took this child on the lift, and the front desk side of the clerk, not long after, also received the personnel department side of the dismissal notice sent.

The reason: the young master does not like it!

Wen Shuxu took Huo Yin finally to the top floor president’s office.

“Cough cough …… Yin Yin, otherwise, you go in by yourself? Auntie won’t go in, your daddy is inside, it’s not good for me to go in, OK?”

Looking at the finally arrived here, more and more do not want to go in Wen Shuxu, finally or here to beat the retreat.

Huo Yin gave her a look and agreed: “Good!”

Then he simply let go of his little hand, stepped away from his little legs and went in.

Wen Shuxu froze ……


My son is so well behaved? How could he really agree? The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. Why is he suddenly so willing?

The first thing you need to do is to get back to the lift and hurry down.

“Wen Xuxu! You get your a*s in here!!!”

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

This dog man, his ears are so sharp?

Wen Xuoxu finally rolled in obediently, just like an extra docile sheep.

“Mr. Huo, I’m here, huh ……”

When you push open that office, Wen Xuxu glanced at the man sitting inside that very wide boss desk, spacious and bright office, brilliant sunlight spilling in through that huge floor-to-ceiling gla*s window, falling on his body, just like the emperor on high, precious and handsome that people dare not look straight at.