His Secret Lover Chapter 53-54

Chapter 53

Due to Huo Sijiu’s intervention, in the end, Wen Shuxu carried the things in her hand and got what she wanted to the first floor.

“Yin Yin, auntie is here oh, are you up yet?”


The son was very good, and after she softly called him, he opened his pretty little eyes on the cot and then let her take care of him to get up.

Wen Shuxu couldn’t have been more content.

It had been so long, and this was one of the rare times that mother and son had spent together.

The two of them have been in the same situation for a long time.

“Yin Yin, let’s go to the garden for some exercise, okay?”

After eating breakfast, Wen Shuxu saw that the sun was particularly good this day, and from the child’s health, wanted to let Huo Yin go out with himself to sweat.

But this child actually immediately small face cold down: “No!”

Wen Shuxu was stunned: “ah? Why not? Yin Yin, children need to exercise more exercise, so as to make the body better, if you are well, you can go to kindergarten oh, there are so many children, play with them you are not happy?”

“Not happy, must be all unhappy!”

The child’s mood got even worse with that one sentence, and he dropped the Transformers he was playing with in his hands, and he ran away.

The anxious Wen Shuxu rushed up to chase: “Yin Yin, don’t run, wait for auntie.”

No, what the hell is going on here? How come he is suddenly so emotionally intense?

Wen Shuxu is completely dumbfounded.

Wen Shuxu chased him to the door of his room, originally intended to coax him back, but the boy ran to his room, then “bang”, the door closed.

“Yin Yin? Open the door, don’t be angry, did auntie say something wrong? Let’s go in and talk it over, okay?”

“Don’t you think you’re very capable? What’s wrong? Stirred up a hornet’s nest?”

That maid Chen Ma actually came up at some point, and after seeing this scene, she sneered at the side.

Wen Shuxu was in an agitated mood, and when she heard this, immediately, after that gaze was austere, her expression was stern as never before shot at her!

“If you say one more word, believe it or not, I’ll make you never open your mouth again?”


Chen’s mother had never seen her look so fierce, and after she cowered for a moment, a creepy feeling rose up behind her.

This woman, when did she become so fierce?

Her temper instantly dwindled: “Yes …… it was you who mentioned kindergarten, the young master has always hated kindergarten, he doesn’t like to go.”

“Doesn’t want to go to kindergarten? Why?”

Wen Shuxu was stunned.

Hate kindergarten?


It was true that he didn’t want to talk or get along with others, but why would he not even want to go to kindergarten?

His situation was not that serious yet.

Wen Shuxu subconsciously felt that this was not normal, and she thought she should wait for Huo Siji to come back and talk to him properly to find out what was going on.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.

“A few of you quickly clean up the place, later the old man will arrive, don’t let him see the house dirty, then it’s time to talk again.”

Wen Shuxu heard this person just as she was coming down to prepare Chinese food for her son.

Suddenly she heard this Chen Ma instructing the garden maids and immediately, she was so shocked that she stumbled on her feet and almost didn’t fall down the stairs!

The old man was coming?

Oh my God, why so sudden? Why did she not know anything about it?


Chapter 54

So what now? The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

Wen Shuxu panicked for a moment and was about to leave without even thinking about it.

“Miss Wen, where are you going?”

“Ah? That …… I suddenly remembered that there is something else, I want to go back first and come back later.” Wen Shuxu had to stop and stammered out an explanation.

That was indeed what she wanted, to avoid it for a while, and then come back when the old man had left.

But this Chen Ma, I don’t know what was wrong with her this time? She actually even retained her.

“Miss Wen, our old master is coming, this time you saved our young master and have been taking care of him, you’d better stay and meet him, he’s quite nice, I’m sure he’ll thank you heavily when he finds out about you.”

This servant, all of a sudden, seemed to be a completely different person, warming up to Wen Xuoxu like crazy.

Wen Xuoxu flashed a hint of doubt.

However, at this time, she didn’t have the heart to study this person.

“No, it’s just a little hand-raising, it’s nothing, I’ll just disappear, or go back first.” After saying that, Wen Shuxu put down the bowl in her hand and prepared to leave.

When Chen’s mother saw this, she suddenly came over and dragged her.

She was about to drag her down, when a small figure appeared upstairs.

“What are you doing?” It was Huo Yin, who had been in the room for a whole noon since Wen Xuoxu mentioned the kindergarten, who actually came out at this time.

Wen Xuoxu immediately walked over half happily and half cautiously.

“Yin Yin, it’s like this, auntie suddenly remembered that there is still something at home, want to go back first, come back in the evening, do you think it’s okay?”


Huo Yin did not speak.

However, no one knew that he then did not come down unintentionally, but he had long heard upstairs that grandpa was coming over, and also heard mommy panicking and arguing with this annoying maid.

Then he came down.

Why was Mummy panicking? In a hurry to get back?

Was …… she in fear of seeing Grandpa?

Because she lied to him back then and said she was dead? Also, she secretly took away Mo Bao and sister Ruo Ruo?

Huo Yin’s still unchanged gaze faintly swept a glance at mommy, and for a moment, the small mouth that still had a milk voice spat out a sentence, “No he’s not allowed in!”


Once these words came out, not only was Wen Shu Shu’s footsteps immediately stopped as he was heading outside, even that Chen Ma, also looked at him with a shocked face.

“Little young master, you …… what are you saying? Who did you say was not allowed to come in?”


“Grandpa? Ah? Young master, how can this be? That’s the old master, he’s coming here, how can you still let him not come?” Chen Ma immediately refused, firmly disagreeing with this young master’s decision.

Huo Yin’s whole little face finally went down in gloom!

Striding down the stairs on his little legs, he walked over to the living room there and grabbed the phone.

Wen Shuxu was dumbfounded and could not easily regain her composure before she hurriedly went over as well.

As a result, she had only just come over when she saw her son, who had already dialed the phone, speaking stiffly into the microphone, “I don’t want you to come!”


Oh my God!

Wen Shuxu’s scalp went numb.

“Little brat, why don’t you want grandpa to come? You’re even sick, grandpa just came to see you.”

“No need!”

The cold, cold little guy, or the indifferent two words.

Wen Shuxu covered her chest, almost could feel her heart jumping out of her throat, and in her head, even more so when she first imagined the old man on the phone with white hair being so angry that he was covering his chest.

I wonder if that old man will be so angry with this grandson that he will die!

The company’s main goal is to provide a comprehensive range of products and services to the public.

Wen Xuoxu: “……”

After a while, before squatting in front of this little guy whose whole little face was about to be frozen, he carefully coaxed: “It’s okay, Yin Yin, he’ll come when he comes, auntie is fine.”

“I’m not okay! I don’t want to see him!”

I didn’t expect this little one to open his mouth and spit out such a shocking sentence with teeth grinding!

So, she was wrong? This son was not helping her at all, but because he didn’t want to see the old man himself?

Wen Shuxu didn’t know what to say for a moment.

“Can you drive?”


“If you know how to drive, come with me!”

Huo Yin coldly finished, stepped on little legs and went upstairs again, Wen Xuxu was still a little confused, until not long after she saw him come down again, small hands also grabbed the same thing, she was so creeped out that her jaw all fell to the ground.

Son, you are so capable, does your daddy know?

Wen Xuxu finally followed this little guy and ran away, ten minutes later, when she finally drove that very cool blue Ferrari out of the villa car park, really happy to be bursting at the seams!