His Secret Lover Chapter 39-40

Chapter 39

Miss Gu?

What kind of person is that? And making Autumn Pear Paste for Little Gu himself?

Mo Bao, who was eating, raised his head somewhat curiously and looked across at daddy, only to find that daddy’s handsome face immediately went gloomy when he heard that this person had come.

“Who told her to come over? No need!”

“But …… sir, this Autumn Pear Paste is only made best by Miss Gu, the little young master loves to cough whenever winter comes, in the past the young master took as many medicines as he could, but only when he drank this would he pass peacefully, sir have you forgotten?”

Chen Ma was still trying to intercede for the woman outside.

When Huo Sijiu heard this, although his handsome face was still not that good-looking, his attitude was not as tough.

This man, no matter how big his temper was and how ruthless he was towards people, but when it came to his son’s health, he would never joke about it, and this, Gu Xia knew even better, which was why he had the maid, Chen Ma, desperately mention this.

Gu Xia finally walked in carrying the box of autumn pear paste.

“Si Jue, Xiao Yin, you’re eating?”

She was wearing a thin beige jumper with a khaki plaid winter skirt underneath, not wearing much make-up and a pale haggard look on a plain face.

“What’s wrong with Miss Gu? It looks as if she doesn’t look well.” Seeing this, Chen Ma hurried over and asked with concern after taking her things.

Gu Xia shook her head, “Nothing, just a bit of a cold from two days ago.”

Her eyes looked at the man opposite her with a hint of expectation, however, Huo Sijiu didn’t give her half a look, after he saw that Mo Bao had wandered off from his meal, his slender fingers tapped on the table top: “Huo Yin, focus on your meal!”


Mo Bao heard that, and only then did he hurriedly withdraw his gaze and eat again with a big mouthful.

Who the hell is this aunt?

Tsk, looking at her like this, the segment seems to be very high, wearing such a little and deliberately making a face miserable white, is she trying to win Daddy’s sympathy?

Mo Bao continued to secretly watch the drama while eating.

Sure enough, after seeing Huo Sijiu ignore it, Gu Xia’s face stiffened, revealing a great disappointment.

“Little Yin, then you remember to drink the autumn pear paste haha, oh yes, aunty also knitted a pair of gloves, the weather is cold, didn’t you always want aunty to knit them for you before so you can take them outside to play? Look.”

As if by magic, this woman took out another pair of knitted woolen gloves from her bag.

In such a luxurious family, she still knitted the gloves herself, so it was clear how much she wanted to do.

The maid Chen Ma ran over again, “Wow, Miss Gu, you are too virtuous, you can still knit your own woolen gloves, this is much better than the ones bought outside, look sir, this stitching, this pattern, it’s really something that no amount of money outside would have.”

The maid ended up taking these little gloves and going straight to Huo Siji’s side.

Huo Sijiu faintly looked sideways.

This is indeed a beautiful pair of small gloves, from the workmanship and style can be seen, is used with care, but also outside the wool, inside the fleece, fine soft soft, especially suitable for children like Huo Yin’s poor health.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

Gu Xia saw that, immediately happy, with small gloves over, she stood next to Mo Bao: “Little Yin, come, auntie help you try it on, okay? See if it fits?”


Mo Bao smiled and held out his little hand for her to put on.

The gloves had nothing to do with him anyway, so he took them for Huo Yin.

But no one expected that just as Gu Xia was trying on these gloves for Mo Bao, suddenly another person came running outside the villa, and this person, without even informing him, barged in in a blaze of glory.

“Huo Sijiu? Huo Sijiu? I heard that Yin Yin has returned? How is he? Is there anything wrong?”


I can’t believe it’s Mummy, she’s come over too!!!

Mo Bao drew his little hand back almost instantly.

And Huo Sijiu and Gu Xia, after freezing there, for a second, their faces went gloomy at a speed visible to the naked eye, especially Gu Xia, who could see a twist.

The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

However, when she came in…

“Why is she here? Huo Sijiu, did you let her touch your son again?

Almost immediately, when she saw the woman in the room, her eyes were as cold as a thousand years of ice!

But wasn’t it cold ice?

Back on the boat, she had gone to so much trouble, even going so far as to stab herself, to get this man to agree to keep this bitch from ever touching her eldest son again.

But what was going on now? Why was she here again? The way the three of them were happily eating their meal and the intimacy between them, was this a family reconciliation?

Wen Shuxu’s face was blue with anger!

Especially when she saw the little gloves on her son’s little hands and the pink slippers on the feet of the woman standing right next to him, a tingle flashed through her heart uncontrollably.


Chapter 40

“Wen Xuoxu, are you sick? Who let you come here again? What do you take this place for? Is this a place where you can come and go freely?!!!”









The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not happy with the idea.

But at this time, no one expected, Gu Xia suddenly spoke: “Sijiu, you do not do this, Miss Wen is now at least your doctor, she came over, there must be a reason, you do not treat her like this.”

Then, in front of everyone, she walked towards Wen Shuxu with a smile on her face.

“Miss Wen, you are up to something, right? Come, let’s eat first, it’s meal time at this time, you should not have eaten yet, I’ll ask the maid to add a pair of bowls and chopsticks, we can talk while we eat.”

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.





“No, I’ve already eaten, I came because I heard Xiao Lin say that I took Yin Yin to Huo’s today and almost let him get lost, so I came to see if he was okay?”

“Ah? So it is for this ah, then it’s okay, little Yin is fine, he is a child ah, just do not like to talk to people, there is something also like to hide in the heart, I guess that time he should be to find his father could not find, and then run down in front of, it’s okay, Miss Wen do not worry.”

Gu Xia and is very understanding relief a sentence.

A sentence fell, Wen Shuxu in front of her finally failed to hold back, a palm-sized small face crossed a trace of blue and white.

The actual fact is that you can’t be able to get a good deal on your own.

If someone steals her mother’s role in front of her, she is going to go crazy!

“Good, since …… he is fine, then I will leave.” Wen Shuxu finished speaking, turned around and was ready to go.

“Miss Wen why are you so polite? Come are here, then sit down and eat something together, you have eaten, and then eat some dishes can also ah, you do not be scared by our family Sijiu, he is actually such a temper.”

Who did not expect that this woman actually did not let Wen Xu Xu go, she pulled her, regardless of whether she agreed or not, it was very enthusiastic to bring Wen Xu Xu to the table.

Wen Xu Xu: “……”

This bitch, what does she want?

She sat on pins and needles, not willing to look at the man across the table, she was afraid that when she looked up and saw the dog man, she would drop her chopsticks on the spot in front of her children and go.

And such, she is most unwilling to do.

“Auntie, did you come to see me on purpose?”

“Huh? …… is ah?”

Wen Shuxu stunned to look at this little guy next to her who came next to her without knowing when, even the words are a little stuttered.

It’s really stupid mommy, being bullied like this, and still so silly.

Mo Bao sat down next to mommy and waved his hand towards the maid opposite, “I want to sit here, bring my bowl.”

“Huh? You want to sit there?”

The moment these words came out, not only were Gu Xia and others caught off guard, but even Huo Sijiu also sat across the table with a slightly surprised expression.

“What are you doing sitting there? Hurry up and come over and eat properly!” After Huo Sijiu’s surprise, immediately after, is sulking, he ironically a handsome face, let Mo Bao hurry back to his original position to sit.

But how could Mo Bao go back?

This is his mommy, so many people in this room are bullying her one, he is the son of his mommy, he does not protect her, who will protect?

Mo Bao followed Huo Yin’s example and coldly swept a glance at the opposite side: “I’m not going over, Auntie is here to see me today, I’ll sit next to her.”

Then, his little face turned to mommy: “Auntie, I want to eat that dish, can you help me clip?”

“Yes, yes, auntie will help you clip it right away!”

Wen Shuxu excited are about to fall into tears, hurriedly pick up chopsticks, the son pointed to the plate of vegetables clip a large piece over, she put into his bowl.

“Thank you, auntie.”

“No need to thank you, eat up.”


The whole table was petrified!

Because, they had never seen the young master pampering himself with people, much less asking for help with the dishes, knowing that, like his daddy, he was a serious cleanliness freak!

The things that others have touched, he simply will not even want.

Crazy, really crazy!

Gu Xia finally can not pretend, her finger bones deadly clenched palm, a pair of eyes staring at this side of the mother and son, while revealing a huge hatred.

It looks, are somewhat hideous.

The same angry also Huo Siji, he never thought, only one day, this damn woman has brought his son Huo Siji into such a bad, what she wants? The next step is to steal his son?

She is simply dreaming!