His Secret Lover Chapter 253-254

Chapter 253

“What else could I have? I’m telling you, from this kick that man gave me today, I’ve understood that I won’t have this chance to be the young grandmother of the Huo family again, in that case, why should I let him go?”


For a long, long time, Gu Qinglian couldn’t say a single word as she stood by the bed.

This injury, surprisingly, was still kicked by that man himself?!!!

She finally also the last trace of temperature in her eyes went cold, clenching her fist hard, she also revealed a great hatred: “Okay, I agree with you to do this, but before we do it, we still need to find our own back way.”

“What do you mean?”

“If you spread this secret out, Huo Sijiu will definitely follow the vine and find us, so if you don’t want to die, end up finding a good way back in advance.”

Gu Qinglian was no less than Gu Qinglian, at this juncture, she had even thought of such a thing.

Gu Xia then looked towards her, waiting for her to follow.

“In the beginning, the one who sent you to Huo Sijiu was the anonymous person who often sent you emails to deliver manuscripts, you should find her now and ask her to arrange a way out for us.”

“Find her for what?”

“Don’t you understand? She set you up in the first place, she sent you step by step to this position today, do you think that she really has no need for you? You are really too naive!”

I never expected that Gu Qinglian would end up saying something like this.

Gu Xia was stunned!

What did she mean by that? That person, surprisingly, still had an agenda for her?

However, she had not asked for anything other than money over the years, and for every manuscript she had given her, she had paid her a fee, which was quite a lot.

How come she now has another agenda?

Gu Xia is still not as shrewd as her aunt, or rather, not as young as she has been for years.

She had never even woken up to this game.

“There is no free lunch under the sky, let alone you this is still such a sumptuous meal, when she gave you those letterheads, she was already starting her plan by making you the person Huo Sijiu was looking for, I just didn’t say anything for the sake of win-win situation.”


This time, Gu Xia finally had a creepy feeling creeping up behind her.

She stared blankly at this aunt for a long time before she heard herself ask, “Then …… what is her purpose?”

Gu Qinglian revealed a hint of shade: “Who knows? Maybe it’s to manipulate you after putting you on top and then take over Huo, or maybe, she’s to bring her to the top and then suddenly come along and poke holes in your schemes and then replace you!”

With every word Gu Qinglian said, Gu Xia’s heart sank a point.

Until finally, when she said the word replace, her scalp even tingled, and her whole body fell into a huge fear.

No, it couldn’t be, this person, was she really that capable?

She was just a person who had pitched a story to her!

This must be Auntie’s speculation!

Gu Xia didn’t believe it, and in her excitement, she struggled to get up and went to hug the computer.

As a result, she was struck by lightning when she finally turned on the computer and tried to send an email to contact the anonymous person like before, but suddenly the email address popped up with a dialog box saying “This contact does not exist”!

It doesn’t exist!

Gu Xia’s whole body was plunged into a huge abyss.

Like a madman, she tried the email over and over again: “This can’t be! This must be impossible!!!”

However, the end result was still exactly the same as before.

Seeing that, Gu Qinglian also came over, and seeing this scene, she could only reveal a very ruthless light at her wit’s end.

“It’s still very much a verification of my guess, well, since that’s the case, then we’ll let go of it for a while.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Naturally, we will first spread this matter, by the way, remember to bring your manuscript, the book, I believe that this way, Huo Sijiu will also soon notice this author and know how this secret really leaked out.”

The woman smiled very sinisterly.


Shallow Water Bay, One Royal Court.

Wen Shuxu, who had prepared a sumptuous dinner with Sister Wang early, was really back with Huo Sijiu’s car when the lights came on.

“Daddy, you’re back!”

Seeing daddy come back, Mo Bao and Huo Yin both of course immediately welcomed over happily.

Little Ruo Ruo also went.

However, after walking halfway, she stopped timidly.

She wasn’t Daddy’s “daughter” yet.

What happened?

When Huo Sijiu got out of the car, he saw his two sons, took out the gifts he bought for them and then turned around and pulled out a big pink mermaid baby from the car.


Little Ruo Ruo’s big glass bead-like eyes lit up instantly.

“Go on, this is what daddy bought for you, look, doesn’t daddy love you too?”

Wen Shuxu saw this and, excited, rushed to encourage his daughter.

So the little girl really took off her little fat legs and flew over like a little swallow.

Chapter 254

“Uncle, you’re back?”

“Well, happy little year, it’s for you, do you like it?”

Huo Sijiu handed the oversized Muppet he was holding to this little girl, even he didn’t notice that at this moment, the soft light in his eyes was the same as when he was looking at his two sons just now.

Wen Shuxu stood up at the door.

Looking at the man bringing the three children in, she hesitated for a moment before finally saying, “Thank you.”

Huo Sijiu raised two good-looking eyebrows: “Thanks for what?”

Wen Shuxu then pointed to the little girl who had been brought in by him and was currently having fun all over her round little face.

“Her, you brought her a present today and saved her, she’s very happy.”

“Oh!” The man snorted coldly with disdain, “I’m only doing this for the sake of her dead father.”

Wen Shuxu: “……”

Watching him bring the child inside, a good wind of confusion.

Isn’t it not good to curse yourself dead on this New Year’s Eve?

Otherwise, she told him tonight that the dead father, was himself?

Wen Shuxu followed in, and ten minutes or so later, all the dishes were brought up, and the few children, who had been cleaned up by their daddy, were sitting neatly at the table.

“The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

“Yes, Mummy.”

A few little ones, immediately eat up.

Wen Shuxu saw that, so he was also ready to move his chopsticks, but at this time, the naughty Mo Bao, but suddenly got a plate of steak over to daddy. “Daddy, you know, this piece was specially selected by Mommy at the supermarket this afternoon, and then bought it and made it herself.


Huo Yin also expressed nodding his head.

Wen Shuxu’s entire face instantly turned red, she immediately denied: “No, this is made for everyone to eat together!!!”

I’m really pissed off, this little bastard, does he know what he’s talking about?

He still loves him?

Wen Shuxu felt she couldn’t stay here any longer, especially after she saw the two beams of gaze from the man across the room, already sweeping over nonchalantly.

“MoMo, bring it over.”


Wen Shuxu lifted her head abruptly, her black and white almond eyes, even more so, glared round.

Did she hear it wrong? The fact that she really asked to take it over?

The fact is, Wen Shuxu is like seeing a ghost.

The fact is, when Mo Bao obediently sent the plate of steak over, the man really ate it slowly and carefully there.

Wen Shuxu: “……”

He had really been taken over.

On the contrary, after Sister Wang saw it from the side, she smiled heartily and immediately sent over the black pepper sauce that the gentleman loved to eat.

It seemed that they were really going to have a hostess here.

The meal lasted about an hour or so, the little ones fed themselves until their bellies were round, and then they went to play in the sky garden on the first floor.

Wen Xuoxu also stood up, ready to put away the bowls.

But Sister Wang suddenly came over and snatched the bowl out of her hand, stuffing a tin of tea into her hand, “Miss Wen, go and make a cup of tea for Mister, he must have gone to work again and come back so early.”


Wen Shuxu hesitated for a few seconds, and in the end, still took the tin of tea and went up.

He did come back a little early this day, so take it as a token of appreciation for him for the children.

Wen Shuxu arrived at the third floor.

Sure enough, only as soon as he came up, he saw the study lit up with warm white lights, shining out through the open door, making the villa on this little New Year’s Eve seem a little more cozy.

“Knock knock knock–”

Wen Shuxu stood at the door with his tea and knocked.

Inside the study, Huo Sijiu, who was bending down with his mobile phone ready to link his computer, raised his head: “Why are you up here? Something wrong?”

“No, Sister Wang said, let me make a cup of tea for you.”

Wen Shuxu didn’t know what excuse to make, so he took the tin of tea and told the truth.

Huo Sijiu could only give her a low, ghostly sweeping glance, his slender fingers tapping on the neat and smooth tabletop, signaling her to come in, then he sat down and went to work.

When Wen Shuxu saw this, he didn’t dare ask what he was busy with, so he made tea at the small table in the room.

“By the way, I have to go out tomorrow, my aunt called today, it’s almost New Year’s Eve, she wants me to go and see my uncle.”

Wen Shuxu suddenly thought of this matter, and after seeing that the man sitting at the desk in the study had not spoken, she hesitated and began to mention it carefully.

She now, if she didn’t have his permission, she wouldn’t be able to walk out of this door.

Sure enough, hearing that she was going out again, the man was all but still staring at his computer, his good-looking brow already slightly furrowed.

“Tomorrow? What day is tomorrow?”

“It’s …… is the 25th of the year ah, isn’t it the Chinese New Year today? I originally all want to go today, accompany them to spend a small New Year, but promised the children here, so I did not go.”

Wen Shuxu went out of her way to lie in order to get him to agree, saying that she wanted to go today.

Huo Sijiu’s face really got uglier.

“You try going?”

“…… I…I didn’t go, so tomorrow, can I go?” Wen Shuxu raised another sentence periodically.

The words fell, the man who had been watching the message Lin Ziyang had just sent over in the computer finally moved his gaze, the pair of eyes already tinged with a chill swept towards her again.